Sunday, July 15, 2012


I'm going to do something my 'depression doctor' recommended today... and get out with JUST STEW for a while.

Not totally sure what we will do, where we shall go... but we are going to spend some alone time together.

It's going to be so HANDY having Lacy living just up the road... I can see us asking her to babysit on a regular basis.

Weird how that thought doesn't bother me AT ALL... whereas just a year ago it would have been the last thing on my mind to ever do!

I just had to take a photo of Lacy lying on the couch last night... she had company:

ABOVE:  Lacy sleeping on the couch... with me dogs for company!
I often lie down on that couch, with me lovely blankie... I wonder if the dogs realised it wasn't me?

Lacy slept there last night as she was concerned Miss Muppet was keeping Stew awake.
At least I can testify to how comfy that couch is to sleep on.... cos I've spent quite a few nights there when I've been coughing fit to kill.

What else?  The midwife is visiting again today to check how Keera's jaundice is doing, and Keera had a bit of redness spreading out from her umbilicus, so that has to be checked too.
Otherwise all is great with her... she's a lovely wee baby, feeds so well and sleeps well too... FOR NOW anyway!
We are well aware that could all change in the blink of the eye... *smiles*


Not too sure Stew and I will go out now... it's a really nasty cold, wet day and all I feel like doing is staying home and making scones!  Nice hot scones for lunch me thinks!

HAPPY ELF MOM:  yes, everything is is working order at Lacy's home now ... thank goodness!
She will be taking baby home to her own house sometime this coming week.

Stew just told Lacy she should start her own blog, and it would go something like this:

"I watched my baby, I fed my baby, I changed my baby's bum, I watched my baby, I fed my baby, I changed my baby's bum, I watched my baby .... and sometimes I had a sleep"   Very funny!
Cos that is all she does!  

It's so nice just sitting here relaxing in front of the fire!  Scones were delicious too!

Stew made dinner tonight, left over mince from last night, so he added mushrooms and made a cottage pie... OMG so yum!
Lacy and Keera are doing so well ... that little baby is really good at feeding!  A right little guzzle guts!

End of Day:  such a lovely weeked we have had, even though the weather turned to crap!  Didn't make any difference to us... we had a nice time just relaxing for a change.
nite nite


  1. Love the dogs lying on Lacy :) And I do hope you and Stew enjoy your time out together!

  2. Aren't animals the funniest things they search out warmth anywhere and sneak there way in. And everyone looks cosy on that couch too.

  3. Have a lovely day out with Stew. Gary & I went out for lunch & did a couple of errands yesterday without the kids as they were at a course & it was really nice. Keep an eye out for those one day deals and use them for inexpensive meals out. We used one yesterday an the food was fantastic.

    Good luck with the midwife visit.

  4. oh how sweet they will have kept lacy warm lol
    Scones sound yummo
    have a great day

  5. How are things going on the repairs at Lacy's? I am hoping plumbing and all is fixed out that way and she has a real home to go back to?

  6. Miserable weather here today as well, wish I could stay home :(. Warm scones sound so yummy :)

  7. I'm so glad that Lacy's bathroom is working again she sure doesn't need an infection from a porta potty. So glad all is going so well! Newborns are lovely and tiring. I'm glad you are all getting some rest. Can't wait to see more pics. Has the other baby come yet? You are baby rich!!
    If you really want a big break come out here and we can decorate my room!

  8. Miserable weather down here too. Currently pouring down :( Hope you managed to get a restful afternoon. Sitting by the fire sounds great :)

  9. Thanks for commenting on my blog re menopause. Always good to hear when someone else has been through / tried a treatment / had a similar situation and how it worked out for them.

    Hot scones sound like just the thing - lucky I never read this earlier today otherwise I may have had to get up and make them !!!

    Have a great week

  10. Glad you had a nice relaxing day.

  11. You need to take some time for yourself! Enjoy these breaks.

  12. Anonymous2:49 AM

    I bet Lacy is anxious to get into her own bed. Of course she'll be on her own, but she'll be fine, and your close by!! Cute photo of her on the couch with the pups! glad to hear Coco is in heat!! yeaaaaaa, puppies!!

  13. Ahhh the life of a new mom! Doesn't sound like much but it sure is exhausting!


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