Saturday, November 23, 2013


I catnapped all night.
I had an alarm set to go off on the hour, so I could check on how Ruby was doing.

So far so good.  She is almost past the crucial 24 hours, so it looks like she is totally in the clear.
Massively relieved about that I can assure you.

While I was up during the night I had a tinker with one of me cameras ... I've go TWO old ones now.  Anyway neither of them takes really good videos.
I took a video of Dante last night after Stew had given him some fudge from the school Gala.

The kid went nuts:

No idea what he was doing!  And as you can see, a really bad quality recording.  I just can't get either camera to take good night videos and it's driving me nuts.
The new Canon I am getting already has a reputation for being an AMAZING camera for taking video.  I hope so anyway.
I love taking little videos of the kids and dogs/puppies.

Today... well Steve isn't working, so I expect he will be on the new X-Box One.

I would like to do some sewing... leaving Stew to watch over the pups for a while.

All the usual weekend stuff... washing, housework,  and so on.

We are putting the 'old' X-Box down in the garage so Brylee and Griffin can play it down there, instead of in the family room.

ABOVE: our little man with Granddad.  He will sit very contentedly on Stew's lap for simply ages.   Awwwww.

Off now to get some MORE sleep if I'm lucky...


Stew had a sausage at the Gala last night and told me it was really nice, and came from a local Deli.
So we popped down there this morning and got a selection of their sausages to try.

ABOVE:  the Deli is owned and run by a Swiss bloke and his wife.  Their meat/sausages looked really nice, so...

OH my it's a stunning day today!  Our weather forecast was originally for wet weather for days, but it's changed (as weather can do)... and it's sweltering outside.
I might even lie out and get some sun on me lilly whites!

It's too hot to go out and lie in the sun!
Steve and Bex just bought a paddle pool for Dante...and a sun shade.  
I will take some photos later on I'm sure.

For now... I've got some tidying and sewing to do in the garage.

ABOVE:  For Tracy and family.  Your wee girl is back to her cute little self.  

ABOVE:  all pups in the basket I use to take them outside.  They won't fit in it much longer!
They all had a lovely little play outside late this afternoon.  

Stew is cooking dinner tonight.  We are having some of those Deli Sausages, salad and wedges.  Yummm...

End of Day:  well dinner was superb!  The sausages????  I am NEVER buying sausages from the supermarket again.  End of.  From now on we will be getting them from our local deli.
I'm like... super tired.  Fell asleep after dinner... but got up and did a little more sewing.
Off to bed now.  All the pups are doing well... Ruby is well and truly over her little hiccup and back to being a little rat bag!
nite nite


  1. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Wonderful news about Ruby!!! :) Love little Dante's video~ hugs~

  2. So glad Ruby is doing well now....what a scare.
    I hope you can get some rest now.

  3. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Just wondering Chris.....isn't Steve as tad old for playing on X Box? Moving out and paying for his mortgage, now that's more like it. People do it all the time. Just saying......

  4. Anonymous11:44 AM

    What business is it of yours what Steve spends his money on. Coward not leaving your name!

  5. Ha! Anonymous.... hilarious. always good for a laugh when people find the need to leave these nasty comments.

    Anyway - gorgeous day huh? All washing outside in the sun... quiet weekend here doing nothing much for a change! Need a catch up weekend after the busy times we've had.

    Puppies are gorgeous and Jasper is my pick. He's a cutie patootie... if I was going to choose I'd choose him. :)

    Have a goodie.

  6. So happy to hear dear Ruby is doing better! My heart just melts for any dog... I can relate to your Peanut M&M's love too. In USA, I used to buy a KG bag at Sam's Club and then hide it and eat it all myself LOL...Can't find a decent sized bag anywhere near me in Australia though, only little ones!! Best wishes on your weight loss journey. I've gone from 106kg to 74kg so I can relate. My guess is 2.9kg for your holiday goal. xx debbie

  7. Lets see Steve doesn't drink much or smoke he is home and a family person hmmmmm so he plays XBOX gaming is huge and if he works darned hard why not I say!! The video of Dante was too cute! that's a keeper for later. I was up at 7.30am washing windows before the sun and heat now I am cleaning car inside and out a MITRE 10 MEGA opened here and I went there got only a few things $55 later so I'm off to try out my new bucket and new extension cord!!!!! how exciting NOT!

  8. Aww thanks so much Chris.. I love her markings... in some photos it looks like a black band with a heart attached. Took Molly for a 4.7k walk this morning before it got hot.... and she still had energy after it!!! Me??? I was like a beetroot!

  9. Oh my gosh Dante!!!!!! I miss my bits at that age!

    He'll be talking a blue streak in no time.

  10. He's so cute! Talking away!

  11. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Think Dante was having an in depth conversation with his toes Such a cute video. I like X box to helps pay the mortgage by staying home at night lol MaryH


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