Sunday, November 17, 2013


First:  do more sewing.  I've not got much left to do before I have all gifts covered!  Once all the sewing is done all I have to add is lollies/sweets and small bits 'n' bobs.

Next: ... I am going to bake a cake for Griffin's birthday tomorrow.

Also today I want to get the puppies outside again... just small time frames until they are fully mobile and then... fun!

Yet another little video, this one was taken when the pups went outside yesterday for the first time.

Lacy might be coming over today.  I've asked her to thoroughly clean the inside of my car... she offered to do it a few weeks ago to say 'Thanks' for us having Keera while she was out of town.
Now I want it cleaned to get rid of any 'germs' from whoever ransacked it the other night.

ABOVE:  I will leave you for now with this cute photo of Stew and Dante taken yesterday in the sunshine.  It's too early to tell if Dante will tan or burn in the sun... my guess?  He will burn.  Both Bex and Steve have lily white skin.

Steve didn't get that from me!  I go black in the sun given half a chance.  I'm aiming for a light tan this year, so I don't keep scaring myself with the bright glare from me white legs!


Well the morning has been spent rearranging the puppy pen, getting more room sorted out for when the pups are more mobile.  
AND today I am going to try them with some puppy food!  

All I have to do is crush up some puppy pellets, add boiled water so it goes to a runny mush, then see how they go!

Coco will be relieved once they are not relying on her 100% for food... they are really monstering her now!  They just go for it hard out.

ABOVE:  how adorable are they in the blankie... safe while Stew and I rearranged the puppy area.  They are all asleep right now (midday) so once they wake up I will introduce puppy food... 

Well, I didn't make the cake today.  That will have to be tomorrow.
Lacy came over and cleaned the inside of my car.  Keera was delightful.  They are coming back tomorrow for Griffin's birthday and cake.

Steve and Bex cooked dinner, we had sausages, coleslaw, home made wedges, onion and mushrooms.  Delish!

End of Day: pups had tiny tastes of puppy food today, they are not that interested in it... YET!  It won't be long before they are howling for it.
nite nite


  1. My friend invested in fake cameras has batteries in it and a red light flash and she has 2 out the front of her house TO dtscourage prowlers do you have security lights out front? Stew has white legs? haha ( although you aint seen mine yet! they beyond white there illuminous) that's the half caste part in me lol.

  2. They are so beautiful, Chris. I'm sorry you are dealing with people who mess with your stuff. :/

  3. Are u going to make blankets again for each puppy and there new families I thought that was a lovely idea.
    Happy birthday to Griffen for tomorrow

  4. My car was broken in to once and although they just took loose change and my MP3 player, I still felt completely violated and hated having "stranger" germs in my car. I wanted to have it detailed, but couldn't afford it. The pups are super adorable...and so is Dante of course:)

  5. I just scrubbed out my car before our trip. It was pretty nasty! I hate when it gets like that.

    It's crazy how the puppies all of a sudden get so big!


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