Saturday, May 26, 2012


Perhaps if I say I am not doing any sewing today... I will actually get to do some?  lol

This past week has been full on... I've been here there and everywhere with the kids (the BIG kids that is!), hopefully nothing else happens for a few days and I can do a few things I want to do?

Grocery shopping this weekend (at some point)  is high on the list of "to do's", and that's about it.

Except for sewing... but shush, we will just whisper that!  *smiles*

I'm going to suggest we do a drive by the house Lacy is moving into tonight, to see what it's like in the area on a weekend night.  Hopefully it's OK.  Most state housing areas are not that 'great'... so in a way I'm a wee bit worried about how safe she will be, on her own there?
But hopefully, I'm worrying about nothing.
The local police station is about 500 metres up the road too.... which is kinda comforting!


Well... the shopping is done for another fortnight... thank god.  I hate it so much.  I always end up in a right shitty mood.  No surprises there.
Now I'm watching the final of American Idol.  Can't say I've been following it much this year... at all.
It just isn't that good this year I reckon.
So, I'll watch the finale then go do some sewing.

American Idol was nice, though I still feel like the guy who got kicked out last week should have won.  

It's been a quiet afternoon... for me anyway.  Stew has been doing the gardening and mowing the lawns... poor bugger.

Oh and I just remembered, Stew and I are going out for dinner to my Aunt and Uncle's around the corner.  So yaaa... we get to escape the mad house for a little while.
Steve is in Hamilton, so that means Lacy gets to cook the kids dinner and babysit.
I could come to like this... having a babysitter on hand all the time!
OK, once she moves into her own home she won't be quite 'on hand', but still close!  Yaaaa.

SEWING?  nope, still haven't done any!

End of day:  another lovely day.... dinner was super nice.  Lamb shanks cooked with veges... yummy.
On Track:  sort of!
nite nite.


  1. Is the house fenced? off can you flea bomb it first? have you got curtains ohhhhhhh you could sew curtains!!!! slap me I know The warehouse normally do pretty good deals maybe Steve could stay with her a few nights a week just random nights?

  2. The house looks ideal from the outside so hope you find it's as good as it looks.

    I'm so glad for you all as your living situation has been far from ideal.

    You certainly have had a busy week. So much going on. Hope you can have some fun today as well.


  3. Good idea about the drive by chris and hope you can get some #shhhhh# sewing done.Enjoy your weekend with stew and the littles :)

  4. Drive by at night. I wish I would have done that with one of the places we moved. All the creeps came out the day we moved in lol

  5. Anonymous3:24 PM I understand about the kids keeping you from sewing! Yesterday I thought I'd sew, so started, and within a few minutes a daughter and grands were over. This morning I turned on the machine, and also tried to do a study, and within a minute, another daughter and grand was over and that was the end of that! sigh~ I appreciate them so much, but I also need to sew! LOL ♥♥♥ Maybe tomorrow~!!!

  6. Maybe a "Beware of the Rottweiler" sign on the front door of Lacy's place could be added security.

    Enjoy your dinner out tonight. (Maybe you will get to sew tomorrow??)

  7. I think it's good to take a break from sewing every now and then.

  8. I love Paula's comment above! Moving is always exciting, yet uncomfortable at the same time. I think the drive-by is a great idea!

    Hope you find time this weekend to sew! I miss it!

  9. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Check out Trade Me for curtains - I just sold a full house lot for $30. Shame I could have sent them to you as they were perfect but wrong colour as we have decorated. Curtains will def. keep her safer as people won't be able to see in.


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