Monday, May 28, 2012


ABOVE: Steve and Bex just could not wait to start getting stuff for their baby!  This bassinette was on sale, half price... so they bought it.   Cute.... their baby is not much bigger than a freaking Jellybean and it's already got a bed.  lol

The rate they are going they will have everything BUT the baby before too long... and then they will just have to sit and wait for said baby... for months!  lol   They are so keen for him/her to get here, which is rather sweet.

Lacy is the same, gnashing at the bit for Miss Muppet to arrive... AND our DIL Tess is the same!  Babies everywhere!

OH and before I forget:

ABOVE: THIS is what I got yesterday!  Only, I think I got the wrong one?  Maybe I shall be swapping it for the smaller one, not sure yet.

Today:  We visit the Midwife, and in the afternoon Lacy has an appointment with WINZ to sort out the bond for her Housing Corp house.
So ... a busy day ahead of us.


I had a 'go' at putting some curls in me hair this morning.  Found out 2 things.
1.  The size of the curls is just right for my hair I reckon.
2.  And F*#k I need to get some kevlar gloves!  I kept burning meself.  Hurts.  Like, the freakin thing is super HOT.  DERRRR.

Off to the midwives shortly ... where I am sure Lacy will get a clean bill of health.  She's doing really well... and not bitching too much about the discomfort of it all.... surprisingly!

JOAN: Lacy has almost everything she needs for her new home... she didn't have a vacuum cleaner, but a good blogging friend of mine is giving her one!   All we really, really need now is curtains... and I've got my eye on several sets on Trademe (online auction site), so hopefully by the time she moves in I will have sorted out that problem. 
The floors in the house are all wooden, so we have a few spare rugs that she can have.... hopefully she will be all set up before Miss Muppet arrives.

Steve and Bec's... well I'm not going to worry about them for now, there's enough to think about right now.

You mentioned we have lots of different personalities in my family!  You are so right there.  There is always something going on!

TRACY:  Jeeeezzzzz.... I WANT THE STEAMER!  LOL.  I'll ask her if she wants the fruit bowl when she comes outta her room... she's busy letting her friends know how the midwife appointment went.

And it did go well.. no problems.  She is allowed to deliver Miss Muppet at Botany Birth Centre, and IF baby displays any withdrawal symptoms from the medication Lacy is on she can be transferred to Middlemore easily. So all good!

Killing time until her next appointment today, over in Henderson.  Should do some housework I suppose... 

FINALLY home after hours of meeting, reading contracts, Lacy signing her life away (just joking)... and now... she has the keys to her new home.
We will pop over there tonight to show Stew and see if the power is on or not.  If not, it means more meeting to get her connected and bond paid.  Oh yaaa.
But in all, it's been an excellent day!
Everything is coming together for Lacy. 

End of Day:  I've been hounding Trademe for curtains for Lacy's house... had some success too.  Just bought two sets of curtains for the two bedrooms... at fairly decent prices too.  Happy about that.
ON TRACK:  yes.
nite nite


  1. How excing , more babies . My friend Bluebell came to see me today, she had her 4 mnth/grandson with her . He is one little charmer

  2. Busy! BUT GOOD BUSY! Sounds like all is well, things are sorting out, so happy for you all. :)!!

  3. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Such happy news all around you, will Lacey have to get much to furnish your new home ?.

    Where will Steve and Bex hope to live.?

    You are so lucky to have such a large family, with such different personalities, ideas, etc.


  4. Chris I have a George Forman 3 tier steamer & a large yellow & white fruit bowl Lacy is welcome too if she wants them.

  5. That is fantastic news about the house for Lacy - very exciting for her to nest and good for family relations to have less of you squeezed into your house.

    I hope she gets to move soon.

    Also great news from the midwife!

    Penny xo

  6. The steamer is yours!!! For some reason we have 2 so one is never used now.

  7. Anonymous1:43 PM sounds like you're expecting 3~! grandbabies? That is a blessing, but I know can be overwhelming at the same time! You do have a wonderful family!
    I have 6 grands and 3 with Jesus, so I am also blessed~

    OUCH...with that curling Iron. Those are super burns. One time I sat through church for 2 hours with my hand in a cup of cold water because I burned myself. Now I just wrap my hair in a bun and go with a clip in the back. Works for me. LOL My hair is stick straight! ♥♥♥

  8. Hi Chris, I just read two weeks worth of your posts! you are a busy lady and with two grand babies on the way I think you're close to being a whole lot busier :-) All so exciting. Seeing the scans is really amazing.

    Congrats to Lacy on her new home. The little yellow house with the yellow roses looks perfect for her. And it's a plus that it's so close to you.

    Sorry the cone is back on the dog. That's got to be frustrating.

    Hope you get a chance to sew soon and RELAX a bit.

    xo jj

  9. HOw lovely to see everything is coming together after all the dramas earlier this year.


  10. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Bet Lacey is excited now she has the keys., really good to know Lacey and her little babe is getting on ok. When is she is hoping to move in.?

    Joan x

  11. I started gathering stuff at the 7 month mark, and I got it all in the nick of time a FIRST baby is exciting though, Score on the curtains trademe is such a great place I love it, I have burnt myself a couple of times not too badly though but enough to be a pain.....

  12. You must be so excited about what's going to happen in the next little while! Sorry I haven't been in touch for a while it's been kind of crazy lately. My art festival is finally over and now maybe life can get back to normal. So how is life besides preparing for the grand kids?


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