Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Today I am catching the train into the city.
To meet up with a very old friend of the family.
She was my 'Aunty Pam' all my life, like my 2nd mother.. and I loved her.

When I left Auckland about 27 years ago, I've only seen her twice and talked to her on the phone once about 10 years ago ... since then I lost contact.
I moved.
She moved.

Well... thanks to Facebook I tracked down one of her grandkids,  and from there... I hunted the white pages until I found her again.

I spoke to her yesterday, and today I'm going to see her!
I'm nervous!  I am not sure why ... I just am.

ABOVE:  I decided to make 2 Feijoa cakes and take some for morning tea with Pam...

ABOVE:  they came out really lovely too... we ate almost half of one last night for supper!

ABOVE:  I'm glad they tasted so good... cos I had to buy the feijoas... and would you check out the price I had to pay!!!


WHY was I nervous???

Pam and I greeted each other... and then sat and yakked for 3 and a half hours!  It was so lovely... but the best moment was when she laughed at something!  She has the MOST delightful laugh and as soon as I heard it I remembered her like we hadn't been apart for so many years!  
She has not changed AT ALL... and I can't wait until I can see her again.
We have even talked about her coming out here for visits and dinner too.  
That is going to be so neat.  She really is like me 2nd Mother... well that's how I feel anyway.

TRAINS... great way to get into the city for sure. No parking hassels.  Cheap too.
But.... when I wanted to catch a train out home again... I missed one by only about 30 seconds... so I asked the nearest train conductor when the next one was and he was down right rude!
He said... "NOT THIS ONE. Read the signs!" and walked away.
Pfffffft.  As I have only been down in the central train station a few times, I wasn't sure which signs to bloody well read.  I ended up asking a Courtesy Man where the timetable for the Southern Line was and he said I could catch THAT train (pointing to one on another line)... but I would have to run cos it was leaving in one minute!

ME? RUN?  Hell no!

But I did my best and managed to get to the train as the doors were closing... so I kinda shoved me gorgeously ample body in the gap and stopped the door closing long enough to get in.  ha ha ha!

I friggin well forgot to take some photos!  Derrr.
Pam lives in an inner city apartment, she has a lovely view of part of the harbour.  Her eldest daughter and her husband are in the same building too... they Manage it.  They apparently have an amazing view of the entire harbour!

Home now... and ooops, ain't even thought about dinner.   Stewy... maybe we will have some takeaways tonight?

I'm still buzzing about my day.... huge smile on me dial.   It was so nice to have a totally lovely day, no stress... just loved it.

ABOVE:  with her permission... here is my Aunty Pam and her eldest grandchild.... Jodi.  Jodi is the one I tracked down on Facebook and she is how I found my Aunty Pam again!  THANKS Jodi!!!

SASSY: Feijoa's taste like nothing I can compare them to... they taste like FEIJOA'S!   DOH... not helping eh?  lol  And yep, I did kinda run... but me thinks it looked more like a quick shuffle!  *smiles*

End of Day:  a fantastic day!  Lovely dinner (chinese) followed by hot feijoa cake and ice cream.  Naughty but nice.
ON TRACK:  hell no.
nite nite.


  1. Good Lord, thats expensive. If I were closer you could have grabbed some of my tree's. They have been LOADED and I even thru away two bucket fulls last week as I'd run out of people to give them to.

  2. Anonymous10:25 AM

    good grief anyone would think they grew on trees lol ;p - gilly

  3. How exciting being able to catch up with your Aunty Pam again after so long.

    Have a fantastic time!!!

  4. The price of feijoas is outrageous at the moment and I try and get them from markets or there is a little fruiterer I go too... ANOTHER FROSTY start..... not cutie

  5. I pay for feijosa too! hahaha...

  6. Hope the day went well and bloody hell Feijoas are so expensive in the shops....

  7. Glad you had a great time with your Aunt - Bummer about the trains

  8. Anonymous4:28 PM

    What rude people you have at the Stations! Well i cant really Talk... Tram inspectors over here in Melb think they rule the world.
    My hubbie had a run in with them once... they now know not to pester him again.

    Drooling over the Fejoia cake, miss them sooo much :-(.

  9. So good to hear about your awesome day. Bet you can't wait to do it again.....well without the train drama. lol
    Enjoy having an easy meal tonight :)

  10. owww, your Aunty Pam looks like a real sweetheart. (you can tell, its written all over her lovely face)

  11. I am so happy for you...being reunited with dear friends and loved ones is such a great feeling.......I am so glad you found her again!!!!
    And ...I have never heard of that fruit {?} you bought....what does it taste like? Your cakes looked yummy...
    and you crack me up....talking about running.....glad you made it!!!!!

  12. I know what you mean about second mums. I have a couple of them, they are very special. I'm glad you got to find yours again!

    Penny xo

  13. I am glad you had such a lovely time, don't lose touch again now you have found her.

  14. ohh sounded like a lovely reunion, glad it was all you wished for...and have more meetings planned :-)

  15. Aaw lovely. She looks like a really special lady...hang on to her.she makes you feel good.So pleased you had a neat day. X

  16. Glad you had a great day!

  17. It is nice you got to see your 2nd Mother after so long.
    I'm glad you got your Gorgeously Ample body safely on the train!

  18. Anonymous5:40 AM

    Facebook is soo good for finding long lost relatives. Bob Cousin tracked him down, because I was a friend of one of her friends, that I befriended by accident. Weird huh?? Musta been meant to be!! Glad you found her and had a wonderful day!! ...debbie

  19. I know what you mean by 2nd mom. Altho' I love my mother to bits, she doesn't speak English. We communicate in Chinese dialect which is a charming dialect but there are some feelings, thoughts you can't express in dialects. From time to time, I've found 2nd moms (English speaking) and I imgagine that's what it would have been like for me and my mother.


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