Monday, July 23, 2012


Personally, I will never get tired of posting photos of our two latest grandkids... I just hope you guys don't!  Cos, that's all I've got for you today so far!

 ABOVE:  wee Bodhi, he's like a teeny tiny little froglet! He's so little.  Awwwww.

 ABOVE:  how darling is he?  My heart just melts.
Looks like he doesn't mind his bath... unlike his cousin Keera, who still dislikes it.

ABOVE:  Bodhi... eyes open... bright wee man.

ABOVE: last night I popped in to Lacy's with some fresh scones I'd made... and of course had a cuddle with Miss Muppet.  She is doing so well... hasn't given Lacy any trouble at all.

So.. today (well this morning) I'm going to park me butt in me chair and blog read.  

And try to remember to ring Speld to see if I can find a new tutor nearer to home, for next year.
I've withdrawn Griffin from his present tutor's lessons... cos I ain't paying for lessons that he doesn't even have, and I want a tutor closer to home.  AND I want to have a few months 'off' the expense.  Any money I can save will go into my 'go see Russell and his family' Fund... *smiles*

Right. That's me for now...


The morning has gone well... it's a gloomy, wet day outside ... so it's particularly nice to be inside in front of the TV.... reading blogs.  I COULD be doing some housework of course, but NAH... I don't feel like it!  lol

I'm also expecting Bex to arrive sometime this afternoon...

Bex arrived.

Then the new neighbours across the road provided us with some 'entertainment'... girl down the driveway (15) had her boyfriend come over after school, he's 16.  Seems they had a wee argument.

Then HIS mother turned up... and was having a very vocal argument with her son... she did not approve of him being there, sleeping with his 15yr old girlfriend... and it got a bit ugly.
He broke her steering wheel and tried to hurt his mother.
So I rang her (her phone number was on her car) to see if she was alright.  We had quite a conversation.
Meantime her son had stormed off down the road, and the girl's father arrived home.  So I suggested the mother go and talk to the girl's father...which she did.
Now the father has left and the boy's mother is still down the driveway, presumably talking with the girl.

DRAMA.  We never have drama in this street!!!  Sort of sad though.

End of Day:  and end of drama.  No more to report!
It's been a really lazy day for me.  Caught up on lots of blogs, which makes me happy.
nite nite.


  1. They r both soooo cute nice pic of u and keera chris enjoy your day. Its going to be a wet yucko day again

  2. They're cute little munchkins! :) Sometimes I forget how tiny they really are.

  3. Wow nice to catch up, Congratulations on all the new babies Can see you're in love with them little ones:))

  4. Such gorgeous wee babies - makes me clucky as hell!

    And you're wedding rings are stunning!!!

  5. Chico is doing well, got her stitches out yesterday.... she is a lovely ball of fluff but can be oh so naughty lol

  6. Bodhi and Keera are gorgeous Keera has nice hair colour and so do you.

  7. awww cute little peanuts! I love tiny babies, they grow up so fast!

  8. Great photos - love the one of your and Keera!

  9. Beautiful babies.oh youre so lucky.x

  10. Love your baby pix! Keera's hair colour is so pretty.

  11. It's a wet miserable afternoon here too.....I've opted to catch up on some hell with the housework, that can wait!!! Having skype is so good for catching up with family eh. Keeps you up to date as those little ones grow so fast. Roll on to when you can give cuddles for real :)

  12. Somehow, I don't think your regular readers are going to tire of pictures of the gorgeous grandchildren, so keep them coming Chris!

    Sorry about the drama, hope they sort it out.

    Penny xo

  13. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Parenting teenages such a rewarding joy hey CHris
    Love seeing the baby shots cried when u where doing the waiting this reminded me of the night at yours nearly 5 yrs ago waiting for miss Sarah to be born so much hope and excitement waste of good sleeping time that was

  14. Ooh how exciting Drama in the hood:-)

    Those babies are too too cute, keep those photos coming lol.

  15. The baby isn't going to like that first picture. Even with the square.

  16. Love the pictures of the babies. So sweet. Glad you enjoyed you time alone. Hope you find a new teacher closer to home.

  17. Oh I'd be nuts too if that was my kids lol. Teenagers!

  18. The baby is cute, but you're making miss my kids' baby years.


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