Sunday, May 06, 2012


Well... I hope not!  
They are really fun to make... made two more late last night ... these two are for Miss Muppet's room.... (LACY's Baby)...

ABOVE:  believe it or not, both these giraffes are made using similar purple and green fabrics, but they have come out so different in the photos!   
No idea why, might try taking a better photo of them later when the natural light is better. (done, didn't make much difference)
Does anyone think the bottom one looks more like a horse than a giraffe???

They will both have hearts/butterflies down the side too... at some point!
As I've said before, this is just the beginning of each wall hanging... there is heaps more to do.

Steve went to Hamilton last night to surprise Bex with a midnight feast!  She was working until 11pm and getting home around 11.30pm.... I wonder what she thought of Steve's surprise?

Suppose I shall find out later on in the day.

We don't have any plans for today.... probably just muck around at home... do some odd jobs, some sewing, bla bla bla.


JOAN:  Bex is a nurse aide..... not sure what the term is here.... anyway, she helps look after people who have had a stroke and are in Waikato Hospital.

It's a beautiful day here... not a cloud in the sky and mild temps.  Love it!

Stew and I went out 'window shopping' for a little garden shed to put the lawnmower etc in... so we can then fit more stuff in the under house store room.
We have too much 'stuff'.... but I don't want to sell or give any more away.
You never know when you might want/need it eh?

Lunch = pizza.
Was nice for a change.  We always get the thin base so we are not eating too many carbs.

Thinking of doing a bit more giraffe making...

End of Day:  didn't do any more giraffe stuff... had a mid afternoon nap instead!
Stew cooked dinner, so it's been a cruisy day in all.
ON TRACK:  sorta.
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous8:16 AM

    I think it looks like a dragons face , but that is maybe me , as I do need new glasses. Did you say you got the pictures from the net , cos our pattern came from a shop in Australia. .
    And they were flipping expensive..

    Hope Bex enjoyed her treat lol.
    what sort of work does she do to be working so late.?


  2. They are cute funky giraffe/horses ha, Steve is such a romantic NEW love is always so heartwarming!!

  3. luvin the giraffes

  4. yes it looks like a horse a very cute horse and they are adorable! Lacy must be getting excited to have new things for the baby!

  5. O Chris!
    I Just saw your visiting spider ! I love all animals -BUT- spiders scare me to death. Yours looks like he is hoping for a "bit of you"! I saw a program on tv one night about a lady who stuck her foot in her shoe early one morning and a spider was in there and bit her -making her deathly sick.O gosh - and your babies were visiting lately? Do you know if these guys travel alone or otherwise?

    I do love your giraffes and they are so cute. I do agree with you about the one resembling a horse. My favorite is the one with the extra big eyeballs.LOL

  6. On the airplsne today there was a giraffe teapot and a giraffe toilet paper holder in the Skymall magazine. I thought of you...

  7. Love the wall hangings, you talented tart!!!2nd one reminds me of a sea horse..

    have a fabulous day.

  8. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Chris, I could never get tired of those Giraffs!!! Great work!!! ♥♥♥

  9. I absolutely love the second giraffe. It looks in shock at just realising it is actually a giraffe!

  10. Anonymous7:55 PM

    I was thinking Bex had that type of job , she comes across as having a very caring nature.
    Steve and Bex certainly make a lovely couple.

    You have a lovely family there , and your grand daughters look so pretty.

    We have a bank holiday here , so as they say around here. Gonna have a bacon butty, a brew, and chill out and do nowt for rest o day,

    ie .bacon sandwich. Mug tea/coffee, Do nothing.

    Maybe shampoo both my shi-tzu.s cos they are beginning to pong lol

    Joan x

  11. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Love the Giraffes! Very groovy baby!!!

  12. I like the 2nd giraffe more. It looks like it had more character. And it doesn't look like a horse to me. It looks like a dragon.

  13. Love you art work. You always remind me I need to cull the stuff from my home. Too bad DH can't part with anything.


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