Sunday, July 08, 2012


Miss Muppet is due today.
Somehow I doubt she will make an appearance though!  Not many babies arrived on their due day after all!
I am sure she is worth waiting for....
so we wait.

Well at least it's not me having to 'wait'... Lacy is the one doing that the most.  lol

I mentioned I made pies for dinner last night.... OMG they were delicious!

 ABOVE:  beef/bacon/tomato and mushroom stew, laid on a pastry lined base, then potato gems on top, then a pastry lid... baked in the oven for 45 minutes.... YUM!!!  I made a few too many... but they won't go to waste in this house!

After dinner the kids gave me a foot massage!
Even wee Rena gave it a go:

ABOVE:  when Griffin got sick of doing me feet I asked Rena if she wanted to stop... and she said yes... and took her hands off me feet.... then looked at me and said "well actually, I don't want to stop" ... and she proceeded to massage me feet some more! 
It was rather lovely, cos she spent some time with me without going all shy!  It's probably the first time she has ever touched me willingly too.

As I LOVE having me feet massaged, I enjoyed every minute... *smiles*

TODAY?  Well not much really planned, we can't stray too far from where ever Lacy is obviously.
I think I'll do some more sewing... I've started quilting the pink Baby Quilt... it's going to look so sweet once it's finished.

*** DON'T FORGET... you can still enter my competition!  Just guess what day, time and weight Miss Muppet will arrive to win a prize!  TODAY AT MIDNIGHT IS THE DEADLINE FOR GUESSES.


So frustrated!  Internet has been down (in my house) for hours!  It is worse than having no diet coke!!!
I may just go buy a new modem afterall ... but ya know what?  I really don't think that's the problem.

But at least if I buy a new modum as suggested by Telecom, and it DOESN'T fix the problem then I can actually have a go at them for interrupted internet usage.

It is a glorious sunny day, hardly any wind to speak of.... might be a good day for a walk somewhere?  Dragging Lacy along too... hee hee... it's worth a go!

ABOVE:  who's the most popular person in da house then?

ABOVE:  so cute seeing them all with Stew.... particularly Rena, who asked her Granddad if she could sit on his knee!  Progress... it's so lovely to see.

ABOVE:  HAPPY interactions.

ABOVE:  still in one piece.  It's alright, she is not LATE yet!  lol

This afternoon we took the dogs for a walk in the Botanic Gardens.... and also hoped it would help Lacy go into labour.

Dogs got tired.  So did Lacy.  But no sign of baby yet.

We put the bark collar on Teddy as he goes off his face when he sees another dog... and of course there were lots of dogs being walked in the Gardens!

Teddy tried barking and got ZAPPED a few times ... then he learnt to shut up!  Coco needs a bark collar too... but I ain't paying another $180 for another collar!

I got a couple of really nice photos while in the Gardens, but I'll hold them for tomorrow... this post is quite long enough already.

Once we got home we moved our King Size bed into Steve's room, and Steve's Double into Brylee's room... so when our new King size bed arrives tomorrow our room will be ready for it.

It was awesome doing that cos I got the chance to vacuum and dust where the beds were.  I love having a mini spring clean, even though it's actually winter!  lol

Dinner tonight will be left over beef pies from last night. 
Someone asked for a photo of the interior of me pies... so here you go:

ABOVE:  Beef/bacon/tomato and mushroom with potato gems on top, encased in flaky puff pastry.  You have NO IDEA just how yum they were.  na na nah nah!  *smiles*

Now that all the bed moving and vacuuming is done, I've sat down with a glass of wine.  Already semi pissed!  lol
Kelly filled up me glass for a 2nd glass.. and I spilt it down me front (just a little)  so she draped a tea towel on me chest.  Pffffft... feel like a naughty little girl now.  

But wine always goes to me head immediately!!!

End of Day:  early... but ya know what, I might be too inebriated later on!
nite nite.


  1. Rena is such a cutie, so glad she is warming a bit.

    The pies look so yum! I don't suppose you took a pic of what they look inside eh? Share! :)

  2. Anonymous8:40 AM

    10th July.... 6pd 7oz. Good luck Lacy. :) Bee.

  3. My guess is Thursday at 11pm weighing 7 pounds

  4. awww well that was sweet lol

  5. My guess is Tuesday, 7lbs 5oz. Good luck, Lacey!

  6. July, 11th. 7 pound 8 ounces. Have a great weekend. Krissy (Singapore)

  7. Lacy's little girl - Wednesday July 11 7pd 3o :)

  8. My guess is it's going to be a baby and it will come when it wants. Haaaa! Good luck Lace xxx.

  9. Anonymous5:45 PM

    I know what you mean - had a couplek of beers myself and feel a bit tiddly. Holiday tomorrow!! Yay!

    Kate (

  10. Those pies look awesome! U r one talented little lady. And I lurve foot massages too! Might have to get myself some grandkids - better start with kids first i guess ; P

  11. You know you sound so upbeat and happy.Hope you are..happy x

  12. Yummers! The pie is lovely inside and out, Chris! :)


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