Friday, July 13, 2012


Today I'm going out... ON ME OWN... to do a few jobs.
Like send photos of Keera to my Mum in Aussy.
Like send 'prizes' to my competition winners.
Like enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet... not something I get much of at home!

AND it's not Miss Muppet who's making all the noise!

There's two gas bagging tarts in me house ... namely Lacy and Bex.

BEX... who went back to Hamilton for work two nights ago... just could not stay away... and just  had to come up last night to see Lacy's baby.

 ABOVE: Bex meeting her niece Miss Muppet.

ABOVE:  Coco making sure she's holding baby the right way...

ABOVE:  passing the parcel...

ABOVE:  Steve being... well... Steve!  He's such a dick.

ABOVE:  not long until he will be holding his very own baby!!!  In the meantime, he can fine tune his baby care skills.... Miss Muppet won't mind!

All babies need is food, warmth and LOVE... lashings of love.  And in this house all babies get that in SPADES.

FIRST BATH:  this was rather sweet... last night we decided to give Keera her first bath.

ABOVE:  Lacy undressing the baby... she was SUPPOSED to do the bathing... but she wasn't confident at all... so I did it while telling her how to go about it...

ABOVE:  Keera's first bath.  She screamed holy blue murder!  And Lacy?  Well she cried cos Keera was crying!!!  It was soooo funny.

ABOVE: Miss Muppet all clean ... I can see the yellowing from jaundice... hopefully it clears up on it's own.

ABOVE:  isn't she just adorable?
I wonder how long it takes for you poor buggers to get sick of seeing baby photos?  Hmmmm....


Steve and Bex went shopping last night and came back with gifts for Lacy:

ABOVE:  a Baby Play Gym thingee for Keera to lie under, a name plate for her room and ...

ABOVE: this gorgeous MOM necklace!  Lacy cried... AGAIN. lol

ABOVE: Bex feeding Keera her bottle... Lacy 'hovering'... she's MEGA PROTECTIVE of her baby.

This morning bright and early we got a parcel delivered :

ABOVE: inside the parcel... some utterly gorgeous baby clothes from a blogger friend in Wellington (Karen B) ... THANK YOU so much Karen.... Lacy is wrapt!!!  There's three really lovely warm baby matinee jackets which is awesome as we didn't have many really warm cardigans for Miss Muppet.


  1. Steve is a riot!!! Sorry, I will never get tired of baby pictures and fortunately you'll have plenty to share from Lacey, Bex, Amanda and Teresa! Yeah!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous8:16 AM

    Why don't the doctors put her under the light for a day so it will clear up?? Here, they can't leave the hospital if they are jaundice. ...debbie

  3. oh she is such a sweetie .lol at steve, luv the necklace for lacy what a nice present bought tears to my eyes lol. Hope u enjoyed time out :). and i say bring on the photos just luv coco's sneeky peeks hehe

  4. What a nice thought to get Lacy a pressie. Have a good weekend with lots of baby cuddles :)

  5. Lacy just seems like a changed women!! I am so happy for her, she'll be a fab mum. xx

  6. I will never get sick of baby photos! Keera is so cute!!! Am so pleased that the parcel arrived.... hopefully the clothes will fit Miss Keera!

  7. Anonymous2:23 PM

    A HUGE congratulations to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

  8. Anonymous2:33 PM

    I remember Paige had to be turned over and over in the sun when she was born too...

    Looks like a happy family. Very happy for all of you!

    Kate (

  9. Your family is adorable from crazy Steve to Bex to Lacy to YOU a wonderful grandmother mother and how sweet the necklace was a lovely thought and gift.Poor Stew gets to see the pics and probably wishes he was at home too, how funny the dogs are, protective very CUTE! Love the name plate too.

  10. Keera sure seems to get her fair share of attention! :)

  11. When I had my kids, I refused to do the first bath because 1) I had c-section 2) I was terrified. My MIL and hubs had to do it. I remember they screamed up a storm too. Chinese mothers receive gifts when baby turns 1 month old. In return we give away cakes. Common traditional gifts are gold jewellery for baby. Some give money or clothes/toys. I have a container's worth of gold jewellery belonging to my kids.

  12. So much love in your house right now, Chris. Bless you all xxx

  13. So much love in your house right now, Chris. Bless you all xxx

  14. Belated congratulations to Lacy and you all as a family. Keera is beautiful!! (My computer died and I've been a bit absent) Lovely to hear the news though!

  15. Anonymous10:50 PM

    Congratulations and its great to see Lacy smiling!

  16. Lovely little baby. All the best to Mom. Nice photos.

  17. Keep the pic's coming Keera is a beautiful baby and that hair!!! lovely


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