Thursday, November 14, 2013


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE.  I hope you have a lovely day down there in Palmerston North.  Sending you kisses and loves from Mum, Dad and your family.  And PLEASE try to get up here for Christmas, or at least at some point over the summer.  *sniff*  your Mum and Dad miss you so  much.... and yes, you too Joyce!
**hint** we do have a spare bedroom!

ABOVE:  Lacy took Miss Keera on the bus to the beach yesterday.  Apparently Keera ♥LOVED♥ the beach and even the water.  Awwww.
I wish I'd been there. 

Right... here's a little puppy video I took late yesterday afternoon:

They are really starting to get mobile now.  It's exciting seeing them learn how to walk.

ABOVE:  we played petanque last night.  It was fun too... even though it is supposed to be played on sand.  Dante wanted to join in and got a bit stroppy when he couldn't.  Stew, Steve and Bex had their dinner outside.  It was a bit cool for me.  

I better go now... got stuff to do... 


 ABOVE:  proof the Ruby is NOT always sleeping on her back.  lol

 ABOVE:  what I'm working on today.

 ABOVE:  we walked down to the local hospice shop... and I had to admire this home's garden.  And see.... it's another stunning day.

ABOVE:  I found a BRAND NEW shirt (for one of the guys) ... it's got 'Mercury Bay New Zealand' on it... and as I have a very long, fond connection to Mercury Bay, I couldn't resist getting it... for $4.  Oh and that cute little t-shirt for Brylee.

And now it's lunch time.  And I'm taking a break from sewing.  My lower back is killing me, it always does if I sit for too long.  

End of Day:  another awesome day.  Made even nicer by having a lovely chat with Nannette from Tasmania... she's in Auckland for a few days before they (her and Brad) go on a cruise.  Lucky buggers.  
nite nite

TRACY!  Go to bed, it's almost 11.15 pm, I thought I was the only twit not in bed by now!  lol


  1. omg.. we all sitting at the table at work watching your puppies laughing. Ruby is a gem... so cute wagging her tail. Better do some work now.

  2. Anonymous2:19 PM


  3. So cute with her wagging her tail! Love the new projects. I can't believe how big Keera is already. Kids sure do get big fast don't they!

  4. The puppies are just so darn cute! Keera is growing so fast too, wow. And your quilting looks fantastic! I love quilting myself, both hand and machine. xx debbie

  5. I am so jealous of your gorgeous weather right now. Nothing more unmotivating than heading out the door to run in a -3C temperature! Puppies are soooooo adorable. But not as adorable as your grand babies! Happy birthday to Mike:)

  6. Awww the puppies are adorable! I can't wait until we move so I can have a puppy...

  7. Puppies puppies cute cute cute!!!! Lovely weather down here too! I am away to Hamilton for the day tomorrow a day out yay!

  8. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Miss Keera is just beaturiful. Loving your new projects you were working on today.

  9. Happy Birthday Mike.

  10. So .... sneaks in and looks around quietly .... then whispers hello??

    Looks around a little more as I tip toe round the lounge room careful not to disturb mama coco and the tribe of wriggling snuffling little pups .... oh oh .... what was that? Ohh phew, snoring, just uncle teddy talking in his sleep .... ok, moving on ....

    Ah ha, kitchen, that's what I want and gently pulls out from my oversized bag about 10 packets of savoury shapes and giggling quietly to myself, I open the packets and proceed to carefully sprinkle all the biscuits over the benches, the sink, making sure to pop some cans of Pepsi Max on the dining table then surrounded them with even more shapes, lots and lots of them ....

    Oh before I forget, (stopping and listening to make sure everyone is still asleep), places two special gifts for Chris on top of her recliner chair ... hehehe a magnifying glass so you can see all the wonderful holes in the biscuits just like I did and a voucher giving you an endless supply of Diet Coke just cause I can! .... (isn't that what you said to me recently bout giving me something???? along the lines of "I will just cause I can"?? hmm? :)

    I sigh quietly as I listen to the creaks of the house vibrate gently, the warmish air wafting past, sweet puppy smell, hearing someone turning over in their sleep as I take one last look around this place ....

    Truly Chris you are blessed with a loving family, gorgeous dogs and puppies and most of all, a house filled with unconditional love and acceptance .... not to mention that most delightful and entertaining, sweet lovely little boy Dante, the beautiful young lady Brylee, and the very handsome and debonair young man Griffin and dare I say, the most luckiest man in the world (and the most patient eh? LOL) Stew .... wow, you two are made for each other.. and last but not least, Steve and Bex, you two, well, all I can say is, you have both blossomed especially after having Dante, it has been delightful to watch your antics (Steve lol) and see how much you've grown (Bex) - can't wait to see what you as your own little family get up to ....

    Oh hang on .... almost tripped over that toy, ahh Keera, you are growing up so fast and at the beach already? Such a sweet pea with such a pixie like face, you're just darling .... mum Lacy, you have come the furthest I think, from when we all first met you here .... till now? You should be so proud of yourself, you have really tried hard to turn your life around and can I say how proud I am of you? Well done hon ....

    I really am struggling to leave ...

    Sweet Dreams Diet Coke Rocks Family :)

    .... turns around silently with tears streaming down my face, I reluctantly tip toe back out of the house and disappears into the night leaving a trail of shapes like foot steps behind me

    .... to be continued :)

    (You don't need to post this Chris, I was just being whimsical and feeling a little lonely tonight LOL)

  11. Those puppies are adorable... and so good to see that Coco had regained her girly figure so quickly!! We were in NZ this time last week on a cruise, stopped at Aukland, Tauranga and Wellington and the weather was perfect.. back in rather cool Melbourne now. Loved what we saw of NZ and can't wait to come back and visit it properly!


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