Saturday, July 28, 2012


Apparently Bio Oil has Mineral Oil in it.  Mineral Oil is a petroleum derivative apparently.

so... lots of parents use Johnson's Baby Oil or Lotion.  
Which have as their base?  MINERAL OIL... a petroleum derivative. Hmmmm..... who knew?

I did.  Just because it has the word 'BABY' on it does not mean it is best for baby!

I asked Lacy's Midwife if Bio Oil was OK to put on Keera's feet.  She said YES.
So... we will go with Bio Oil.  THANKS for your input ANON from last night.  I feel Bio Oil is a lesser evil than 'Baby Oil'.  And that is just my PERSONAL CHOICE.

Today: dunno.
I'd love to do some more sewing.
And post a parcel to the family in Aussy.
And get some housework done.

All normal stuff really, nothing riveting happening this weekend I think.

I might pick up Lacy at some point and see if we can find a new charger for her computer too.


I put their travel cases in the laundry for them to sleep in, and to stop them scratching at the door in the mornings and waking us up.  Teddy was the worst at doing that.  He drove me nuts doing it.

Anyway, this morning all I could hear was the dog door flap opening and closing LOUDLY over and over again!
And I got up and sneaked a peek at what the dogs were doing from Brylee's bedroom window.

Would you believe it?  They were BOTH pushing the dog door flap open then standing back and letting it close before pushing it open again... all the while looking at the laundry door to see if anyone was coming to let them in the house!

Those little shits!  Deliberately making that noise so we would get up!!!   

NOW I have to think of another way to stop them making noise in the morning.  Grrrrrr.  
I REFUSE to let them force me to let them in before I AM READY.


  1. You know I've never heard of Bio Oil. The baby lotion I learnt (of course, after my children were done being babies) isn't comprised of really great things for children to put on their skin.

  2. My sisters midwife recommended plain old virign olive oil. Worked a treat on my baby nephews dry cracked feet. And it is 100% natural and chemical free.

  3. Anonymous8:18 AM

    My Goodness, there is nothing wrong with Mineral Oil! It's been used for Centuries!! Bio lotion sounds good to me!! ...debbie

  4. Morning Chris. Alot of the 'baby'oils do have mineral oil in them and apart from the petroleum aspect it does not absorb well into the skin. I always recommend a cold pressed oil such as almond or if you have a light olive oil in the cupboard use that. Absorbs in and does the job well.
    Just a suggestion.

  5. I am a huge fan of Bio Oil. It has done wonders for me. I actually like the smell too.

    Why do ANONS generally have nothing nice to say???

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  6. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Hey Chris, plain old olive oil works a treat. Bec xx

  7. My podiatrist uses olive oil light on skin nothing else funny eh, we have sunshine and we are in bed watching the olympics opening ceremony nice!! I was clever and hung my washing out last night so I didn't have to hang it out in the MEGA frost this morning!!

  8. Suggestion: Loop a towel over the place where the door slams, sort of an upside down U shape where the animals would get in. Put kennel ON towel on the dogs' side, shut the door, reach in and grab towel and put something heavy on YOUR side. Then the dogs can't move the towel and slam the door. They can probably howl a bit though.

  9. Anonymous10:45 AM

    I have also used cold pressed olive oil on my bubs' skin when they were newborns and it worked great. I also used it on their cradle cap. Left it on overnight and then combed gently then washed it out and cradle cap disappeared. Keera is just beautiful by the way.

  10. your dogs crack me up. There is nothing you can do. Mine get up and hake their ears do I hear that.
    You can even use orgainc olive or coconut oil. It doesn't have to be in a fancy bottle.
    Rawk on grandma!
    I need some sewing as in recovering chair cushions.

    I's still giggling over your dogs. They are great really you have to be impressed!

  11. I had a VERY dry and flaky baby. We used pure olive oil - used to call her my little roast vegetable :P Worked wonders tho - cleared the skin up so quickly and stopped those cracks getting nasty due to its awesome natural qualities :)

  12. Sounds like you needed the sleep - enjoy the rest of your weekend !

  13. Haha animals are so clever. That reminded me of my mums cat who used to keep her paw on the door so the dogs couldn't open it and come it they would sit there and wimper until mum would tell the cat off. Haha.

  14. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Your dogs sound bloody cheeky. So cute though.

    Your "potatoe" and "tomatoe" don't annoy me BUT people that spell "DEVINE" wrong gets up my nose... it's DIVINE.. Grrrrrrrr...

    Heee - enough of the grammar nazi from me - I am off to bed!

    Catch ya.

    Kate (rogers)

  15. Anonymous12:22 AM

    What about trying Coconut Oil? That is what I use for myself and I love it. I get it from the Health Food Store, the cheapest, organic brand they have. It lasts forever!!

    Congrats on all of the new grandbabies, they are adorable!! Our 1st comes at the end of Sept., can't wait!

    Ky Girl

  16. If olive oil is made from olives, wonder what Baby Oil is made from??

  17. My mum used to put Olive Oil in our ears when we had ear aches - seemed to work a treat. I use Bio Oil for my skin when I have had a cancer removed, so I don't see any problem. It is supposed to be the best so why not use it.

    Actually, I guess any of the products would be okay. It may contain dodgy ingredients as we see them, but over the years we have not seen any babies have adverse reactions to using Johnsons Baby Products so why balk at it now? Dobby had dry sensitive skin so I was told her bathe her in Alpha Keri Oil in the bath water, that was supposed to be the best thing for her. Might be worth asking the chemist?


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