Monday, July 16, 2012


Today... kids go back to school... it's gunna be a good day! lol

NOT that Brylee and Griffin have been awful over the holidays, they have been really good kids.

But I am going to enjoy getting some sewing done in peace!
That's what I want to do today... do some more work on the baby quilts.
We do have a 'few' babies in the family after all ... there is another one due on Thursday!

Fingers crossed all goes well for Tess and Russell when they welcome their baby on Thursday... I can't wait to know if baby is a boy or girl.

Hopefully by the end of the day I will be on the 'home straight' with the pink baby quilt!


The other thing I want to do today is go up into the attic and get down the baby albums of Brylee and Griffin... cos I'm quite certain Keera looks very much like Griffin did as a newborn.

Of course, we know babies change so much in the first few months, there's no telling who she will end up looking like!  lol

We have got THE MOST crappy weather today, it is blowing a gale and pissing cats 'n' dogs!  Totally winter now... yet I'm not cold at all!

ABOVE: just pinched this off someone's Facebook update.  It's the COMPLETE OPPOSITE to how my mind works.
Change the word WONDERFUL to DREADFUL and that's how I feel most of the time.

Could explain the depression eh?

So... I must try and think more positively ... hmmmm.... might be difficult.

ABOVE: she's just like me!  She writes everything down.... when Keera wakes up, how much formula she takes....I never would have believed it if she wasn't right in front of me... lol.

ABOVE: typing is rather difficult right now *sigh*... and I want to get up and do stuff.  But they are so nice and warm...

After nearly killing me back looking for photo albums up in the attic, I finally found the album I was looking for.  So... here's a comparison of Griffin Vs. Keera:

ABOVE:  Keera ...

ABOVE:  Griffin!

 ABOVE:  Griffin...   (he's being held by Claire, the midwife who delivered him)

ABOVE:  Keera!

They are VERY alike... especially in colouring.
Brylee was a blondie and looked quite different...more like Lacy.

AWESOME NEWS!!!  Coco is in heat, so I've rung Mac's Mum and booked him to come and do the 'deed' with Coco again!   Puppies in just under 2 and a half months!!!!  *SQUEALS*  

I just had an awesome SKYPE session with our son Russell over in Aussy, he's home now awaiting the arrival of their new baby on Thursday:

ABOVE:  Hi everyone!

ABOVE:  ooo look, there's me Grandma in the computer! 

ABOVE:  Russell and his little imp Sienna... isn't she just gorgeous!!!  I am dying to get my mitts on her and just squish her to bits!  She's so, so bloody cute.

Today has gone far too fast!  In less than an hour the kids will be home, and I've done bugger all!  Ain't even had me lunch yet...

So... I guzzled down some lunch, did a wee bit of housework, got the kids settled playing Wii and Xbox, and promptly fell asleep on the couch!  So did not think I was that tired... but an hour later I woke and it was already getting dark!
Keera has been a really good baby today... lots of sleeping/eating/piddling... in fact everything you expect from a newborn. *smiles*

Lacy had a rough night with her last night... how typical!  I'm sure baby will eventually sleep better at night!  Until then.... Lacy is cat napping during the day to keep herself alert.

ANON:  we have talked to B & G about this... they seem very OK with how things have panned out.  They know that Lacy does love them... but was not in the right 'space' to be a good MUM to them when they were babies.
As they mature I hope they are just thankful that we were there for them... and they do not resent Lacy for giving them up.  We will cross that bridge if/when it comes up.

End of Day:  another good day... Lacy and Baby are doing so well.  And I am feeling really happy too.  
nite nite.


  1. I was going to leave a comment yesterday, that the baby looks like Griffin to me. But not knowing your family well, I didn't. Turns out I might be right, eh? Can't wait to see the comparison.

  2. I had to laugh at the photo of Lacy writing everything down! I wrote down EVERY single bottle Rachel had (what time and how much she drunk) for her first 12 mths! And then at the end of each month, I would add it all up and do an average of how much per day she had! I laugh thinking back but at the time it was all seriously done!
    Hope you have a great day.

  3. Keera is such a precious baby and sure does look like Griffin.

    I never wrote anything down with my babies but it does seem like a good idea. Some people just like making lists. Not me!

  4. Babies everywhere! Squee! The little humans do look very much alike don't they.

    Have a great day sewing. The peace and quiet when the kids go back to school. Ahhhhh. :)

  5. Lots of awesome photos chris!
    I was thinking she was looking a bit like her brother as well!
    All the best to Russell and his partner for the birth of there new child.

  6. Lacy sure is on the right's the only way to know how your baby is progressing....Like you, I did it for mine and my daughters did it for their children. Makes a great record to keep :)
    I know what you mean about the days disappearing!!!
    Jaynie is way way better, but Rhian went down with a tummy bug on Saturday night...just as well this Nana had decided to stay another night. Moral support in the middle of the night for Jo LOL
    Enjoy having the young ones back at school :)

  7. Anonymous6:12 PM

    as a lurker I am so thrilled Lacey has stepped up to the plate with her baby.My mother also gave me and my brother to my mom as she was to occupied with her own needs.The problem is as adults my brother and I resented that our mother went on to have another child such as Lacey and keep her.Has there been an open discussion for the other 2 children regarding this?It is extremely damaging to children to see their mom go off and have another child just because "she is ready".

  8. When i saw Griffin holding Keera the first time I wanted to comment how alike they were and BOY they sure are Mrs Binses Twinses that's for sure Samuel had record notes taking until he was 2 yrs old eating, and fluid amounts and toilet habits I kept a huge folder.He was under paediatric care until 3 was paperwork heaven/nightmare!

  9. Back to school, oh happy day! Lovely photos of the baby. Enjoy the calmer days.

  10. Anonymous2:28 AM

    Enjoyed all the photos today!! wow! lots of them! Yes, Keera and Griffin do look a lot alike!! I liked the compairison!! that spelling looks very wrong...I thought the other baby wasn't due till August!! wow, they will be close in age and might just become good friends down the road!!...debbie

  11. Good vibes all round Chris .Just keep everyone fed and watered and all will be well

  12. Sienna is such a cutie!

    Puppies! So much fun :)


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