Thursday, May 03, 2012


 Yesterday I went on the 'net to find more pictures of Giraffes, these ones appealed to me, so I copied them by hand and made them bigger so I could turn them into applique' patterns:

ABOVE:  Lacy likes these ones... maybe I can do purple and green giraffes?  Hmmm... we will see.

ABOVE:  because I'd bought more feijoas, Steve decided to make feijoa muffins. 
He pulled them out too soon ... so they were a bit ikky... then he put them back in the oven and they came out 'so so'.   No where near as nice as Kelly's Feijoa cake..... sadly. (Sorry Steve!)

Maybe if I get a chance I will make the feijoa cake again... might try using Stevia (sugar substitute) and see how it works/ tastes?

Today, I take Lacy to see the Housing Corporation, to get her on the list for State Housing.  Fingers crossed she will get something eventually.

What else?   Oh ... pick the Dude (Griffin) up and take him to his Speld Lesson.

Lacy is going out in the afternoon with a girlfriend, so I might get a couple of hours to myself?


Time to myself?  Ha what a joke.  I've spent all day running around after other people.
Now I've got Griffin home from his Speld Lesson, and in a little while Brylee will be home too.
THEN I can finally go down to Spotlight and get more fabric for me giraffe's. 

I'm not making green and purple giraffes!  I've decided they are all going to be orange/brown/fawn/yellow/blue... well anything but PURPLE and GREEN! 

Once I've done me giraffes, then I will think about Purple and Green.

We have finally started getting cold evenings and mornings!  Like... I got goose bumps this morning and even thought about putting on a jacket!   Got to love the glorious sunny days still though.
I'm so glad it's not stinking hot still... I was SO OVER summer.

ALZHEIMERS and ME:  nope, I don't think I've got it THANKS.  But then... I forget stuff sometimes.  Is it NORMAL to forget stuff sometimes?  You know what?  I reckon it is. End of story.  

I FINALLY got to Spotlight...

ABOVE:  believe it or not... that blue fabric, bottom left is actually PURPLE!  I'm happy with this selection, added to what I already have it's gunna be fun making giraffes!  I can't wait... might try to do a bit tonight.

End of Day:  managed to do bugger all tonight... except get one Giraffe Wall Hanging started.
ON TRACK: yes!
nite nite.


  1. WOW Chris - those Giraffes look great!
    Your drew them! - Impressed - I can't even draw a stick figure (lol)
    Have a great day

  2. I love the giraffe on the left the goofy face smile one , another boomer frost BUT a stunning day....

  3. My first thought was Muffin Man! I like seeing men in the kitchen. :)

    Busy day for you lined up by the sounds of it. Have fun.

  4. Those giraffes are so cute....they will really pop in purple and green. I'm glad Lacy likes them.

  5. I love those giraffes & I am sure they will look great in green & purple.

    Good luck with HNZ.

  6. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Hi Chris,
    I learnt an important lesson with Stevia, Don't use too much!!! that stuff is potent. Hope you cake works out well... certainly sounds nice. I have been making a sultana and pumpkin cake recently, and used Stevia in it. It tastes a little different, but still very yummy.


  7. Wow, he can cook/bake already? Coming out of college, I could only cook stuff from a box or can.

  8. The giraffes are SO cute! I'd love to put in my order for Corby's room. Seriously.... how much would you charge? I love hand-made items.

    His colours would be green and orange and yellow.


  9. giraffes are too cute!

  10. Back to sewing. I'm so glad because I always love seeing how you create. :)

  11. I love the giraffes you picked out - and the fabrics. No matter what you decide on, they will be fantastic. You have such a magic touch when it comes to the crafty things you do - I'm always impressed!


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