Thursday, July 12, 2012


First up today, some more photos taken of our newest family member, Miss Keera:

ABOVE:  Granddad with Miss Muppet aka Keera.

ABOVE:  Three siblings and Stew.

ABOVE: Griffin kissing his baby sister for the first time ever.

ABOVE:  Brylee kissing her baby sister for the first time ever.

ABOVE:  yeah, yeah... I know I look shattered! No makeup even!  Baby is bloody cute though... lol.

ABOVE AND BELOW:  more of me and the first baby I have ever delivered... Miss Muppet (Keera)

TODAY:  no doubt get some housework done then visit Lacy after lunch.  Hopefully she's had a decent sleep by now!

Oh just remembered!  I've got a Dr's appointment this morning too!  Yikes!  Probably be prescribed some 'proper' antidepressants today.  Hopefully no more massive mood issues.

Something else I remembered from yesterday's birth.... Once Keera was born, she was wrapped up in warm towels... and it wasn't until about 10 minutes after her birth that Deb the midwife said "Did anyone check that she is actually a GIRL?"
OMG we had not even looked to be 100% certain.  Apparently scans can sometimes be WRONG on gender!
So we quickly unwrapped her to see... and yep, she was the wee girl we had been expecting!  But it was so funny... we all laughed about none of us checking right away.  *smiles*


WOW!!!  I just checked my stat counter... and for the first time ever my page views were over 1 thousand in one day!!!   I got 1,001 page views yesterday!!!  lol
Clearly the arrival of Miss Muppet was very interesting!!! Gotta love it.

And now... hell's bell's... I better get me face on ... gotta be at the Dr's in and hour...

ANON from yesterday:  Lacy is not breastfeeding due to PERSONAL CHOICE... not for any MEDICAL reason.  

Today is going so well!  I'm very happy to say my appointment with the depression Doctor went rather well... and she hasn't given me medication as I think she feels I'm not a danger to myself!  lol

We were to 'visit' Lacy at 2pm... but instead she was discharged into my care!
Debs the midwife said she will be fine here with us... and she will visit Lacy and Miss Muppet tomorrow.

ABOVE:  Lacy and Keera visiting us.... they will go to their home in about a week.

ABOVE:  Coco has gone into 'Protect Mode'!  She's super inquisitive and very excited by this new baby in the house.... it's so sweet.

I commented yesterday afternoon that I thought  Miss Muppet was looking slightly jaundiced.... and today the midwife confirmed it.  So we need to keep a careful eye on her to make sure she doesn't get too yellow... cos if she does she will need treatment.  But I'm not worried cos that is easily fixed.

For now, I've got her near natural light, but not in sunlight directly.

Tess our daughter in law is still hanging in there... here's hoping she makes it until her scheduled c-section date ... the 19th of July.

End of Day: another day dominated by the smallest member of our family!  But it's all good stuff... so happy she's finally here and perfectly healthy.
nite nite


  1. I certainly think she is very very cute and I just love her name.

  2. Keera is beautiful! You don't need makeup, your face is beautiful. In fact, to me, Keera looks just like you!!!!!

  3. So happy for Lacy! Keera is beautiful. I think it is awesome that you got to deliver her. I have a feeling little Keera will be getting lots of snuggles with Grandma!

  4. Chris , you are a beautiful woman . Be happy in your own skin,meaning weight issues . To me you look a good mum 3 star , Grandma,5 star . And you have a husband to be proud of
    Another beautiful grandchild.

  5. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Beautiful pictures Chris, thanks for sharing. Glenys xx

  6. Well I think I checked at least 4 times to see if she was there yesterday lol

  7. Love the photos Chris- you all look great - love the one of Keera and you and she looks like she has a wee smile on her face!
    Hope you havea relaxing day.

  8. Gorgeous pictures. I am so happy things went well. Keera is perfect!

  9. It's fine for her mom to have a choice about feeding her baby. Formula sure is expensive but hey, we all get to chose. Breast feeding is a big committment and at first it sure does hurt. No one ever talks about how hard it can be. Personally I am sick and tired of political correctness. Just feed her!!!

  10. Actually I think you look great - even with no make up & bugger all sleep.

    I knew that picture of her bottle feeding would bring out at least 1 breastfeeding nazi - and what a classy way to ask the questions too.

    Enjoy your visit with Lacy & Keera today - she is a cutie.

  11. And we all collectively go awwwwwwwwwww those photos just make you want to reach out and cuddle that baby!!!

  12. God that is so funny about the boy/girl check. Miss K looks like she has long fingers. Hope all is well

  13. Anonymous1:50 PM

    What a tasteless comment from Anon yesterday re breastfeeding. People are strange aren't they.
    Congratulations to Lacy and Kerra and to the rest of the family. She sure is cute looking newborn. Any news of your son Russells baby arrival?

  14. Sarah3:36 PM

    Congratulations on new bubs xx Tracy I object and find it a bit disgusting that you referred to someone as a breastfeeding 'nazi' particularly when no judgement was made a question was asked about why.

  15. So many congratulations on Keera's safe and happy arrival -to all of you!

  16. Lovely photos, congratulations all round, and it's great she can be in a home environment with support around for Lacy in the first few days.

    Sarah, I realise "breastfeeding nazi" is a strong term, but I think it reflects the fact that in the push to get mothers to breast feed (all with good intentions) it has gone so far the other way that there is incredible guilt placed on mothers who can't or choose not to, for whatever reason. This has happened to the extent that mothers in hospital are often ostracised for asking for formula (i.e., asking for support to feed their babies) without even taking into account that there are a range of reasons people can't or choose not to.

    In terms of the comment made yesterday, a virtual stranger asked after Chris stated it wasn't an option. Is it really any of her/his business? Do you actually have to justify your decisions to everyone out in the public world? Why don't you just accept that thought has gone into it, and the best decision was made for that mother and baby.

    It's not like anyone would feel it their business to ask why Tess (other daughter in law in Australia) is booked in for a c-section, because like me, most would assume it's for a good reason and none of my business. No judgement to be inferred on c-sections from that, please!

    Anyway, I'll stop ranting. Back to the good vibes of the new addition. Lacy, you did an awesome job bringing her into the world. Chris, you are a legend for helping and supporting her.

    Penny xo

  17. Sarah6:59 PM

    I agree with you Penny, however uncouth and nosey the question was though at no stage did it place any guilt onto anyone. Really just showed them up. I appreciate there are over zealous people out there but to compare them to the group that slaughtered millions is also over the top.

    Anyways Chris enjoy having this special time with gorgeous Keera.

  18. Sarah6:59 PM

    Oops sorry to hijack your comment thread Chris :-)

  19. Sarah, I'm glad you understand where that came from. I guess knowing that context is what motivates me, when I ask my closest friends questions like that, to be very careful to make sure they know I am asking to understand rather than judge. A stranger on the other hand either doesn't understand that context (maybe they are from another country where it hasn't reached the levels of NZ?) or is asking because it really matters to them. Maybe they are a lactation consultant or something? If so, context is so important. They should tell Chris if they have a genuine interest in asking.

    I agree on one level that the nazi association is a big leap, but also think it has rightly or wrongly been applied to a number of situations: other authoritarian governments that haven't murdered their people included. You could argue that language has evolved in usage, rightly or wrongly. Anyway. For me the psychological impact on mothers who don't breastfeed to me is paramount. Breast is best, sure, but so is an emotionally healthy mum rather than one wracked with guilt (motherhood, they tell me, does that to you anyway!). For that reason, I don't have a problem with calling people on potentially asking for the wrong reasons.

    And yes, same to Chris, sorry for hijacking your thread!

    Penny xo

  20. Hi Chris.. Congratulations on the safe arrival of Keera.. I love her name. What a wonderful experience helping deliver a baby into the world!
    What a shame people get on their bikes about the breastfeeding thing.. Ive had six kids and done breast, breast bottle, just bottle, breast then after a few weeks gave up and put on bottle. We have our own reasons for making these choices in life. I have in my life and I got sick of people having their opinions about me bottle feeding. In the hospitals there are 'breastfeeding nazi's', if that is how some people want to put it. One hospital I went to 5 years ago to give birth had their bottle room 'locked' so us mum's could not get in without permission from a nurse. Two years prior I was in there with another one of our baby's, there was no lock and we could help ourselves to the bottles. So the 'ethics' of all this 5 years ago I felt was controlling and unfair.... I dont have a clue what it is like now days.
    So congratulations to Lacy for bringing a beautiful little girl into the world and how great Lacy looks for just having given birth!

  21. Anonymous2:05 AM

    I loved the photos of baby keera!! She is a beautiful wee girl. Gramma is looking quite chipper with her new granddaughter! What do the kids think of her? ...debbie

  22. Big, big, big cheers to one and all. I caught up on your posts and-- Oh My!!!! What an exciting time it's been and what an abolsultly gorgeous baby girl you have there! Blessings to Keera and mommy.

    And YOU!!! High Five on helping with the delivery! That is incredible! Truly, I take my hat off to you. That's huge!

    Hope everyone is getting some well-deserved sleep. Thanks for all the pics. You've made my day.

    xoxox jj

  23. Ahh sweet Coco, how cute! I don't think I've seen a baby that wasn't jaundiced a bit. Seems to be pretty normal.


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