Friday, July 06, 2012


I'm doing a competition, as suggested by a few of you blogger friends.


1.  What day and time will she arrive ?
2.  What weight? (pounds and ounces)

Miss Muppet's "due date" is this Sunday.

I will give a prize to the person who guess's the CLOSEST to each question... so there will be two prizes.


Lacy has been in her own little house for a month.   It was empty for several months before she moved in.
Two nights ago she suddenly had a nasty problem.  Her toilet was malfunctioning, and flooding contents OUTSIDE her house... all over the ground and carport.  

So what did Housing New Zealand do?...

 ABOVE:  can ya see 'it'?  They sent out a plumber... then another bloke with a camera that goes down pipes... but they couldn't fix it straight away .... so...

ABOVE:  they gave her her very own Portaloo!  Like a 9 months pregnant woman ON HER OWN can use that at night?  Yeah right!  

I'm sure it's the best they can do until they can fix the pipes... but I've told her under NO circumstances is she to go outside at night to use it!
She will have to 'go' in a bucket at night.  No way do I want to be worrying about her having to go outside on her own at night in her neighbourhood!

Hopefully they can fix it fairly quickly cos using a portaloo is really ikky.  And I'm not too sure how sanitary it is for a woman in her condition!

SPARKLING AND TRACY:  Ummm, yep there was talk of me attending some one on one psychotherapy along with medication.  I see the Dr. again next Thursday to go over options.

TODAY?  Might just read some blogs and do some sewing.  
We have a cracker jack fog here again today... quite novel.

OH and while I remember it:  Christy my visits to the 'shrink Doctor' are FREE!  So that's awesome eh?  I can be her best customer but I don't have to pay a cent... lol
I'm thinking we do pay in a round about way... via our taxes?


*** SQUEALS ***  OF DELIGHT... Our new bed is arriving ON MONDAY!   OOOO so cool.  Now Miss Muppet, can you arrive on Saturday or Sunday... or wait till Tuesday PLEASE???   Whoop!

I've been doing a little sewing this morning/afternoon... and my right shoulder is KILLING ME!  Now I know what caused me shoulder to hurt/ache non stop last winter!  SEWING... now that just sucks.  *sniff*

ABOVE:  pretty in pink!  Sorry Mark, it's not one with sharks, machine guns or dune buggies!  
Now I have two quilt tops waiting to be sandwiched with batting and backing fabric then quilted.  
I'm loving how all the heart blocks I made last year and the year before are now being put to good use.


  1. I predict Miss Muppet will make her arrival on Monday July 9
    and she will weigh 6 lbs,2 oz

  2. Wow, not long to go at all! Best I get the wee parcel in the mail then (if I can find where I put the bits and pieces when I got them)....
    My guesses:
    Date/Time: 10th July @ 5.32am
    Weight: 6lb 8oz

  3. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Portaloo! We call them Porta Potties. I like portaloo better.
    When they built my house, they forgot to attach the septic tank to the deep well, so it filled up pretty fast and started overflowing. They fixed it free though.
    I predict Monday morning at 2:17 AM.

  4. July 7 - 7:28 pm

    5lbs 10 oz

    Best wishes and prayers for an easy delivery and a healthy baby and mum!!

  5. Ick that sucks. At least they gave her that though. Around here it would probably take someone forever to come out.

  6. Oh - guessing the babys weight!

    I think 6 pound 4 ozs

    Date of arrival will be 10.07.12 at 11am


    This fog is amazing and so unusual at this time of year - with it hanging around all day in places as well! - Spooky! hehehe

    Have a great day

  7. Anonymous9:36 AM

    7lb 1oz.
    3.30 in morning Monday.

    Best wishes to all and a healthy landing to baby.

  8. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Forgot to sign it

    Joan UK

    How exciting for you , all these babies.xx

  9. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Suggestion re the toilet Get them to get a chemical one like they have inside caravans
    No idea about baby it is very exciting waiting They come when they want to but if I was her I would wait for a warmer day
    Mary H

  10. Ok, I'm thinking early hours of Tueday morning so will say 4.35am on the 10/07/12. Guessing the weight will be 6lb 12 oz.

  11. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Okay - have no clue but I will say 11/07/12 at 5am weighing 7lb on the button.
    Kate (

  12. July 12th, 2.50am.

    5lb 7oz

    A new baby and a new bed! What more can a grandma ask for. :)

  13. Christine B12:22 PM

    Monday 6:45 am, 8 pounds.

  14. Bonus! Half ya luck!

    I went to a "shrink" when my parents died in 2005 and it was like $200 an hour!

    But I agree, our taxes definitely chip in to healthcare.

  15. 7 lbs. 4 oz. coming on 09/07/12 @ 11:12am

  16. OMG thats not on a hevily due to burst mother!!! in a portaloo I agree caravan toilet at least inside.

    I say Monday morning 7am
    weight 6lb 2oz

  17. Naw that pink one is GORGEOUS!!!!! Lucky grandbabies!

    And the portaloo situation sucks big time, hope the are sorting it quick smart

  18. Miss Muppet will arrive Wednesday 11 July at 11pm weighing in at 6lb5oz.

  19. the bub is going to arrive on sunday at 6pm in the afternoon :) and the blanket looks beautiful xxxxx

  20. Ohhh ps 7 pound 2 :)

  21. Anonymous6:07 PM

    They should have put the dunny near the back door. Thats a bit rude putting it right out the front so everyone can see! Hope its got a lock on it so passers by cant use it! WOMBAT

  22. Oh and we certainly read or hear in the news a delivery ina portaloo!!!! RING RING RING your MP the papers she will have plumbers helping lickety split! and it would be great advertising for that plumbing firm!

  23. 6lbs 7 and she will arrive next Tuesday

  24. I think Sunday evening 7.15pm, weight 6lb 2 ozs.

    Good luck Lacy

  25. I 've had a painful right shoulder for 6 weeks due to crocheting a shawl . Painkillers , no help . Doc said it could mean a steroid injection .

  26. My guess:
    Wt - 6 pounds (it's metric here so i don't know what i'm talking about)
    Arrival - Sunday night 11:50pm

  27. I predict Due date at 7pm weighing in at 6lbs 13oz

  28. Nice to have you visit . Re, steroid inj,. I will have to be drugged if it comes to that.
    The doc said , make it an evening app,. to give us plenty of time !!!!

  29. Baby born on 7th July 2012 @ 10:45pm
    weighing 6lb 9oz

    Michelle x

  30. Anonymous10:57 PM

    My guess is July 12th, 3.25pm, Birth weight 7lb 8oz. Good Luck Lacy! Shelley :-)

  31. I'm guessing ... 12th July - 2.04am - 7lb 2oz

  32. Hey Chris

    How about Wed 11th, 3.15pm, 7lb 7oz? or something like that?

    It's all very exciting, isn't it! lol


  33. I am going 8 pounds 1 on Monday at 2:43pm.

    So exciting!

  34. July 10, 4pm and 7 pounds even! :)

  35. Nicole5:08 AM

    Miss Muppet will arrive on 8th at 3:15 AM (sorry Laci!) and weigh 5lb, 3 oz.

  36. Tuesday 5.17am at 6lbs 12oz

  37. Monday at 3:22 am 6lbs 2 0z and maybe she'll name her Bella!

    Really a port a potty?
    Glad babies don't fall into loo's on a regular basis.

    love the frog pics, the quilt and you!!


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