Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Last night when we visited Lacy, I of course took me camera.
Lacy now refers to me as 'The Paparazzi'... which is rather fitting I think!
Anyway, here's some photos from last night:

ABOVE: Miss Muppet giving some serious thought to her sleeping conditions.  Lacy has been keeping her a bit too hot.  She is overly protective and worries constantly about baby getting cold.  

ABOVE:  My Darling Stew is one of the very few men I know who is always ga-ga over babies, and he utterly dotes on his grandbabies.

ABOVE: how adorable is this???  Keera is so alert now!

ABOVE:  Lacy and Keera, such a happy twosome.

Today I am working at the Hospice Shop, here's hoping it's nice and busy.


Hospice today was rather quiet, which was just as well as there was only me and the boss on today.  Everyone else was on an 'Orientation Course' held by Hospice.
I was supposed to go too, but that would have left Debs the boss on her own.  That would not have been good.

I can't use my laptop right now ... the blasted thing just refused to connect to the internet!  I'll have to wait for Steve to come home.  I'm going to be lost if/when he leaves home!  I am hopeless at fixing problems with the darn computers!

One more bit of news about Hospice:  MRS SMELLY PANTS  is coming back next week.  DAMMIT.

So it's been a quiet afternoon so far.   Once the kids got home from school we took Bex out to the airport, as she was meeting up with a friend from Invercargill for a coffee before said friend flew off to London for her big OE.

Then home to do bugger all until I have to do dinner.  Well... I might just do a bit more quilting of baby quilts... as I want to send two off to Russell and Tess for Sienna and Bodhi.

Once I've got them done I can make a start on one for Steve and Bex!  Then one for Amanda's next baby too.

We are having quite a 'run' of babies!

ABOVE:  these I got from Hospice today...    a top for Lacy, some baby clothes, a lovely jumper for Haylea and 6 rolls of till paper!  The paper will be perfect for notes, kids drawing etc.  All that for $10.00.  You just can't lose with Hospice shopping.  LOVE IT.

End of Day:  It's been a lovely day, which is great eh?
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:14 AM

    oh how darling!! love the photos you take. They are sooo cute. Love the one with her looking up at Stew. How did the breeding go with Coco? Everything go ok? or has it not happened yet?...debbie

  2. awww sweet pictures! My hubby loves babies too :)

  3. Can your photos get anymore gorgeous just lovely.

  4. Aw Chris, little Keera is so precious! I can see why you want to love on her and take photos of her all the time. And I think it's awesome that Stew loves his grandkids so much. He definitely has a way with babies, and it shows in all of the photos of him interacting with them. They seem to be just as captivated by him as he is of them! That's a gift!



  5. There are never enough pictures of a cute baby! Keep 'em coming!

  6. Anonymous11:04 AM

    They are the loveliest photos, treasures. Cheers Glenys

  7. awesome pics chris keera is getting cuter by the day luv the colour of her hair lil goldie

  8. What a gorgeous little girl ! Love the photos - thank you for sharing them with all of us !
    Have a great day.

  9. Great photos Chris - love one of Keera "thinking"!
    Wish this rain would go away!

  10. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Adorable photos. Do I see a thumb heading for the mouth in the pic with Lacy & bubs?
    Mary H

  11. Leigh1:57 PM

    Please ask the boss to schedule your days to when Mrs smellypants is not working. She will only upset you!

  12. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Lovely to hear things are going so well for Miss Lacy & Miss Muppet!!!!

  13. Keera is so cute, keep the photos coming!

    lol Miss Smellypants... hoo boy. Too bad you can't hand out butt mints.

  14. That's great you still tons of photos of the grandkids. I find myself taking fewer and fewer. Not sure why.


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