Friday, July 20, 2012


When Lacy had a drip put in to get antibiotics and induction drugs into her during labour ... the midwife (Debs) tried to get the needle in her left arm... in fact she tried about 2-3 times, but Lacy's veins kept collapsing!

So she gave up on the left arm and managed to get it in her right arm.... now we can see the 'damage' done to her left arm from all the jabs!

ABOVE:  looks nasty eh?  The bruise starts at her finger knuckles then snakes up her arm and around towards her inner elbow too!  I think she may be anemic ... so I shall be telling her to take her iron pills for sure.

TODAY: Friday!  gotta love Fridays.... it means tomorrow I get to sleep in for a bit.  Yipeee!  
I really love the weekends.  Who doesn't eh?

First thing this morning I have to pick up Lacy and Miss Muppet and take them to the Maternity Unit,  as Miss Muppet needs to have her hearing checked.

Then... probably home ... housework never sleeps AND I need to make a start on finishing a wee baby BOY'S cot quilt!!!  

After a run of four girls... we have another grandson... let the boys be on a 'roll' now ... lol!
In fact, we have 5 granddaughters and 5 grandsons right now... not too shabby if I do say so myself!


Firstly:  Keera had her hearing test this morning and she passed with flying colours!  EXCELLENT.
Lacy and Keera are now visiting us for a little while.

SECOND:  "HI"  ANONYMOUS from  WELLINGTON, nice of you to pop in and visit me blog at 7.37am this morning.  Duly noted.

I went down to the local supermarket to buy a cooked chook for lunch... it said it had stuffing in  it... cos we love stuffing...  got it home, pulled it apart and NO stuffing.  Not happy.  Lacy rang them to say hey what gives?  They didn't care.  Arseholes.

So next time I go down there to buy a chook.. I'm gunna pull it apart while still in the shop!  If it ain't go stuffing... they can take it back!  lol

The kids just got home from school... perfect timing cos Keera was awake and ready for her bottle... so today it was Griffin's turn:

ABOVE:  feeding his baby sister came BEFORE playing the XBox (his choice)!  He thinks she's rather cute... awwww.  

I decided to instigate my Dr's instructions today... so when Stew got home from work I told him we had a date... and we went out to dinner.  Just the two of us.  It was so nice... we had an Indian meal... then came home.  We are NOT into bars/pubs/and the like, so just having dinner out is perfect for us.
Now I have to think of something else for just the two of us to do next time.

Cos there are going to be lots of 'next times's'... cos we need to do stuff for us too.  Our lives have revolved around our kids and grandkids exclusively for far too long.

And if we keep 'waiting' for the right time to think of ourselves once in a while... we will never do it.

Maybe we can go for a park up next ?  hee hee.  Can you just imagine it?  In the little Holden Vivia?  NAH, MAYBE NOT... *smiles*

End of Day:  it's been another really lovely day... I'm enjoying my life for a change, instead of dreading the next phone call, knock on the door...or the other shoe to fall.  
Going to live with a more positive attitude, and fake it till I make it. Yeeah! 
nite nite.


  1. owie poor lacy grab some arnica chris that will help with the bruising. Wow 5 of each thats good going lol Have a great day and enjoy your sleep in tommorrow.

  2. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Holy shitballs that is looks nasty.
    Mary H

  3. Wow....5 of each......I only have 5 in total LOL 2 boys & 3 girls :)
    Good to hear the hearing test went well. We back off again to babysit for Jo :) Gonna love playing Peek a Boo with our little one.
    Have a great day with your newest :)

  4. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Poor Lacy! Her arm looks quite sore. Glad to hear Keera has exellant hearing!! Wow 5/5 can't beat THAT!! Lucky you! ...debbie

  5. lol at anon checkin for a reaction probably chris.Glad Keera's hearing is fine :)

  6. The stuffing is the best bit of the chicken!!! I would have been ropeable.

    Get some arnica for Lacy's arm

  7. Thank goodness Wellington is big enough so I will never (one hopes) meet the shit that wrote such horrid thoughts about you & your family.

    Has Lacy had her iron levels checked - I'm sure she has- but thought I'd mention it as iron tabs are free on prescription.

    I checked your blog before work but I think it was prior to 7.37am . Anyway as you see I proud to add my name to my comments.

    Take care

  8. So glad that Lacy and Keera are doing so well -that is just fantastic...except for the bruises, with which I empathise. I'm a bruiser, too. Wait, does that sound wrong?

    Arnica tablets, arnica gel...I'm all for that, too!

  9. Poor Lacy! Good grief, that is terrible. :(

    Griffin is such an awesome kid.

  10. No stuffing in chicken would annoy me too! Griffin and Keera very cute together, I suffer with needles and bruises too.

  11. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Great photos of Griffin and his baby sister, lovely! Cheers Glenys

  12. I remember out of my 3 stays at the hospital, I came away each time with horrid arms. Took weeks to regain my normal skin back. I remember on 1 occasion, I fought with a nurse when she hurt me pretty bad by trying to insert a needle in my veins. Screamed my head off and finally someone more senior came to do the job and it didn't hurt at all.

  13. Hey, been trying to leave a comment from my phone, but I dont think it happened, so yesterday, that was just unbellievable stuff, do you think you know her/him? Good for Steve, he's a good son, he'll always have your back!! I love sons!! ( have no daughters).
    Anyway, chin up chick, and have a whopper of a weekend...xxxx

  14. Damn. That bruising is unacceptable. The supervisors need to see that.

  15. Love the pics of Griffin feeding the baby :) Glad you had a nice time out with Stew!

  16. I ♥ that you are in a good place right your last your date nights...and I ESPECIALLY LOVE THE PICTURES OF GRIFFIN AND KEERA.......Adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOX

  17. nawww big brother love:) i have one of those in my household :) hehehehehehe xxxxx

    glad you enjoyed your night out together even if it was for a short while xxx

  18. Anonymous10:48 AM

    So glad to hear you're feeling better and had your date, cheers Glenys


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