Friday, November 15, 2013


Last night Brylee fell over the stair guard... ripping it out of the wall.  
So, Steve cut out the affected gib board, and he will fix it tomorrow night no doubt.
Handy having a 'Bob the Builder' son!

ABOVE:  He swept the gib plaster mess into the kitchen and sucked it up with the central vac.  Shame I now have to wash the floor.  *sigh*

I'm going to look at maybe getting a gate at the top of the stairs.  Not sure yet, it will depend on cost... like always.

I love Fridays.  It means the weekend is almost here and Stew will be home.  I like having him home.

Tonight we are hoping to go into the 'city' and see Nannette and Brad.  They are over from Tazmania and are going on a New Zealand cruise, embarking on the ship on Saturday night.
So, all going well we will catch up with them tonight for dinner.

Poor Nannette was not too impressed with Queen Street!  Dirty.  And too many eateries all of the same ilk... Chinese/Asian... so if we go out tonight it will be to Wildfire, .

We have been there before and found it amazing.  

So, for today?  Housework, wash the bloody floors, then maybe I should pop out and get something for Griffin's birthday... it's on Sunday MONDAY.  He will be 12.

Then after his birthday, it's Dante's 1st Birthday in December, then all my big kids birthdays in Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, June ... and of course Mike's was just yesterday in Nov.  It's just one after the other around here... and that's not even adding in all the other grandkids, or Stew's in Jan too.

It's been a about a week now that I've not had 'Word Verification' on my blog... and for some reason I have not been bombarded with SPAM!!!  
I can only put it down to my having changed the Comment Location to 'Embedded'.  If this is the case and YOU are getting lots of Spam... try doing what I did.

I used to get HUNDREDS of Spam comments every day, that's why I put on Word Verification.  But now?  Hardly any at all.  Gotta love that.

Right, I'm off to make a start on the day...


Poor Bex.  She got up early today so she could take Dante to Playcentre, and when she got there (on opening time) she found no one was there.  So she sat in the car with Dante for 10 minutes, but still no one turned up, so she came home again.  
And Dante went to sleep so she's now gone back to bed feeling annoyed.

Thanks for that Lacy... though I would have realised my mistake about saying the wrong day at some point!  I do know when his birthday is.

Floors are washed.  Back is now killing me.  Might just have to sit down for a bit.

Wow I've been fairly quiet today!  But it's because I've been sewing... of course.
Tonight's plans have been shelved in favour of 'Brunch' tomorrow.  Parking in the city on a Friday night?  Didn't think it was a good idea after all.

Now... here's what I've managed to get done today:

ABOVE:  doesn't seem much...but it does take time to cut our bindings, iron, sew on etc.
Now I'm taking a break ... cos I've got to unpick one... I made a boo boo.  *sigh*
Some people call unpicking 'reverse sewing'... I just call it a bloody pain in the butt!

Well..., I've finished a few more of the mug rugs this evening.  So I'm happy.

End of Day:  looking forward to tomorrow, having 'brunch' with the Tart from Tasmania.
nite nite


  1. Queen St isn't great but off there are heaps of lovely places. Tell her for lunch or breakfast go to Albert Park Cafe. It is on the same st as the art gallery, about 20 down the road. Good food & reasonably priced. I don't mind Wildfire but find that I need to eat salad & beges the next day to balance all that meat.

    1. Heading down that way now :) will keep that cafe in mind :) thanks

    2. Had lunch there today and thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks :)

    3. Yay, I am glad you enjoyed it. I hope the rest of your stay is enjoyable.

  2. Well it is dirty lol. I was a bit surprised really :) our little island has places a little like that I guess to. And in saying that we only walked the top end and then turned right looking for tea as I was starving!! Going to wander the bottom end and try to find a SIM card so I can call my children :) looking forward to catching up :)

  3. Haven't been to Queen St for years not too good if it appears dirty to visitors :(. Enjoy dinner out and a catch up tonight. Hope you have a good weekend with your man :)

  4. Griffins Birthday is on Monday.....the 18th

  5. Yes, Queen Street is not what it used to be, that's for sure!! Apologies to Wanna for the state of it but I do hope she enjoys the cruise :)

    About the spam, I've had the embedded thing on for ages and still got spam. I found that turning on word verification for awhile and then turning it off seems to stop it.

    About the "gate", why not build one - Steve's handy. We built one at the beach house and it works a treat - while you are at it Steve could put something across that low area the Dante was trying to climb up to. The best thing about the little gate we built was that it can fold back hard against the wall when not wanted and it is kind of invisible. Much better than constantly having a child gate to open and shut all the time.

  6. So glad you took word verification off - I hate it but I do understand why you had it on in the first place !
    Sorry to hear your back is sore after cleaning the floors - housework sucks big time doesn't it ?
    Have a great weekend and happy birthday to Griffin for Monday.

  7. Wow nearly a year since we have had that gorgeous wee man in our lives he is so presious

  8. Don't the puppies looked so love and big doing a great job there mum...don't forget Gordys Birthday Jan 1st.

    1. Don't worry we couldn't possibly forget his birthday

  9. They're beautiful coasters. What a shame about the playplace, poor Bex.

    I wonder why the rail came right out like that. I'm glad Brylee didn't break a leg...

  10. That's what happens when you have so many kids haha. We just have 3 and after April is over I breathe a sigh of relief since they are Feb and 2 April bdays. Then we get a break in our house until October.

  11. Queen St sure is dirty no doubt about that, gosh Griffin 12 nearly Dante 1 nearly time has flown this year have an awesome weekend....... whatever you do.

  12. It's Friday here now too. Thank Gawd!


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