Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Yesterday Lacy and Keera came to visit, and stayed for dinner.
Lacy had a go at rolling out pastry for dinner... but she was a bit cheeky.... so I tipped a cup full of flour over her head.

ABOVE:  she did want to go 'blonde' this summer!
Keera didn't like it, she was concerned for her Mummy... it's lovely to see empathy in such a young child.

ABOVE:  having fun in the summer sunshine.

ABOVE:  our darling Miss Muppet.  She's 16 months old already!

This morning I am taking back the magnifying lamp, then coming home to do a bit of housework before tracing out that pattern again, the right way around this time.   Bex and Dante are off to Playcentre.


I have decided to 'snap out of it'.  This funk I've been in for a few months has got to stop.  I'm just letting my mood get the better of me, my weight is up by 3 kilos from my lowest for the year. 

While I have still made a 'good' loss for the year, I am not exactly thrilled that I am not going to be where I want to be by Christmas.

BUT... this is a life long plan, not a fad diet that I cannot maintain over a long period of time.

So, it's back to the basics.... less in, more exercise.  NO sweets unless on a special occasion, less bread, more veges and fruit... and so on.  

I have only been stabbing myself in the back by allowing my emotional eating to get so out of hand.   

Pulling up me big girl panties and moving on with a more positive state of mind.

I want to smile more, and be grumpy/withdrawn less.

It's affecting not only me, but my family too.  I have to do this.

I'm happy to report I have achieved a lot this morning.  I've returned the light, changed some USA cash for Kiwi cash, re-newed my driver's license, bought batting (and a little fabric too), bought meat for the dogs, and as soon as I'm off here I shall be cooking it up.

Bex and Dante are still out, but should be home very soon.

OH and I walked past, or smelt... many eateries and did not buy a thing, and in the supermarket I walked past the Peanut M & M's and did not buy any of them either!  
I am NOT going to succumb again.

MARK:  I cannot believe you still don't know me well enough!  Of COURSE I would pour flour over someone's head!

 ABOVE:  the gorgeous fabrics I got today...
and we had a minor miracle happen in the house today!

ABOVE:  'someone' made  their bed. 

MARYH:  Lacy took Keera to a Plunket Playgroup but didn't feel like it was a good 'fit' for her, so she is going to take Keera to her local Playcentre too.

DANTE AND BEX just got 'told' by Coco to stay away from her baby!

I had put Jade down on the carpet to have some one on one with Coco and Bex sat down beside Coco and put Dante down on the floor near the puppy, and Coco growled at them!

First time she's growled at anyone in the house for coming near her baby.

I cannot tell her off for growling though, as she was only doing what she felt was necessary to protect her baby.  She is an amazing mother.

Well I just spent 2 hours tracing the stitchery pattern onto paper, then ironing it onto my linen.  The pattern wasn't transferring very well... so I held the iron on for longer... and can you guess what happened next?

I scorched the linen.  NOT really, really badly, but enough for me to throw in the towel, swear,  and feel like crying cos it is ruined.

Right now I feel like I never want to trace out that pattern AGAIN (for a 3rd time).  But maybe I will feel differently tomorrow.  *sigh*  Grrrrrr.

Tonight after dinner we are off to Alfriston College to have a 'Home School Partnership Interview'... it's a compulsory prerequisite to Brylee starting there next year.  

All I care about is that she doesn't get her face smacked in for being a gobby little tart!  Cos she is a gobby little tart and someone is bound to smack her gob eventually to shut her up.


End of Day:  The school meeting went well!  I liked the bloke who interviewed Brylee\Us.
We told him of our concerns about Brylee and her attitude getting her into trouble.  He was lovely and just told her that if she came into the school with a happy/friendly attitude she would be fine.
We can only wait and see.
After getting home, we've had a quiet evening doing bugger all.  Just relaxing.
Puppies are doing really well... all putting weight on every day.  
nite nite


  1. Go for it Chris!!!... I'm doing a small detox this week. It's ssoooooo hard, it's not going that well really, but any small changes I can make for my health is a good thing xxxxxxxxx

  2. It's called pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.
    I find it hard to beleive you poured flour on someones head.

    1. Oh but MarkD60 she did.....she really did, she tricked me she did but I will get her back lol.....or maybe I may just let her have this one lol

  3. Go Chris you can do it .... Your way !!!. Luvin the pics Keera is such a cutie. Flour would have made a damn mess but must have made you laugh lol. Have a great day

  4. 16 months my gosh just seems like yesterday..... haha so I'm gathering you haven't had to drink penalty water yet either see what the MIND can do if you know you have to drink water you wont!!!!! lol or eat those pesky M&M's....

  5. Does Keera go to play centre also? She is such a pretty girl a credit to Lacy for sure

  6. I love the pics of Keera and Dante....they are going to be such good buddies.
    Hang on to your good loss and your positive frame of mind and you will do great going know you can do it.

  7. So frustrating when you are trying to do a project and things keep going wrong! Maybe 3rd time's a charm as they say?

    I'm with you on the eating. On day 2 of getting back on track with my food. You can do it :)


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