Thursday, July 05, 2012


Well this morning might be .... interesting!
As recommended by me Dr, I'm seeing another doctor today who specialises in people who suffer from Depression.  Cos she thinks it will help me.  
Am I depressed?  Yep, sometimes a hell of a lot. Sometimes, not very much.  Sometimes just a little.  But on a whole... I am most of the time to some degree.  *sigh*

It's easy to put a public face on and pretend all is wonderful... when in fact I am simply not happy.

Sure I have everything material anyone would want (within reason)... but there's more to happiness than material things.  

so... I will go and see this Dr... and see what she has to offer...?

Here's a couple of photos from yesterday:

ABOVE:  I like this version of XBOX... the kids have to MOVE to play it... so there are NOT just sitting on their bums moving there fingers and thumbs!   Emily even tried to have a go... but of course she's too small ...

ABOVE: so she played with her Grandma's bling! She is a real girl, loves the bling!  So cute.

Right... seen the Dr.  Her conclusion?  I'm chronically depressed!  And I have to see her again at some point... probably next week, when she will prescribe some stronger antidepressants.  OH Yaaaa.  I've got a screw loose.  
I had to cut my appointment short as Lacy had to see her Midwife.  All is well there.
Miss Muppet is NOT ready yet.  Due in 2 days!  
Getting excited.  Can't wait to meet her and smother her in Grandma's love.

I made us lovely scones for lunch... went down a treat!

We had a very heavy fog today... it stopped all domestic flights into Auckland and Hamilton. AND it has JUST lifted, at 1pm in the afternoon!  First time that has happened this year.

Once I'd taken Lacy home I came home and had a 'nana nap'... cos I could.  
Just got a nice beef/tomatoe/mushroom stew on for dinner, so I can get a bit of sewing done now. 

Dinner was lovely... went down a treat with the family.
After dinner Steve and I went to Sylvia Park... he wanted to get an XBOX game and I wanted to pick up some little oven baking dishes from Steven's.  

End of Day: was 'interesting'.... if nothing else.
nite nite.


  1. Depression is a horrible syndrome.Mum suffered in silence...not nice.Good that you are seeking help.x

  2. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Cant wait to hear about the shrink visit! They're the craziest!

  3. Samuel had that version in eye toy it is hilarious watching them and boy did they work up a sweat!!!!! Emily has a n eye for bling thats for sure!

  4. Of course she's gonna say you're chronically depressed... makes you her best customer!!!

    Just joking...

    How exciting to have a new bubba to cuddle this week... or next week????? xxx

  5. Not long now for grandbabies!!!
    All the best! (((HUGS)))))

  6. Anonymous1:51 PM

    when I feel a bit down I think of the people in the Hospice's etc etc & I then feel so lucky & move on.
    Sorry I laughed when I read Christy's comments as that is what I thought also. Depression was such a silent problem until John Kirwan came along.
    I am not sure about anti depressants My SIL took them for Post Natal depression & had a hell of a time getting off them. Easy to take hard to get off from what I gather.
    Mary H

  7. Depression is awful and nothing to be ashamed of. I'm glad your going to get treatment it should help you. I'm getting excited too. I think this little girl needs Muppet in her name some where.
    I can't believe her mom's little tiny eensy teensy belly. Are you sure this kid is ready?
    It's all good.

  8. Really glad you have started taking steps towards the happiness of Chris!

    Hardly think you have a screw loose just need some meds in the meanwhile to clear the fog. Imagine how great summer will be. Don't ever forget who you really want to can get yourself there ;)

    Speaking of fog.... Made Wgtn airport a wee bit busy with diverted internationals.

  9. Stick with the meds and you will find a huge difference. As for not being able to come off them, that depends on which meds are prescribed (GPs aren't always up to date so psychs are always the way to go). I look on my anti-deps as a diabetic would insulin. I can't survive without them (at the moment). Hopefully you will also get some psychotherapy and not just rely on the meds.

    Good on you for taking this step. It's not easy and their is still so much ignorance in the general public from those who don't suffer this horrible illness.

    Maybe you should run a competition to see who can guess Miss Muppet's arrival time? :)

  10. Is the shrink going to do Anything other than prescribe pills? I hope she will be able to help you learn other ways of coping with it and other stategies to beat it.

    Exciting that Muppet is so close.

  11. So glad that you are getting the help you need to be happy chicken!

  12. Hey Chris. Don't worry about the depression. It happens to the best of us, and if stronger medication makes it go away, well all the better. I really do hope things look up for you soon.

    And could you try take some pics of your frogs? I'd love to see them. I know you said mine look nothing like yours, but that's okay. They change colour a lot. And anyway, yours are Kiwis and mine are Aussies, right? lol. Still, I'm very interested in them and would love to see a bit more of them xxxx

  13. Hope Dr helps, all the best. Getting anxious for your new grand baby too.

  14. I hope you start feeling better soon. Exercise does wonders for my mood.


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