Saturday, November 02, 2013


After such a long and tiring week, I am going to make the most of the weekend, and get some decent catch up on sleep.

I'm sure the other 'grown ups' in the house can keep an eye on our fabulous 5.

I sent a parcel to the two girls who guessed the right girl/boy ratio on Coco's litter, and I was sent a lovely photo yesterday from Judith, who lives in Waikanae (lower North Island of New Zealand) and  I wanted to share:

ABOVE:  see?  She is using one of the mug rugs I gave her.  I really smiled when I saw it.  I love that you are already using it.  Thanks for that little pick-me-up. (nice breakfast too!)

So today?  I hope to do a little sewing, maybe read some more of my latest 'book' on me Kindle, do the housework, washing etc.
Just the usual really.

Steve is working at Southern Traders, so he's not home.  I'm not sure yet, but we might be having Keera?

I'll have to ring Lacy and find out. 

Right, that's me for now...


Good Morning Pinky:  and yes please!  I am sure Brylee is no bigger than an 8!  Just let me know when I can pick it up, or you can pop over for a Diet Coke or crap Coffee!  lol

Stew took his car to a local garage yesterday, and they found it had a major oil leak (particular to that model of car sadly), and cheap parts had been used at an earlier service (thanks Midas, you suck).  Not  happy, but at least it was fixable and not tooooo expensive.  Well, it was hundreds of $$$'s , but he must get to work eh?

As for me... well I must tighten me belt for a little while as the Vet Bills for wee Flint were high, but I don't care.  He was sick, and I would not let him go without trying everything to save him.

I was really hurt by 'Anonymous' suggesting I was just breeding puppies for profit.  Yes, the money at the end of raising them is lovely, but not the main reason for us having puppies.

We, as a family, really love having puppies, they are just so delightful to have around.
It is also a valuable lesson for Brylee and Griffin... they learn compassion, caring, empathy, responsibility and so on.
As for Coco?  Let me tell you, she LOVES her boyfriend Mac visiting, and she loves her puppies.  She's the best little mother ever.

I thought today would be a lovey summer's day, where I could lie in the midday sun for a little while and get a light tan going... but it's overcast now with a chilly wind.  So, maybe I shall sleep instead.  *smiles*

 ABOVE: Dante on the bike. He still doesn't like the noise it makes when it motors up and moves.  But small steps, I am positive he will love it like Keera does soon enough.

ABOVE: I was reminded of 'The Princess and the Pea' when I saw Teddy on this chair last night. Spoilt little bugger.  
He may have taken a big step back in 'hierarchy' at the moment, but he's still special too.

It is quite amazing to see how he immediately stops being 'top dog' when puppies arrive.

First 'nap' of the day... 9-11 am.  Woke up feeling all groggy. Maybe I need to actually get out of me pj's!  *smiles*

While napping, the family have been doing odd jobs around the house.  I'm so lucky to have such an awesome family.

ABOVE:  can't have a day without puppy photos!
So, there they are.  All feeding contentedly, while Coco naps too.

As I sit here, Stew is cooking Burritos for dinner (a first for us), and I've made Ambrosia for dessert.
Lacy and Keera are here for dinner too.

Everyone is helping themselves so I better go get me some...

ABOVE:  Stew and the babies.  ♥

End of Day:  well dinner was ... different.  I couldn't eat the burrito mix, it was too spicy, so I had left over chicken from last night.  Then Ambrosia.  Hee hee... Stew did my blood reading after dessert, and it was only a tiny bit up on 'normal'.  Sa...weet!
nite nite


  1. Hugs Chris - Thinking of you at this time. - Also my daughter goes to Alfriston College and we will have a blue shirt available for next year - the only problem it is a size 8 -If you think it will fit Brylee you are more than welcome to have it. Just answer on the blog either way. Have a great day

  2. Awwwwww such adorable photos puppies, you may need a quiet space warmth and another nap you will be in deficit I'm sure, Dante is growing so fast. We have sunshine but a cool wind with it am off to an 80th afternoon tea!! before the RUGBY!! yay

  3. Anonymous2:50 PM

    I will get slammed for this but as always, Chris, I am honest with you. I think there was a valid point in anon's comment yesterday. There are too many dogs in the world and millions are put down every year. Pounds are full of Shih Tzu crosses. I know you met the people who buy the pups and some of them stay in contact and keep you updated on the lives they lead but you can't really say where they all end up. Do some of them end up in pounds, or in puppy farms? It's worth thinking about. I don't think you are breeding to make money however plenty of people do.
    Coco enjys Mac visiting because she is on heat and she looks after her puppies because that's how nature works. That's the cold hard facts. I wonder if she could talk whether she would want to go through all this again.
    You know I am saying this as a friend.
    crankybee x

  4. Just loving the pics, especially the pic with Stew, Keera and Dante…so special


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