Sunday, July 22, 2012


Does anyone out there know ANYTHING about breeding mealworms?
Cos... I have masses of mealworm beetles, but none of them have laid eggs, which in turn will become mealworms that I can feed to me frogs.

ABOVE:   lots and lots of beetles.  NO babies!
What is wrong with them?  This is the 'baby making' family... and they are 'H' family bugs afterall!  Pffffft.
I think I need to read up on them again.  

Today... maybe nothing!  Skype the family in Australia again this afternoon, we couldn't catch up last night due to me internet being down AGAIN.  *sigh*

SEWING... yep I think I will try to get some more work done on the baby quilts today too.
Blog reading will happen tomorrow... once everyone is back to school/work.  Peace will reign ... nice.


I'm making scones for lunch.  Yum yum.
Then I am going down to the FREEZING garage to make two special cards.
A dear, dear friend in the USA just lost her husband to cancer... so I want to make her a special card.
AND I still have NOT made a card for Lacy to welcome her wee girl!  OMG how bad is that!

I just had a really neat Skype session with the kids in Aussy... got a 'few' photos of the newest addition, Master Bodhi:

Snug in his blankie and hat...

 ABOVE: no mistaking him for a girl! He's a boy through and through. 

 ABOVE:  Miss Sienna still thinks he's the bee's knees.

ABOVE: he has MONSTER feet!  Apparently Tess's Dad has huge feet too.   

ABOVE:  Haylea getting in on the action...

ABOVE: it's such a shame most skype photos are blurry.  I hope they send me some real photos, one's from a CAMERA!!!  lol   hint hint!

ABOVE: he is still a very sleepy baby apparently. Wonder how long that will last???

ABOVE:  Young Haylea being a dick.... and I told her I'd put this on me blog!  *smiles*

ABOVE: not the best photo, but I love them all!

Right, excitement over, time to get on with me cards...


  1. Ah, can't help you here, I hate worms of any kind!

  2. O Chris- What a Lovely new grandie!
    I Loved your question about the mealworms! How neat is that - I have never raised them either so I found it very interesting!

    I love you dear friend.

  3. Errrrr I can't help there either, maybe they are all girls or all boys? We are having a very relaxing day in fact I'm still in bed!!!! Getting up now though

  4. Sorry about the internet - this doesn't help but ours, in the Auckland CBD, is ridiculously slow, for no obvious reason. We also have had intermittent access in the past - very frustrating!

    I don't think you have to feel bad about Keera's card, you were too busy running around spending time with her and supporting Lacy!

    Hope you have a good day! Penny xo

  5. Oh my goodness - lost my lunch after seeing those pictures - will have bad dreams tonight. Guess you can tell I have problems about bugs.

  6. Cute baby , I love his name

  7. It's so great you can skype with your overseas family. You can see little Bodhi in action!

    Good on Stew for cooking dinner.

  8. Anonymous11:31 PM

    How nice you can keep track of the new baby with Scype. His little feet didn't look very big to me!! Maybe if you loosened up the shavings. they look too perfect. They might need to rummage around that's just a, I have no clue. good luck...debbie

  9. I only know a few things about is that the beetles are pretty quick at eating their own eggs, so one has to watch carefully and separate them fast; and the second is that (I have no idea what kind yours are!) if you have 'superworms', or the ones called 'giant worms', then they are generally sterile (something to do with being treated with a growth hormone, or so my cousin once told me).

    I hope that helps...but I would much rather look at the pictures of your gorgeous grandchildren!

  10. That little man is just adorable! He has a lot of fat on him that makes very contented newborns.

    can the frogs eat the beetles?

  11. your skype sessions make me smile, so cute!


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