Sunday, July 29, 2012


I mentioned last night that I'd done a bit of altering work on the Baby Boy Quilt that I'd finished a few weeks ago.... so here's the before and after's:

ABOVE:  the baby boy quilt... but no matter what anyone said, I just didn't feel right about it... it was too 'pretty' in my mind for a boy... so I did this to it:

ABOVE:  can you tell what I did?  I put little blue hearts in the centre of each large heart... so now I'm much happier with it.  It's for wee Bodhi, our newest grandson.

ABOVE: this is for Sienna... better late than never eh?  It's gorgeous, I'm so happy with it.

And now.... here's proof that me hubby can and does do EVERYTHING!...

 ABOVE:  Keera is still such an itty bitty baby... 15 days old...

ABOVE: having her nappy changed by Granddad. How cute.  *smiles*

Today:  WELL.... after glorious sunshine yesterday, today we are supposed to be pounded with torrential rain and wind!  Bring it on ... it's not like I want to get outside and weed the gardens or anything!  lol

In fact, I can now start another baby quilt!  Something totally different this time....


I have been busy!!!
I didn't start another baby quilt afterall... I decided to work on one of the Wallhangings.... the pink Rhino to be precise.
I have done it all except the hand stitching on the back... so that's what I'm doing tonight.

THEN tomorrow I will get caught up with blog reading before I embark on me next project.

Stew has been a right darling and has provided lunch and shortly, dinner... so I've been able to sew to me heart's content.
BLISS.  I can never be down when I'm sewing, I love it so much.  
Weird ... cos years ago I hated sewing with a passion!!!

I'm NOT going to show you the wallhanging until tomorrow... I gotta have SOMETHING for tomorrows post afterall... lol.

End of Day: it's easy to forget time when you are sewing!  Everyone is in bed, except me.... and the only reason I've come upstairs is cos I'm busting for a piddle!
Oh well... I suppose I will call it a night ... tomorrow will be soon enough here.
nite nite.... tis wet and wild outside!  


  1. Too cute!!
    If u are still looking for a battery, try it's where we get all of ours from and they have really fast postage too :)

  2. Gosh your Stew is well trained at the nappy changing business. You better hold on to that man:)) Love the baby quilts

  3. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Haha so cute havin grandad change miss Keera's bum, gee hes just such an awsum grandad, must get some photos done and framed and up around our house, and as for the boi vrs baby oil...if my mum nd midwif are happy with Bio oil then so are me and Keera, happy Mummy hapy Baby :-) Love Lacy nd Keera xo

  4. Bodhi and Sienna quilts are lovely, we are in bed watching olympics,overcasy start today, RAIN coming.

  5. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Love your quilts! they are so bright and cheerful!! How sweet, Grampa changing nappies!! lol ...debbie

  6. Oh wow, you've been busy!! Hope Lacy is healing well and feeling fantastic too.

  7. J. Fuller, Rochester, NJ6:12 PM

    oh dear...... run outta ideas for blog! shame on ya girl!

  8. Sounds like a great way to spend a wet windy Sunday.

  9. Sounds like a fantastic day!

  10. What a beautiful baby (look at all that hair - WOW!) and what a wonderful Grandpa Stew is!


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