Thursday, July 19, 2012


Because Coco is in heat, I won't have her running around the house, being able to jump on beds and the like... so I've had to confine her during the day (at night she's in the laundry)... and obviously Teddy wanted to be with her... so they are both in the big dog crate:

ABOVE:  I was feeling sorry for them... but they seem to be perfectly happy in there! At least they are still 'with' us in the lounge eh?

ABOVE: happy dogs.  Happy family.
Everyone is doing so well.

AND I'm still happy!  This is good.

The other thing that has TOTALLY helped with my moods....  NO MORE HOT FLUSHES!  Since I upped the medication I take to help stop them,  I've had only a handful of hot flushes, and yesterday I had NONE!  NONE!  It's amazing. Now I don't get instant headaches and feel bloody crabby all the time.  Whoooo Hoooo!

TODAY:  well it is going to be a quiet morning for me... I will potter around the house doing a few odd jobs... blog a bit... then after lunch I will pick up Griffin and take him to his Speld Lesson.

That's all for now...


Lacy said her first night alone with Keera went well... she seems to be coping just fine.
I'm going to pop in and check on them this morning before I pick up Griffin.

I've already been down to the mall and sent photos of KEERA and BODHI to my Mum in Australia... she is gunna love seeing them both!

Russell and his little family will hopefully be over here at Christmas time, so I am not thinking of going over there right now, much as I'd like to.

I have Brylee and Griffin to consider, Lacy still needs my support with Keera as she is on her own,  and Coco will be having puppies in two months or so. It's just that NOT easy for me to drop everything and fly that far away right now.  

FROGGY:  no you haven't missed anything... Mac is coming to visit end of next week... then we will await the puppies!

SPELD lesson today was interesting.
Griffin missed a lesson last term, but we didn't have a chance to get a 'catch up' lesson in before the end of the term.  

As I still had to pay for that lesson.. I paid for it today, fully expecting the Tutor to give us a 'catch up' lesson sometime this term.
That's fine she said... he can do two ~ one and half hour lessons to catch up.
All good.

Then I told her Griffin would be away on the 16th of August as he had a school camp... and she said that I had to pay for that missed lesson, but she would NOT be able to give him a 'catch up' lesson for that missed one as she was too busy... but I still have to pay for it!  
Ummm.. why should I pay for a lesson he cannot attend?

Am I wrong in thinking that's just not on?

I'm off to ring the Speld Organisation to find out... cos I don't like paying for NOTHING.  Edit: I think what Tutors charge etc is between them and their clients, and not up to the Speld Organisation.


I'm thinking I will give the Speld Tutor notice that Griffin will not be coming back, and then try to find a tutor closer to home.  Who does not charge for missed lessons that are unavoidable.  Seems fair to me.  

WELL SAID STEVE!!!!  And thank you. 

End of Day:  Coronation Street... OMG soooo tense watching it tonight... I could hardly watch!  Molly died!  Sally found out her cheating prick of a husband fathered baby Jack... ooo the twists and turns.  Riveting stuff for Coronation Street!
nite nite


  1. Sheba loves her kennel. It's "hers" and she knows it.

  2. Oh dear dogs in heat, is it Mac that will be the donor again? How did Lacy and Keera first night go?

  3. Anonymous1:25 PM

    I just know someone is going to suggest a dog nappy!!!
    If you go to Aussie you would want to take Stew also me thinks.
    WA is gorgeous, lived there for 2 years, so you'd need to go for at least 10 days just for the shopping!!!. But mind the sharks.

  4. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Should put Coco and Mac in that big cage when he visits then you'll know the job is done instead of them humping all over your house haha! WOMBAT

  5. The dogs look happy enough in there :). Cant wait to see Chico's brothers and sisters lol

  6. I must have missed something - has Mac been for his visit already?

  7. I would love to know what speld say. I'm back to Auckland next year to do another course through them. In the past they never got involved with what tutors were doing regarding payments but I know some who would charge if the child couldn't attend, and would only give a catch up if it was the tutor who couldn't give the lesson.

  8. Bloody hell we never paid for lessons missed if he was sick or something when both Chris and Steph did SPELD, and the prices you are paying I would be pissed to, you have given her enough notice.

  9. I don't know Speld's policy, but I would have thought with a month's notice she can use Griffin's unused lesson time for someone else, and give you a catch-up lesson when it suits. I know you often have to pay for a missed appointment when you don't give them notice, but that is four weeks away - heaps of notice?

  10. Dobby's guitar tutor is like that. you have to pay if you miss a lesson, and lessons are paid in advance. That means if she misses one I have to pay $50 next time. I will be making sure her last lesson is a freebie!

  11. Anonymous6:43 PM

    I think the SPELD tutor is out of line. If it were any other profession like physio - you just book an alternative appointment slot. You certainly don't give someone a months notice and still have to pay IN MY OPINION! It is a shame you have to look for another tutor as I understand that Griffin likes her. but change can be a good thing!!!! Don't pay for no service!!

  12. In giving plenty of notice for a missed class in August, I think you *shouldn't* have to pay!

  13. Anonymous7:45 PM

    oh please,give us all a break,you have PLENTY of time and money to visit Siena and yet you CHOOSE not too.I think using Lacy and the puppies is a cop out.Either be a grandmother or not.And before I go is Lacy on drugs? She looks like my sister inlaw who was on crack.I bet if they tested that poor baby of hers they would find drugs.

  14. Steve8:26 PM

    Well well well, another anon comment, or should I say another gutless little bitch who doesn't have the guts to admit who they are.

    It really bugs me how people love to judge my parents, and the way in which they conduct their lives, family matters, finances, and general day to day business, when the people doing the judging know so very little. For you (Anon), to say the things you did, just goes to show how stupid and idiotic you are. It is blatantly obvious how much my parents love their children/grandchildren, and for you to go and say that my parents don't go and see Russell and his family in Aussie simply because they don't want to is ludicrous, and down right rude. You have merely looked at the surface of our lives, and made your grand assumption based soley off of those facts, what you don't see are the other factors in which the decision not to travel to Aussie were made. And those factors are.......none of your dam business!!

    And as for the comment regarding Lacy's apparent drug use, get a grip you toss. Lacy is not on drugs, nor is there any drugs in the babies body. Your complete and utter fabricated statement just goes to show how mental you are, and I think you are the one with the drug problem, I mean it would explain your obvious lack of any proper brain function.

    It is quite obvious that you are an entire picnic basket short of a picnic, let alone a sandwich short. I bet if I met you in person I wouldn't know where your head starts and your arse finishes.

    Next time you wanna have a go at someone, I suggest you go down to your local bar and pick a fight with one of the patrons, that way they can give you the smack to the face you so clearly deserve.

    Warmest regards (hahaha)

    The guy who just made you look like a complete and utter dick!!

  15. Anonymous8:52 PM

    here here!! Couldn't have said it better myself.


    Kate (rogers)

  16. Haha go Steve! Love it! I agree anon if you don't have the balls to at least say who you are go away :)

  17. Go Steve go !!!

    And woohooo puppies, how awesome, can't wait to see if they turn out like their brothers and sisters. BTW how are they all, did they keep in touch...I know Chico is still cute as?

  18. Well said Steve! Why is it that people who hide behind Anonymous comments think it is ok to say mean nasty things but don't have the balls to leave a name.

    By the way- I am so stealing the comment about being a picnic short of a picnic - priceless!!!

  19. Anonymous10:49 PM

    Anon u r a loser Piss off anf myob Show us a pic of u or have we already seen u
    Mary H

  20. Beautifully said Steve!

    Chris ... re the Tutor, I think when you've given her 4 week's notice, she has a cheek to be charging. I can understand if it was less than a week's notice and she didn't have time to fill the gap.

  21. Anonymous12:24 AM

    OH GOODIE!!! PUPPIES!! Hope the "union" goes well!! I'm guessing your household is getting back to normal! Lot always going on at your place!! lol...debbie

  22. Yiiii. You sure do attract the commenters, don't you, Chris?

    Steve, I sure hope you get your own blog. I'm thinking after you develop your following, you can pop a couple ads in the sidebar that will cover baby shoes and the like. Serious. :)

  23. OMG anon get a life of your own and leave this family the hell alone.

  24. Yay, Steve!
    Do you have the same saying we do....some are born arses, some achieve arse-dom, some have it thrust upon them...?

    One of my hunting hounds is in heat...and senior hound is hugely overexcited. Shame he (literally) has no balls. It's like he thinks that if he tries for long enough, he'll grow a pair! (They all love their crates and retire to them to nap, probably because they know my spawn aren't allowed to touch them, speak to them, look at them...BREATHE near them, when they are in there. It's the equivalent of a den, I think.

    And the tutor? Heck, a month's notice is absolutely more than fair!

  25. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Russell the family in aus way to go little bro don't read much of the comments bt that was brilliant


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