Monday, July 30, 2012


At some point this morning Bex is arriving for a couple of days... and as she is all recovered from the 'flu we can go and visit Miss Muppet and Lacy.

I will take the Wall Hanging over too... I am sure Lacy is going to love it!

And here it is:

ABOVE: the flowers are yo-yos... with a button in the middle of each flower.  I really love this wall hanging, it's so cute.

I started work on another baby quilt last night ...  this one will be for Steve and Bex.... as their baby is the next one due, 1st of January 2013, unless he/she arrives early!  We will find out in just a couple more weeks if  'BABY FOE'  is a girl or boy.
Very exciting for our first time parents.

Here is the latest photo I have nicked off Facebook of our newest grandson and his toddler sister Sienna:

ABOVE:  Sienna just ADORES her baby brother!  Isn't she just gorgeous!  And Bodhi .... well he's just precious... I can't wait for the day I can hold them and smother them is kisses.

I'm very proud of myself too... as much as my too long fringe has driven me demented all weekend, I have NOT taken to it with the scissors!!!  I go to the hairdresser tomorrow (thanks to Steve)... he's lent me the money ... I can pay him back next week.  Freaking bills, why do they all have to arrive in the same bloody week?

I'm going to do some blog reading today too...  Cos I am getting behind AGAIN!


S0 far... it's been a busy morning.

Have I done any sewing?  NO
Have I read any blogs?      NO

Have I vacuumed  the house?           Yes
Have I tidied up all the bedrooms?   Yes
Have I washed the floors?                 Yes
Have I done the washing?                  Yes

Have I done me back in for the rest of the day?  HELL YES!


  1. The wall hanging is wonderful....your talent always amazes me.

  2. I've never heard the name Bodhi before, I love it! How do you say it? Is it like boh-dee?

    All your kids and grandkids are lovely!

  3. luv the wall hanging very cute

  4. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Love the wall hanging! YOu could make and sell them, personalising them with names! WOMBAT

  5. Sienna is the cutest button, Keeras wall hanging is gorgeous I am doing loads housework just to keep warm too, it's just keeping the chills at bay! windy as down our way too.

  6. Anonymous1:51 PM

    It took me time to learn all the comments, but I honestly loved the blog. It proved to be very advantageous to me and I'm positive to all of the followers here!

  7. Keera's going to learn to spell her name at an early age now, right?? Good job! :)

  8. The wall hanging is just gorgeous. Just like the quilts, you have such a talent to be proud of.
    Hope you back is feeling easier. You have achieved so much today I hope some one else does the clearing up & dishes tonight :)
    Keep's blimmen freezing down here :(

  9. Excellent economising with the chicken mince. I'm doing a bit of a belt-tighten at the moment. xxx

  10. Can Bex look after the kids so you can go to the scan?

  11. Anonymous12:06 AM

    I LOVE KEERA'S WALL HANGING. IT IS MOST ADORABLE!! You are sooo good with those bright colors!! Yer gonna have so many babies!! You'll go broke at Christmas!!! ...debbie

  12. Tactically speaking, it would be wiser to do your back in before you complete all your chores. That way you'd have an excuse to not do them.

  13. What a fun wall hanging!

    Do the kids fight too much to leave them home a lone for a little bit?


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