Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I've got Hospice Shop duty today... so that's me sorted for the morning.

Lacy on the other hand has heaps to do.
She has to visit her Probation Officer, go and re-sign legal papers at Housing New Zealand as they got the dates wrong, and she has a Dr's appointment after lunch too.  I hope she paces herself cos she's really feeling the pressure of Miss Muppet now.

Last night I got the last set of curtains we needed for Lacy's home .... so now we have every room done.   Very happy about that.
The last pair of curtains came WITH the curtain rod AND tie backs too!  Yaaa, I didn't need to buy them as well.

 ABOVE:  I went with blue curtains for the dining room, to pick up the blue in the lounge curtains.

ABOVE: the cool rod and tie backs for the dining room curtains.  All that for only $40!  SCORE.

I don't know who's more excited about getting Lacy's home all set up, her or me!  I know it's going to be lovely once I'm finished!  lol

I'm going to be keeping me eyes peeled for treasure for her home now too!  Bring it on.


Had a good morning at Hospice Shop... Lacy poppedin and she found some treasure:

 ABOVE:  she got two winter coats and some soft toys for her baby... all for $12!

 ABOVE:  I found net curtaining for Lacy's home, a yellow cushion cover, a really lovely Navy Blue Tablecloth, some purple fabric and a little wall thingee for Miss Muppet's room.  All that for $10... SCORE!

 ABOVE:  I put some curls in me hair before I left for work, it took me only 15 minutes. 

Time to relax for a little while, once Lacy gets back from town and the kids are home we are going over to the house with a few bits n bobs to drop off.

I fell asleep.  Woke up when a courier van driver knocked on the door.  He was dropping off a parcel from Cerebos... I have to return two bottles of my Whitlocks Thick Mint Sauce cos they are faulty.

ABOVE:  On the right, two bottles I just bought, and on the left, two bottles I bought 2 weeks ago.  They have NOT been opened at all.  The bottles are distended and feel very taunt ... like they are ready to explode.  And the fluid level has gone down... very weird.  
So I rang the company and they are taking them back for investigation and giving me a voucher to cover the costs.

Lacy and I didn't go over to her house today afterall... my batteries ran out.  I'm just too tired.

End of Day:  very quiet evening, didn't feel like doing anything ... so I didn't.
nite nite


  1. As much as you like to arrange and rearrange your home helping Lacy is like giving candy to a baby! Enjoy!!!!!!

  2. What a bonus being able to help Lacy decorate her new home. You have such a good idea of colours and what goes with what. I'm sure it will all look stunning when you have finished.
    Enjoy your time at the Hospice shop........maybe more bargains!!
    Cheers :)

  3. The curtain stuff was a good score, wasn't it. Fun setting up a new home. Hope everything works out for you all. :)

  4. Have a great day Chris!
    Sounds like you are having alot of fun decorating Lacy's home.
    Oh and belated congrats to Bex and Steve. I can't wait till my boys start producing grandchildren.

  5. Good score on the curtains chris and Im glad everything is falling into place for lacy... enjoy getting the accessories that makes a house a home :)

  6. Fun fun, my mom was like that when I moved out too lol

  7. SCORE indeed ! What Lovely treasures.

    Love the curls-my granddaughter told me today that she wished she had curls! I asked if she had tried and she said that her curls always fall out and that she even tried a perm -but it was not successful either.

    I think you missed your calling , Chris- looks like with all the great ideas you have that you should be an interior designer!

  8. Love the curls Chris - lookin Good

  9. Anonymous2:38 PM

    You remind me of myself when we bought Kelly's house for her. There was so much to do...and all so much fun! Can't wait to see it when she's moved in...debbie

  10. Yayy! Can't wait for updates and a house tour! :)

  11. I love the curls and I hope all the house for Lacy ends up looking wonderful.


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