Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I listed the pups for sale last night, and 17 MINUTES after the ad was up I had a text from a lady who wants to look at the pups THIS MORNING!

I was gobsmacked that someone would arrange to come and see them so quick!

She is coming around at about 9.30.  Quite exciting!

If you want to have a look at my Trademe listing, it's LISTING No# 666994521.

CLARIFICATION of who's who in the ad:  

Puppy E is : JET (SOLD)
Puppy A is : JASPER
Puppy P is : Pearl
Puppy J is : Jade

For You TRACY:

 ABOVE: a couple of cute photos of your wee girl.  She had just woken up and was trying to climb out of the whelping pen in the 2nd photo.

I didn't manage to get any more work done on my felt projects yesterday.
This is what they look like so far, I've sewn them onto a bought piece of felt:

I hope to do some hand stitching on them this afternoon.

After my visitor has been I plan on going down to the mall to meet up with Lacy and Keera.


JET.... is sold!  He is going to a really lovely family in Pukekohe.  (he has been taken off the Trademe advert now)

Now... I'm waiting until Bex gets back from shopping, then I will go out and do a couple of things myself.
Lacy has passed on meeting us today, she didn't sleep well in the heat.

I am LOVING being in the garage!  It's cooler.  *smiles*

I got a bit of stuff from David's Emporium and Spotlight... some for felting and some for sewing...

ABOVE: this lot should 'do' me for ages.

Bex took a phone call from a lady while I was out.  I just rang her back and she's coming to look at JADE tonight.
My puppies are obviously just too gorgeous to pass up on! 

AND.... I have a lady in Featherston who is very interested in PEARL.  She is ringing back later tonight, if she can organise how to get Pearl down there (flight?), she will take her.

I've just finished cooking up more dog food.  We have enough for another month at least now.

Pizza (homemade) for dinner tonight... 

LYNDA: Pet Bus is only operating on a very limited schedule.  The next trip from Auckland to Wellington is not until the 26th of January!  So, not an option.  Little Pearl is going to be flying to her new home instead.  It's much quicker and puppy has less time to get stressed.

So... YES... Pearl has a Forever Home now.

The lady who was coming to see Jade hasn't been able to make it tonight.  So... we shall see if she does ring back tomorrow or not.

PIZZA.   OMGosh, so yummy!  I did Ham/Cheese/Pineapple/Italian Sausage, on a herb tomato base.

End of Day:  an excellent day, busy and hot.

nite nite


  1. oh wow. Ruby is so cute! They all are. Good luck with your visitor.

  2. Well done. Hope you find homes for the other three soon. Enjoy your day.

  3. Gosh fast puppy sales alright great, the felting looks awesome. Very cool can't wait to see more.

  4. Wow. These puppies are flying out the door.

  5. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Wow - puppies selling fast!!! :0( will be sad to see them go.................loving the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Home made pizza for me tonight too! About getting the dog there, on TV the showed a pet shuttle that takes animals all around the country - kind of a pet courier. http://www.petbus.co.nz/

    1. Oh well it was worth a thought - I'm sure a flight will be fine :) Those little pups are selling like hot cakes! So wonderful they all go to such lovely homes.

  7. All is looking good but I thought Griffin had just had his 12th birthday !! crochet will be in the post tomorrow

  8. Wow they are getting snached up quick! They are so adorable :)


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