Wednesday, July 11, 2012


This is what Lacy's monitoring trace looked like yesterday:

ABOVE:  Miss Muppet was just fine and dandy.  Lacy... NO CONTRACTIONS.... until last night at around 9pm!  *** If there is no other 'news' about baby after this... it means we are at the hospital cos Lacy finally went into labour.... ON HER OWN.***  

Stew is staying at home with Brylee and Griffin today while I'm at the hospital with Lacy.

Our DIL Tess, in Australia, is still hanging in there... she may even make it to her scheduled C-Section day... the 19th of July!



Lacy had sporadic but nasty contractions from 9pm last night until 2am this morning, so at 2am we went to the hospital.
Her contractions virtually STOPPED When we got there!

So Debs her midwife hooked her up to the inducing drugs at 4am... and it was all go from then on.
Lacy had contractions every 5 minutes until 6am... then it was PUSH TIME.

This is where it got really EXCITING FOR ME!

Once baby's head was clearly emerging... Debs said "Come on Grandma, you can do this!"
So I got in there (with gloves on of course) and guided baby's head out....

Then NOTHING.  Baby was going BLUE.... so Debs took over and freed one of Baby's shoulders as she was stuck... then I took over again and welcomed Miss Muppet into our world at 6.32am!

I delivered her then passed her up to Lacy for skin on skin bonding time.

I cut baby's cord too.

OMG it was AWESOME.  I will NEVER forget this experience my whole life.

Lacy and Miss Muppet are now at the Birthing unit. 

KEERA LAURA CHRISTINA H was 8 pounds 3 ounces and 52cm long!  

And shortly I will be going to get better acquainted with my NEW BED... which I have spent a grand total of 5 hours in over the past 48 hours!

I will now download all the photos I took and put them on here once I've picked some...

ABOVE: ouchy! 

ABOVE: hooked up to the drugs and monitors...

ABOVE:  5 minutes old...

ABOVE:  skin on skin... so cute.

ABOVE:  Keera's first bottle.  (Breastfeeding not an option)

ABOVE:  Getting weighed... she's a really good, healthy size and length.

ABOVE: Getting the once over... she's perfect.

ABOVE:  Lacy and her daughter Keera (formerly known as Miss Muppet)  Her name is pronounced Keira as in Keira Knightly the actress.

 ABOVE:  all ready for her first car trip at 3 hours old, when we transferred Lacy and babe to the Birthing Unit for a few days.

ABOVE:  The girls ... safe at the birthing unit.

*HI*...  from a sleepy, but VERY happy me.
I got about 3 hours sleep ... and now it's time to go and visit the girls.  And grab some sushi for Lacy... she's been hanging out for sushi!  Ya not supposed to eat in during pregnancy... so it will be a treat for her.

I can't wait to see what Brylee and Griffin think of their new sister.

So... we have all been and visited Lacy and Keera... the kids think she's just adorable.  
Lacy has not had a sleep yet, she's too hyped up and can't stop looking at her baby.
It's so cute to see.

I'm going up again tonight with Steve, then I will be getting in me bed and having a full night's sleep.

WINNERS of my little 'competition'

ASHLEE:  you got the correct weight, bang on!

COFFEE SLUT: you got the day and closest to time... you were only ONE MINUTE out!

Please email me your address's so I can post your prize!  (


  1. This is like someone dangling a bar of choc,.in front of me

  2. Just as well there was something for me to read on DCR when I woke up! ;) Good luck today Lacy and Chris!

  3. How fantastic!!! Congratulations to all... xxx

  4. Congrats Lacy, enjoy your precious baby :)

  5. Congrats and welcome baby Keera may your lfe be long and happy. Well done Lacy and Grandma what a excting day.

  6. Congratulations to Lacy and congratulations to you and Stew for your new granddaughter - Keera - what a lovely name.
    Enjoy your rest and can't wait for the photos

  7. Oh man - I was a pound off!! But she is beautiful!! Congrats to you all. What an amazing experience for you to help deliver her - look how far your relationship with Lacy has come!

  8. Woohoo!!!! Congratulations and how exciting you got to have such an active participation. Rest well.

  9. Anonymous11:01 AM

    congrats Grandma - what an awesome experience for you. My Mum arrived 20 mins too late to see her grandchild born.

    Lacy looks so happy, hope she enjoys her stay at the birthing unit.


  10. Congratulations to Lacy and the whole family. Keera is a beautiful name and she is a beautiful baby. Krissy (Singapore)

  11. Anonymous11:03 AM

    PS: I got the day right!!


  12. Love all the pics, and how wonderful that you got to deliver darling Keera.
    Congratulations to the whole family and welcome to the world little Keera Laura Christina :o).
    Joy xx

  13. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Oh My Gosh, she is just adorable. Congratulations Lacy, Grandma and the rest of the family. Lacy she is just perfect :)

  14. Awwwww sweet! Thanks for sharing!!! Congrats to the new Momma and to you and Stew!

  15. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Wow!! Congrats - a good healthy size and she seems happy - and you can just tell Lacy is over the moon!

    Kate (

  16. Congratulations to Lacy and to you all !!

  17. OMG what beautiful pictures Chris. Congratulations Lacy, Congratulations Granma.

  18. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Congratulations to you all, what a beautiful little baby and a wonderful experience for you Chris. All the best, Bec xx

  19. Ooooh ....I got the date right ....July 11 and I was only off by ONE MINUTE on the time guess was 6:33am!

  20. Wow she Keera is divine well done Lacy and Grandma how exciting to be able deliver a grandchild, Lacy looks well and Keera is gorgeous a very healthy weight and how long is she? thats amazing, I hope you are still sleeping.


  22. Congratulations Lacy. How wonderful is that. What a thrill for you Chris delivering her. That's amazing.

    Have a good catch up sleep.

  23. Congratulations to Lacey on Keera's birth. She is a good sized little girl and I'll miss the name of Miss Muppet. Congrats to Grandmom/Chris for playing such an important role during the birthing process. Hugs...

  24. Omg how awesome wll done lacy and chris rest up :) she is gorgeous

  25. Congratulations!!!!!!

  26. Congratulations, Grandma and mum! So happy for you. Bit disappointed she didn't wait another few hours so I could win the contest! hahahaha!

    How exiting for you. Looking forward to more updates. I hope Lacy can keep it together this time, now she's older and hopefully more mature than she was 11 years ago.

    Good luck to everyone!


  27. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Congratulations Lacy Keera looks so perfect. I was way out with my wieght on her she certainly was a big bub I did not think Lacys belly looked that big
    Chis I'm so glad you got to see and be apart of it all it sure would be something you would not forget.
    Give lacy and Keera a big hug from us here in Australia.

  28. Anonymous1:20 PM

    She is just adorable! i think i picked the Weight! Hehe.
    Love the name too. Such beautiful pictures makes me Clucky!!
    Ashlee xx

  29. I burst into tears when I read your blog. I wake really early and always go to your blog (via my phone). I am so delighted for you all, I am sure Lacy will enjoy Keera and motherhood. But saying that, I am just so pleased for you Chris, you have been outstanding through this pregnancy, Lacy is so blessed to have you - I am so glad you got to experience this. I am so glad you are going through a happy phase. Can I say, I just laughed and laughed at Brylee with the nutella - the look on her face is priceless. She looks so like Lacy. Get some sleep. Chris, in a world of some horrible and nasty people, you are a real diamond. I hope you know how wonderful you are. Martine xx

  30. Congratulations Chris! What a perfect little cherub, Lacey must be over the moon.

    Looking forward to seeing a photo of grandma with the new bub! :-)

    Hope you get some sleep!

  31. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Congraulations... I love the name!

  32. That experience sounds totally AMAZING! Congrats to you all.

  33. I'm so glad to hear that she is here and that all is well. Congratulations to all of you....and what a wonderful thing that you got to be there and participate.

  34. Great news - congrats everyone!!!! 8lb3ou with that tiny tummy-where did she hide that (my last one was that same weight and I looked like her (full-term) at about 4 months pregnant!). All the best!!!

  35. Congrats to all.

    What a beautiful wee girl.

  36. CONGRATS!!! Welcome to Keera!

  37. Yay! Congratulations. She is a beautiful girl with a beautiful name! Big Girl - I guessed 8 pounds, I think....

  38. Congratulations!!!! She's beautiful! Lacy looks so happy and content as well. Now you can catch some zzzz's in your new, comfy bed.
    What's the update on the commode at Lacy's house? Please tell me she's not having to go outside when she gets home.

  39. Congratulations.....wonderful news, so very happy for you all :O)

    Family really is everything xox

    Michelle x

  40. Yay! Congrats to you and Stew on the arrival of such a beautiful granddaughter! And to Lacy on the arrival of a beauitful daughter! To be able to deliver Keera and to cut the cord shows to me how far your relationship with Lacy has come over the last few months!! Long may it last and become even stronger!!!
    The package was sent today so it should arrive tomorrow (or Friday).

  41. Congratulations to all :) It's really neat being able to deliver your Grandchild eh. I did Rhian and even though I had worked in maternity it was more special because she was "ours" :)
    Well done :)

  42. How awesome you helped with the birth. I would have fainted. Congrats to Lacy. Great job!

  43. Every cloud has a silver lining..Keera is just that, what an amazing experience for you. This could be just what Lacy needs to keep her on track with her life..Congrats to you all xx

  44. Congratulations to the happy family.


  45. congratulations to you all, esp Lacy and Keera who looks absolutely adorable..

    All the best


  46. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Thank you to all for you lovelly coments n well wishes, Keera and I are doin very well, she is just such a darling beautiful wee girl, im jst soon over the moon with her, and to no my mum helped bring Keera into this world was just so awsum, made me cry to see how much it ment to her, love you Ma and the rest of the family for all their suport xoxoxoxox

  47. Congratulations to Lacy and to yourself and Stew on the new grandbaby.

  48. Had to check back for the pictures! Such a sweet BIG baby! I thought for sure she'd have a tiny one! Congrats Grandma!

  49. Anonymous5:41 PM

    HAPPY BIRTH`DAY TO LITTLE WEE KEERA, she is adorable. Great job Gramma Chris!! What a great experience for you and Lacy....debbie

  50. Congrats! She's cute. I'm missing the baby years. Back then they cried, but didn't talk back to me.

  51. What a beautiful baby, so perfect, Lacy looks radiant and so happy. bless xxx

  52. What a beautiful baby, so perfect, Lacy looks radiant and so happy. bless xxx

  53. Congratulations to Lacy and what a great experience for you Chris. I know how precious it is to assist a baby into the world. Glad it all went so well.
    Welcome to the worle Keera.

  54. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Absolutely wonderful news! Congratulations on the safe arrival of Keera. Makes me all clucky!
    All the best to everyone, love Glenys

  55. I remember after both my kids were born, all the other husbands & families brought flowers, ballons, chocolate etc - mine brought in pate, soft cheeses, sushii & oysters

    I am glad Lacy & Keera are doing well. Just be prepared for the blues to kick in on day 2 or 3.

  56. Congrats to all. So happy to hear the news and that everything went well xx

  57. Welcome to the world little girl, may it be blessed with smiles, love and laughter!

  58. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Congratulations to Lacey and her darling baby, and to Grandma & Grandpa, and the children ...

    Hope you manage to get a really good sleep now in your new bed....

    Loved brylee.s idea of a snack .. How about a celebration jar of her own . Lol
    Cannot stand the stuff myself lol

    All the best wishes from the UK...

    Joan UK

  59. Congratulations on the newest addition to your family. Great to hear that all went well - and awesome that you got to play the part you did in Keera's arrival :) Sleep well tonight!

  60. Anonymous7:04 AM

    So why ain't she tit feeding then, Chris?

  61. Fantastic news! Congratulations to all of you. What a BEAUTIFUL baby Keera is!


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