Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Well.... Lacy still has NOT had any proper contractions!  She's perfectly comfortable... weird.
Also, Tess over in Aussy (DIL) has a false alarm too...
SO... still NO BABIES.
The only thing FOR SURE today is that Lacy no doubt WILL go into labour!  Her waters broke last night.... so Miss Muppet should be here today?


I try to buy sandwich spreads for the kids lunches that I know they love.
Brylee LOVES sweet spreads... so I bought a big jar of Nutella the other day.

Yesterday after lunch, Brylee asked me if she could have something for afternoon tea... and I said yes, she could have a Muesli Bar or some fruit.

I was in the lounge.

Bex goes into the kitchen and there is Brylee with Nutella all over her finger and mouth... holding an orange in her other hand.

Bex said: "What are you doing?"
Brylee said: I'm just getting a Muesli Bar"

Bex said: " Muesli Bar huh?.  No you're not... you've got Nutella all over your face!"

Brylee took off to the bathroom to clean up the 'evidence'.

So.. Bex came and told me about it.... cos I yelled out what was going on?

Hmmmm.... I called Brylee into the lounge to tell ME what she had been doing?  She owned up to pinching the Nutella.

My response:  "So Brylee, what time do you think you are going to bed tonight?"

Brylee:  "Ummm.... 8.30?"
Me:  "Think again... how about 7.30!"

And guess what?
I ain't buying any more Nutella!  It is way too expensive to have some little shit eating it out of the jar... and then lying about it.

ABOVE:  she's gunna hate me for this photo!  lol

ONWARD...  Who knows... the next photo might be of .... MISS MUPPET!

Useless bit of information:  My new mattress is exactly 40 cm (16 inches) deep... NOT counting the base!  It's DEVINE !

We have a plan.
We meet the midwife at 1.30 at Middlemore Hospital...Lacy will be assessed.  IF it is obvious she is NOT going to go into labour herself... she will be induced tonight. Yaaa!
So there will be a baby sometime today or tomorrow!

OH and in case anyone wonders.... me new bed was AWESOME!  I slept like a baby.  It is sooooo soft!  LOVE LOVE LOVE It.

Can't wait until 1.30pm... we will know more after seeing the midwife....
Lacy is having NO PAINS WHATSOEVER.  Bugger.

ABOVE:  I'm ready.

ABOVE:  waiting... one is reading "Mummy Porn" and the other is on Facebook.... 

ABOVE: topic of conversation right now?  Tattoo's... Lacy wants to add Miss Muppet's initial on her arm to add to Brylee and Griffin's.
So she was stressing thinking it wouldn't fit.... so I grabbed a pen and showed her it would. 
She's happy now.
2 hours till be will be at the hospital...

ANON:  just so ya know... she wasn't HUNGRY.  She was being greedy.   Read my disclaimer above... the last couple of lines apply to your comment.

HOME.  Induction will take place tomorrow morning 9am.  It could take a while.  If induction fails, a C-Section will happen.

End of Day: I'm off to bed really early tonight... I'm knackered.  Hopefully Lacy gets a good night's rest... cos tomorrow is going to be a long day for her... and me.
nite nite.

EDIT:  she's started having some pains (9pm)... so I had to get outta bed dammit.


  1. There is nothing quite so nice as a great new mattress. I love my bed a bit too much.
    Do midwives there administer drugs?
    After 24 hours there is a higher risk of infection once the water has broken. If Lacy isn't contracting they need to induce her labor.
    Bet that little Muppet is going to be cute. How do the kids feel about it?

  2. Hurry up miss muppet hope the day goes well glad the bed is devine

  3. All the best to Lacy and Tess - Grandbabies are a coming!

  4. Anonymous8:32 AM

    I predict baby will arrive tomorrow morning and will weigh 2.85kg


  5. or maybe Fri, Saturday. I was induced with Evianah and she still took three days to arrive. ( ironically she arrived on the 25th October which happens to be 'labour day'. (boy was it ever). After three days of contractions and all the drama that went with it I was exhausted. Hope it all goes smoothly with Lacy and my one piece of advise is 'she is the boss'. Wish I had been alot more proactive 15 years ago as I basically went along with what I was told to do, even when I wanted different things.

  6. Oh Chris, I will be waiting in suspense all day for Miss Muppet to arrive. Good luck, and good luck to Lacy.

  7. How exciting!!!! Like Lynise I was induced with Samyson & he took 3 days to arrive!

    Brylee cracked me up - still at least she's eating:-)

    I am looking forward to Miss Muppet updates & tell Lacy all the best from me.

  8. All the best Lacy, hope you are not hanging on to long, and wishing you a speedy and easy birth :)

  9. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Ha ha Nutella is banned in my house because I kept catching someone eating it with a tablespoon. Problem was it wasn't the kids it was bloody me!!! So I cruise right past the nutella aisle these days lol Bec

  10. Ah, who hasn't shoved their head in the chocolate jar? :D You and I have! Don't be too hard on her...

  11. Thinking of you all and sending good vibes for a speedy and easy delivery. The waiting is the pits isn't it !! One thing is for sure is that it will happen but we don't know when :) xx

  12. Poor Brylee... I had to laugh at the pic tho! All the best to Lacy!!!

  13. Oh no that puts me out of the running as I had todays date! - All the best to Lacy and Tess.

  14. Oh, the anticipation must be killing you! I can't wait for the next update!

  15. Hope all goes well!! hahaha I said Baby would arrive tomorrow - I might be right.

  16. I dont buy nutella anymore as the kids have to hide it from me or i get caught by them getting in to it like Brylee does. Its just sooooooooooo good. I'm 34 so im guessing she will still be eating it for years to come! Bugga about Lacey as i had today as her due date :( All the best. Bee

  17. Saying a prayer for a safe delivery for Lacy!

  18. I have the same problem with Nutella. Mine eats it with a spoon. I did find a cheap version which tastes just as good but costs half the price so I have that in there. She hasn't touched it... amazing!

    Woohoo, now we just need to get Lacy to wait until 3-whatever I said tomorrow and we'll be right! lol

    good luck!

  19. Awwwwwwwwwwww now I'm 44 and I eat Milo out of the tin (bad I know) one xmas an Aunt bought me a milo mug and SUPER large jar of milo all for myself as MY mother used to yell at me for eating it out of the tin!!!

    Well Lacy must be getting antsy and I do hope Miss Muppet arrives safe and well.

    Awesome that the bed is just the ticket!!!! maybe no sleeps tonight though!

  20. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Bring on 10.30am tomorrow morning!
    Good luck Lacy! xxxx

  21. Smooth baby birth vibes for all xx

  22. I gave up buying Nutella for the exact same reason. Too expensive to be eating it with a tablespoon (as my son was). I do love it with strawberries though.

    I hope everything goes well for Lacy and Tess if anything starts with her.


  23. Well I had such a good feeling this baby would be born Tuesday....

    Hope all goes well for Lacey and her little girl:-)

  24. Anonymous12:20 AM

    Buy Brylee more Nutella! Recant and forgive!


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