Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I was going to make the title of this post "Steve is a Dick".... but I'm quite sure I've used it before!

So... the dogs are staying in a dog crate inside while Coco is in season... and they are missing their cuddles and loves.
Steve solved that little 'problem' ... :

ABOVE: Yes, you are seeing right, he got in the crate with them...

ABOVE:  it was easier getting IN as opposed to getting OUT!  The dogs enjoyed it, but I bet they were thinking "What A DICK" !  ha ha ha.

ABOVE:  Griffin is keen on cooking, so he helped me prepare dinner last night.

ABOVE:  Miss Muppet (Keera) sleeping.  Photo taken at 11 Days old.  So very precious.

ABOVE:  kisses from her Mummy.

ABOVE:  wonder how long it will take for her to get utterly sick of being kissed???  Hopefully... NEVER.

Today:  Bex and I will go out and about... cos we can... then I am babysitting Keera at Lacy's house while Lacy attends a WINZ appointment to sort out her benefit entitlements.

Bex cannot come near Keera on this visit as she is recovering from the 'flu.... so she will just have to stay home!


Right.... went out and bought a bag with Justin Beiber on it for young Haylea over in Aussy... can't send stuff for the two littlies and not her afterall!
Then Bex and I popped into the hospice shop and I got a couple of things...

ABOVE:  love shopping!  lol

Now... off to Lacy's to babysit wee Keera.... while Bex stays home and has a sleep, she's got a cracker of a cold.

Oh and just spent a good 20 minutes on the phone with the mother from yesterday (who's son was being so awful)... poor woman is beside herself.  She doesn't know which way to turn cos her son is being so BAD right now.  All I could do was let her talk and try to offer some advice... HA!  It's good to give her some insight into teenagers and their behaviour.  BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!

Awww, just spent an hour with me special wee granddaughter Keera.  She's such a darling wee baby, melts me heart just looking at her.
Lacy has got her benefit sorted out, so all good there.
Now... I'm home again and yaaa, dinner is sorted too.
I've got a lovely bacon hock and green split pea soup cooking in the crock pot.   YUMMMM.

My soup went down a treat... I put small cubes of tasty cheese in the bowls too... for an added kick.  Everyone loved it.  Stew and I went over to Lacy's after dinner and gave her some soup too... and Stew put out her rubbish bags for collection tomorrow.

End of day:  it's been a nice day... more nice days than horrid ones ... I'm liking that.
nite nite.


  1. Keera is growing already, both her and Bodhi are beautiful babies:-)

  2. Keera is so gorgeous and tucked up snug no Wonder Lacy wants to kiss her all the time!

  3. Great pics all around but I especially like the ones of Griffin cooking....he looks very intent on his task.

  4. These photos are so cute! Thanks for sharing.


  5. So lucky to have so many babies! They are both beautiful. I would take full advantage of Griffin liking to cook! Lets you off the hook, eh?

  6. Anonymous10:33 AM

    When he starts eating the food I would start to get worried!
    Keera is soooooooooo cute love the hair.
    Mary H

  7. so precious so innocent so beautiful. !!!!i LOVE LITTLE SWEET BATHED BABIES.............By the way how to go swimming and keep your hair DRY is to get a styro foam noodle to swim with. we sit on them between our legs keeps us out of the water and I can still paddle my feet and move my hands and arms.Just so you know that's how i keep my Bleached hair dry Chris other wise I wouldn't have any nice hair with chlorine.

  8. My god Griffin is really starting to turn into a young man :)

  9. Now you know what to do with Steve if he starts misbehaving! :)

    Yes, stupid blogger paragraphs. Sometimes it puts them in, sometimes it doesn't. And this time, I forgot to preview it before I posted it. Odd thing is, I put the paragraphs in before I read the comments!

  10. Hi Chris! Ha, Steve in the cage with the dogs is quite funny! He'd best not let Bex see him in there...if he misbehaves, she just might take a notion to lock him in there after they are married! :o)

    I am sorry to have been gone for so long...so much going on here that has kept me away from blog land. I have missed so much of what's been going on with you and your family...but want to wish you congratulations on your newest grandchildren...both Keera and Bodhi are beautiful! And all the best to Steve and Bex on their engagement, and for their little one on the way! I wish them a lifetime of happiness!

    Hope to get a little package off to you soon!



  11. Keera is such a wee cutie.

    I love that Griffing is keen on cooking - encourage that one it comes in real handy. Samyson will occasionally cook dinner for all of us - and last time I even managed to keep out of the kitchen & not offer lots of advice - dinner was good :-).

    The poor mum from yesterday was probably so happy to have someone to talk to about her son, someone who is not a family member or a family friend so she isn't feeling like she is being judged - Goodness knows you have had enough experience with teenagers :-).

  12. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Griffin looks so intent with his cooking!! What a great kiddo!! And silly Steve in with Coco...I'm sure she thought he was coocoo!! lol and the baaaabies!! Beautiful!! love your photos!!...debbie

  13. my goodness, some teenagers can be so vile they should be removed from the planet until they are ready to behave like civilised members of society. I really feel for the mother whose son is being so difficult. My daughter is thankfully pulled her head back in and has knuckled down and doing well at school again, but last year,,, mannnnn, I could have quite easily disowned her half the time, and throttled her the other half.

  14. Oh my gosh, I fell in love with Keera. Please give her lots of kisses on my behalf. She is so beautiful.

  15. Steve is a crack up!

    It's so great Griffin is interested in cooking. Encourage that! None of mine are. Only in eating.

  16. good to see life is settling down.

    never underestimate happy pills!!! I rely on them.

    I can't wait til I get a baby grandkid

    I have two fabulous step grandkids(step kids of my step son .... what does that make them? apart from perfectly adorable)

  17. The baby seems bigger already.
    I got in Shebas cage and she tried to get in with me! It was funny because she thought I was trying to take over. (Shebas Cage isn't big enough for us both)

  18. Another great set of photos. Nice to have some help in the kitchen. Enjoy your cuddles and kisses.

  19. Poor Bex! Nothing worse than being sick while PG!

  20. The baby is cute! And I wouldn't want to be in that cage.


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