Sunday, November 03, 2013


I'm feeling much more confident with leaving Coco and the pups for a little while, so today I hope we get out and about a bit.

I feel like I've been housebound far too long!

Depending on the weather, maybe we will go for a nice drive somewhere, dip our toes in some sea water?
I just want to get out !

That's if... I can be sure Steve and Bex can check in on the pups for me of course!  I don't think I want to be away from them for too long!

I'm such a worrier.  

I got a really cute little video of Keera yesterday:

ABOVE:  little miss is developing skills at an alarming rate!  Next thing ya know she will be opening doors and getting into real mischief.  lol

Stew did a good job for me yesterday, he made a wire thingee outside for our two little grape vines to grow along.  And I forgot to photograph it.  Sheesh.  How remiss of me... like... I photograph EVERYTHING eh?  *smiles*

It's 'weigh in' day tomorrow.  I know I've been utterly off plan for the past two weeks.  Eating anything and everything... stressed out.
So... I don't expect a loss at all.  Kinda cross with myself about that, but hey... I can do better next month.  I ain't in no race to a 'magic' number, nor do I have a specific time frame to get 'there' either.
I am just happy that I am maintaining and not actually gaining!
Well... let's hope it's not a gain tomorrow! 

If it is a gain... well I shall hitch up me size 16 panties and be thankful they ain't still a size freaking 20!!!  Yeah baby!

I rock, and I don't care who says different.  I'm doing well... I eat what I want... and it's still working for me.

Slow and steady....  I shall be 'me' again!


I thought Coco looked a bit 'depressed' this morning so I took her for a little walk down the road, and she has perked up heaps!  Maybe she doesn't like being housebound too?
Anyway, I will do that a couple of times a day from now on, that way she will be happy to get home and spend time with her pups... instead of just sitting in the whelping pen looking bored.  lol
And hell, I can benefit from the exercise too.  

I didn't eat all my dessert last night, and WHOOP, swarming ants this morning!  Thankfully Steve was up before me and he cleaned up the mess.

XYZ:  Re your other email. YES I can do that. Just let me know how many?   Send me a 'normal' email and we can discuss details.  AND I will need your address again too!  Hey, I still need ya email addy.  Clicking on ya link does not work.

We have not gone out... YET.  But there is talk of perhaps going down to Mission Bay.  

End of Day:  well we didn't go to Mission Bay afterall.  We just went down to the local mall and had an ice cream.
Watched 'The Internship' this evening. It was slow to start but ended nicely.  A low key type of movie, but still enjoyable.
Off to bed...
nite nite


  1. Go girl!!!!!! Maybe a loss from the stress I do hope so

  2. Keeras hair is such a gorgeous colour. Yes being housebound is no fun at all human or non human.

  3. You are such a sweet doggy mama to even notice Coco needed some COCO TIME! Truly these dogs are in good hands with you. Its been about 6 weeks since I lost my Lab BUDDY to Rimadyl Toxicity and it has been very hard. But I love reading about your pups. The struggle you had with Flint reminds me of my struggle with Buddy. I did what I could and the loss hurt, it stil does. Crying as I type this, He was 7 years old. and he should be with us right now! I know losing Flint was hard for you. But so happy you are still tuned in to Coco's feelings and needs. That is so sweet.

  4. ((hugs)) you are in my prayers today, friend... :(

  5. Thanks for the comments! I get through each day as best I can. Those dogs are so dam cute! Hope you were able to get out for a bit of a change in your environment. I can't stand being housebound.

  6. How good of you that you realized that Coco needed a little time away from the pups. As cute as they are a little break is probably a good thing for both of you.


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