Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Today I'm going down to Spotlight to get some more fabric for me heart blocks. 

I've got lots more hearts in me heart box!

And I want to make some 'boyish' quilts with them.

ABOVE:  see... lots of hearts.  These ones are much more vibrant than the pinkish hearts.
I dont' have enough of any 'plain' fabric to put the hearts on, or fabric suitable as sashings... so that's what I'm looking for today.

Teddy and Coco go to the groomers first thing this morning too.  They are looking a little scruffy, so just as well I made an appointment weeks ago.  No more leaving it until they are a right mess.

While we are down at Spotlight I want to check out a heater for the terrarium too... I think me frogs are cold.  

I heard this song by FUN the other day, am in love with it..

You should fast forward to about 1.02 minutes... the first part is not the song...  I hope you enjoy it.... OH and try to look past the 'war' scenes ... and just enjoy the music!


Well... putting the dogs in seperate travelling cases worked a treat!  No tangled up leads, dogs contained.  Awesome.

ABOVE:  Two dogs off to the groomers... and I didn't have a problem until I got there and wanted to get them out and put their leads on to walk them into the shop.

Teddy was scratching frantically at his 'door'... and when he saw me he stated SCREAMING!  There is no other way to describe the noise he was making!!!  He was so loud and so shrill all I wanted to do was fling open is door and kill him on the spot!

Seriously... the noise coming out of his mouth was deafening.  
Suffice to say he's going in the 'naughty corner' when he gets home!

Once I'd dropped the dogs off, I picked up Lacy, collected Bex and the kids from home and we went shopping.

ABOVE:  fabric for baby quilts, a couple of small baking dishes and some more plastic fantastic plants for the terrarium.

OH and we went to the Pet Shop and I asked if they had any Terrarium heaters or something to help keep me frogs warmish... and they said 'NO'... so anyway, as I walked around the shop looking for the pretend plants ... what did I find???

At least 3 different types of TERRARIUM HEATERS.  Doofus's don't even know what's in their shop!
SO I TOLD THEM ... ever so nicely... that they did indeed have heaters for terrariums.
And then I didn't buy one cos fuck they were expensive!
I'm gunna buy a heat bulb for one of our lamps and just use that.  SORTED.

Now we are home... and it's time to make toasted sandwiches for lunch.


  1. Anonymous8:15 AM

    I love that song sooooo much, I call it my Lion King song lol. Enjoy your day, Bec

  2. Those quilts look amazing!

  3. I never knew you had to keep animals warm with heaters. I guess living in a hot country and having no pets means I never have to think about those issues. I kinda thought animals are self sufficient. I wonder how bugs keep warm? Maybe they hide out until it's no longer cold. The weather here in July is crazy - heavy storm and stupidly hot. Plus it's foggy.

  4. Gee you did have lots of hearts well you now have lots of projects to kep you busy!

  5. For the heater go to a brew shop & get a heater from there, Gary uses one for his brewing the container sits on it & it keeps it warm - not hot. It may be a cheaper option.

  6. We haven't got a heater for the frogs but there "home" is on shelving that has castors so we wheel them into the sun during the day.

  7. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Lovely, lovely quilt!You're so clever. Lucky grand babies.
    Cheers Glenys

  8. Chris, who told you frogs need to be kept warm? They do well in cold water, even in ponds with frosty ice.

    Those babies are going to have lovely quilts.


  9. your hearts quilt is awesome. I love it.

    I laugh when the story about finding something in a store, happens to me. Clerks really ought to know better

  10. your hearts quilt is awesome. I love it.

    I laugh when the story about finding something in a store, happens to me. Clerks really ought to know better

  11. Anonymous12:36 AM

    No more hearts! I wanna see quilts with sharks or machine guns or dune buggies on them!

  12. Anonymous2:56 AM

    Your quilt is just beautiful! Love the bright colors and so will baby!! ...debbie

  13. Great quilt, love it.


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