Monday, July 02, 2012


Yesterday I unpicked a very large quilt top as it just didn't look 'right' to me... and I am going to make the blocks into baby quilts.

This is going to be the first one:

ABOVE:  to begin with I thought this one would be OK for a baby boy, but everyone in this house thinks it's TOO PRETTY and has too much pink in it to be for a boy.  
What do YOU think?

I have enough of those heart blocks to make THREE more similar to this.  *sigh*... I don't want to have 4 Baby Girl Quilts and none for Baby Boys!

TODAY: I have to take Lacy to her Midwife appointment this morning.  Hopefully it's the last one!  Knowing how it goes, it might not be though. lol

Right... I better get moving and make the lunches, the beds, yadda yadda...


Midwife says Lacy is doing great and said she fully expects Miss Muppet to arrive any day now.  Awesome.

 ABOVE: Lacy at 39.2 weeks pregnant.... shit she doesn't even LOOK pregnant from the back!

ABOVE:  Hee hee... from the front though, she sure does!
Such a cute, compact tummy...

ABOVE:  I'm sure I looked THAT pregnant at about 6 months!

After the midwife appointment we went down to Manukau Dunkin Donuts, as Bex had won 2nd Prize in a competition she had entered there a couple of weeks ago.

ABOVE:  she won 2 DVD's of MIB, A MIB notebook, movie tickets, a bag and a torch.  SCORE!  
Pffffft... I never win anything!  Well....not much... lol.

NOW... I'm going to sew a bit, then make lunch... think we shall have toasted sandwiches today... cos it's a bit cold even inside today.  Better turn the heater on me thinks...


  1. I think it would be great for a baby boy if he has a "summery" sort of look to his room, you know? Only think: those "Hawaiian" prints can be very male but there are flowers all over them!

    I love the quilt, Chris, really! :)

  2. It's a girl quilt! :)
    Did you get my pm on FB?

  3. I beg to differ from your family's opinion, I think that blue quilt is absolutely perfect for a baby boy. Unfair to deprive a little baby of pretty hearts because he's a baby boy - boys deserve hearts too!

  4. I have 3 boys and would happily have slept them under this quilt :) I like what you have changed the big quilt into, the blue sashing makes the hearts come out way better than the colourful horizontal strip you had in the big quilt. I'm sure there will be a good use for it in some other project!
    BTW, read your Diabetes Type 2 diagnosis, I have a Type 1 son, no chance for cure just management, with Type 2 you can at least do sth about it lol sometimes our body tells us the hard way that we have to slow down and take care of ourselves not just everyone else...
    All the best for the arrival of these babies!!!

  5. I think a quilt that pretty and bright is perfect for any baby. I love bright primary colors for babies because they enjoy them!
    It's beautiful. Since your taking it apart you could embish it with boyish stuff for a boy quilt and more girlie for a girl but I seriously think it works great as is for both.

  6. Ha! Nice one, girls.

    Oh, the quilts? Babies don't care what covers them, they are just happy to be warm. Those quilts are quite unisex so make as many as you can, they will do all the babies! Nice job! xxx

  7. Ouch Lacy, that looks so uncomfortable. Good luck for an easy delivery and I look forward to meeting your baby girl :)

  8. A definate boy quilt!!! Lacy looks so cute that belly so damned tiny! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Dunkin donuts.

  9. I'm with most of the comments - I think people make too much of the colour thing but even if you pay attention to it, it is a great quilt and works for both boys and girls. The comment from Judith is right on the money - boys need hearts too and I can't imagine anyone thinking it was weird to have hearts, even with a little pink, on a boy's quilt.

    I bought a toy elephant for a friend's baby once and it had pink lined ears - I remember chatting to the sales assistant in Farmers and she said "so your friends had a girl?" and I said no, a boy. She was surprised, because they also had elephants with blue in their ears. I hadn't even noticed.

    Glad your day went well and Lacy's scan was good - very funny about the girls being overheard down the street.

    Penny xo

  10. Anonymous12:01 AM

    Maybr the hearts make it too girly. But I'd put it on my bed.
    Soon we'll have baby pictures to look at! What if women looked pregnant from the back? What if they grew the babies on their backs instead of their bellies and turned into giant hunchbacks during pregnancy? That'd be weird.

  11. Suitable for boy or girlie . All babies love colour.
    I'm knitting booties as a break from sewing and as our expected babies will be girls I'm going to crochet flowers for the fronts
    I'm glad you had a happy day


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