Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Gee life is fun at the moment!

Seriously, I can't wipe the smile off my face... I'm just so happy both these babies (Keera and Bodhi) are here and they are PERFECT and so are their Mums.

 ABOVE:  Haylea (8) meeting her brother Bodhi...

 ABOVE:  Sienna (14 months) meeting  her brother Bodhi.

ABOVE:  The totally thrilled to bits Mum (Tess) and Dad (Russell) with their son Bodhi.

ABOVE:  Bodhi and his fan club!  How cute is this?

ABOVE: just in.. the latest photo!  Russell, his son and daughter.  Awwww.

There is a very strong family resemblance ... Bodhi looks a hell of a lot like Russell and a few other babies in our family.  It's so neat to see.

Yesterday when Debs the midwife was here checking Keera and Lacy ... I told her we had just had ANOTHER baby born over in Australia... and THEN I told her we would be having at least 4 to 6 MORE babies in about 2 and a half months!

She looked at me and said "WHAT ???!!!... how?"... hee hee it was so funny to see her face.

I then relented and told her we would be having PUPPIES around late September!   lol

I've got Hospice shop this morning, then when I get home I shall take Lacy and Miss Muppet to their home.
Time for Lacy to be in her own home, and to get settled in properly with her new baby.
I feel totally confident that she will cope just fine.
Keera is a dream of a baby ... for now anyway.  *smiles*

Once I've dropped off Lacy and baby I shall come home and... catch up on blog reading!  Top of me list it is....


ABOVE:  my Cathedral Window Quilt... on today so Jean can see it.  I hope you like it Jean?

Hospice shop was busy again today... steady flow of customers. Our shop is fairly small... but it is the busiest shop in the whole town I reckon! (well, apart from the supermarket!).
Of course, I found treasure:

ABOVE:  baby girl clothes...

 ABOVE: baby boy clothes...

ABOVE: a lovely wicker basket that I'm hoping to fill with lovely 'stuff' for someone's Chrismas present...

After I got home, I took Lacy and Miss Muppet home to their house:

ABOVE:  Keera, snug in her bassinette in her own home.  I will miss seeing her all the time, but it's best for Lacy to start standing on her own.  She will be just fine.

End of Day:  felt knackered this afternoon/evening... probably due to so much going on!  Time to get back to 'normal' around here I think.
nite nite.


  1. I love all the smiles in the pictures you have posted lately. Those perfect little babies give everyone lots to smile about, don't they. Good luck to Lacy in going it on her own with Miss Keera. I'm sure having you close will be a comfort for her.

  2. Congratulations 10 x Grandma.

    You are going to be super busy in the next few months with all your babies.


  3. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Both bubs really cute Congrats to both parents.
    Chris don't let anon comments like yesterday make you grumpy read & publish. All your followers will give them a hard time then have a good laugh. Laughing makes people happy
    Mary H

  4. Glad everyone is well and he sure is a handsome lil cutie. Good Luck Lacy you will enjoy your own home. Chris loven the quilt.Hope you enjoyed the hospice shop this morning.

  5. Puppies too!?? YAYY!! I told ya! Keepin' it lively, you are.

  6. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Bodhi is one handsome kiddo!! love all the photos! the one with russell and daughter and bodhi is the cutest!! ...debbie

  7. You know I think new mothers would never go home if their mums didn't make them. I didn't want to leave my mothers house. It took me awhile to quit being so sore and tired. Lacy's house is so nice. I hope she won't be lonely over there. I was wondering about the other baby! Isn't he a beaut!! Your families babies have the best cheeks and lips, just adorable. I know it is just killin you not to get to meet them in person. I'm in the same boat. Have a grandson going to turn one this month and haven't seen him yet.
    I LOVE the quilt!!!!! Your choice of colors is fantastic! So beautiful. I am a big time quilt lover.

  8. Bodhi and Sienna LOOK just adorable, Russell is just all smiles lovely lovely photos...

  9. Yay for healthy babies and happy mummies! xxx

  10. The babies are both gorgeous but you know the best part of todays blog? You are happy & smiling, Those first 2 sentences made my day, you deserve to feel happy.

  11. Anonymous10:38 PM

    Congrats Russell and Tess! Bhodi is just too cute for words! His Sisters are beautiful!!
    Glad to hear that Lacy is doing so well.
    ashlee xx

  12. Yes, agree with Tracy. Yay that you are happy and smiling. Long may it continue!

    By the way, both new babies are gorgeous, and you must be so proud of your children and your children-in-law - they are doing such an awesome job. And yes, Penny has a wee soft spot for the sweet Sienna!

    Love and congratulations to all the family, Penny xoxo

  13. All the very best to Lacy and bub in their own little house...with mum not too far away I am sure she'll be fine.

    Gorgeous wee little man, love the name and love the pics with big sisters.

  14. Anonymous12:47 AM

    I remember meeting my sister for the first time when she came home.
    Congratulations again!

  15. What great pictures, lovely babies. Enjoy getting back to your normal routine.

  16. Congrats on the new grandbaby. You've got really beautiful genes.

  17. You are a lovely family . Let's say your cup runneth over .

  18. Love it all! Happy family, new babies, adorable clothes and pretty quilt :)


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