Friday, May 25, 2012


If you live in New Zealand like me, you would know about the 'Tip Top Corner' here in Auckland.  OK.. maybe them in the South Island wouldn't!

But I digress.... I have driven past this corner a million times... and the Tip Top Ice Cream factory is clearly visible from the motorway,  hell it's right next to it.

And it has looked like this for many, many years:

ABOVE:  I think it's had a couple of repaints over the years, and a few subtle changes, but nothing major.  
Well... now it looks like this:

ABOVE:  NOT the best photo, we were travelling a bit fast... but as you can see, it's completely covered!  And has been for weeks now.
I am dying to know what they are doing under there... there's scaffolding behind that wrapping.

It intrigues me.  And when it is unwrapped, I will show what they have done!

I could have waited to do this post ONCE the wrapping came off..... but I had nothing to yabber on about this morning!  So you got that.
Be thankful... I could have posted nothing!

Wouldn't that have been novel?  No post from me?  Nah, can't imagine it.  I'd have to be in hospital for that to happen... and even then, some bugger would post for me!  lol

I'm gunna sew today I think... and fold the bloody washing... I've been looking at it all week.... *sigh*...


WOW!  Big news.  Housing New Zealand have offered Lacy a 2 bedroom house in Manurewa!  It's only about 5-10 minutes from here... which is excellent.  Griffin is going to get his room back soon!!!
Lacy and I are going to go do a drive by, just as soon as I have me shower and put some clothes on!

ABOVE:  Lacy's new abode.  It's a cute little 2 bedroom house.  Fully fenced back yard. No curtains so we will have to scrounge around for some... might even be able to get some from the Hospice Shop.

ABOVE:  she is an easy walk from all amenities she's ever going to need!  Doctor, Chemist, The Warehouse, New World supermarket, bakeries, WINZ office, Mc Donalds even!   How lucky can she get?
She is so happy... so am I!  

I decided we should go down to the Hospice shop and see if they had any curtains as Lacy's house has none.  But sadly they didn't ... but my name is on any that come in!
While there, Lacy saw and bought a couple of things:

ABOVE:  she got a tv cabinet for $5 and a lovely antique-ish coffee table for $9... So she's rather happy with herself.

WHEN does she move?  We won't know until she see's her case manager on Monday...  the house is empty right now so it shouldn't be too long?

End of Day:  well it's been a good day in lots of ways.  And I got NO sewing done at all!  Best laid plans and all that eh?
On Track: nope.
nite nite.


  1. Will be looking forward to seeing what is under that wrapper!! lol
    For you it's folding the washing....for me it's the ironing!! A job I've been 'thinking' about for days!!
    Enjoy your day sewing :)

  2. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Hey Chris! My parents company are doing the work. They are doing a major remodel - new signs, paint job etc.

  3. Yay - Lacy could have her own place very soon!!!!!

  4. Wow that is amazing (housing NZ) Especially it being that close to you. Hurry we need pictures too now this is exciting!

  5. Oh wow excellent news for Lacy :) and for Griffin :)

  6. Fucken awesome!!!!!!! Congrats Lacy!!!

  7. Absolutely awesome news for Lacy...

  8. Congrats on the housing issue being resolved. It sounds like it will be great for everyone.

  9. What good news about Lacys house. That didn't take long.

  10. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Awesome news Place looks cute
    Griffin can get some pocket money mowing the lawns!!
    Mary H

  11. Anonymous12:02 PM

    PS I think they will paint Rachael Hunter on there!!!
    Mary H

  12. Anonymous12:12 PM

    That is great news about Lacy getting her own place! Woo Hoo!

    Don't be upset if the Tip Top building looks exactly the same. That wrapping is often used when the building is leaking and undergoing repairs. Stops rain getting in if they remove part of the roof. Also safety as it would stop any loose material blowing onto the motorway... pr maybe they are doing a paint job... now I am intrigued!

  13. That is brilliant news!!!

  14. Great news about Lacey and the house. See, good things do happen....they just take time :) xx

  15. Wonderfull news about the house for Lacy. I hope Lacy lets you help her in setting up.

  16. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Lacy looks so healthy now. U deserve more than a couple of brownie points
    Can Lacy make the curtains herself if you show her how?

  17. Anonymous1:59 PM

    What a darling little house!!! perfect size! So happy for Griffin getting his room back! When does she get to move in? What a Glorious day for everyone!!...debbie

  18. That's great news!! Hopefully she won't have to wait too long to move.

  19. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Great news about Lacy! Now we gotta get rid of Steve, before Bec moves in and pinches Brylee's bedroom!

  20. Thats fantastic news for Lacy and you, Griffin will be thrilled sucj a dinky little abode does it have a fire? a few garden pots colour flower plants and it will be perfect, now to shift in does she have fridge freezer washing machine etc?

  21. So thrilled for Lacy and Griffin!!
    It's a cute little house and when it gets your magic touch it will be a real home for her x

  22. Awesome news about Lacy's house :)

  23. wow what a week! That is awesome that housing NZ have come through with a solution for everyone that works :)

    Lacy must be super stoked! And well before the baby is due, even better

  24. Anonymous11:35 PM

    What wonderful news ,and so quickly, one would have had to have waited ages sometimes months/ years/ Lacey must be feeling over the moon.

    Get rid of Steve, Oh no bless him, send him over here.
    Gosh it is all happening in your household.

    Whats next I wonder.

    Hugs to all



  25. I predict you will make the curtains!


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