Monday, May 07, 2012


Russell and Tess connected with us over Skype last night... so I got to see wee Sienna the day before she turns 1 year old.

She is just ADORABLE...  it is going to be 6-7 months before we finally get to give her a cuddle.  I can't wait.

ABOVE:  Sienna and her Mum and Dad.  
I can't believe there will be ANOTHER wee baby in their family in two months!  Another one we won't see until around December.  

I bet he/she will be just as darn cute as Sienna and her sister Haylea.
Russell requested a Teddy for the new baby... so I am now on the look out for the perfect teddy (X's two).  Ya gotta have two the same so you can wash one and still have one with the bubba eh?  *smiles*

TODAY:  moving stuff around again.  Probably take me all day.... but it's on me mind, so can't be ignored....   I'm such a pain in the butt to everyone.
Why ... oh why.... can't I be content with where things are just for once????


Yesterday I told my menfolk I wanted to move the bedrooms around AGAIN... and they kinda ignored my 'request'....
S0... Right now I'm getting LOTS of exercise, doing it myself.  
Cos I am VERY impatient, and when I say I want to do something, I mean NOW, not later.
They know this.  Doofus's.

Lacy has caught the bus into Manurewa, she's dropping off some stuff to Housing Corp.  So it's just me in the house for a while... yaaa.

I've managed to move about 1/4 of the furniture on me own... just having a break before starting again.   
It's HARD WORK!  I sure can't just go full steam ahead anymore... I've got to take 'breaks'.... getting old *sigh*

I'm going to have some bruises me thinks.  Just spent about 20 minutes getting Griffin's big chest of drawers up the stairs.  I took all the drawers out, but it was still a massive job for me.  ONE. STEP. AT. A. TIME...... and there's 11 steps.
I've been counting how many times I go up and down the steps... should be quite a few by the time I'm done for the day!

ABOVE:  the drawers at the top of the stairs.  I would weigh them to see how heavy they are... but I'm too tired.

Lacy arrived back... think she's having a rest now.  Sounds like a good idea.  I'm getting a bit tired.  Might get some lunch... I've been on the go for 4 hours...

5 hours later... no internet all afternoon, couldn't update... so just kept on moving stuff!
Totally shattered now.  Even me fingers hurt.

ABOVE:  very ikkk photo!  Tired, hot and no makeup !  LOL... like I give a shit ... I got heaps done today!  I'm really pleased with myself, and later on I'm gunna have a spa.  

OH AND I managed to cook a huge beef/bacon/tomato casserole too.  1/2 for tonight's dinner with veges, and tomorrow I'm gunna make PIE with the rest.   Yummmm.

I'm so tired I have no appetite for dinner.  So, with all the exercise today, and no dinner.. I might lose a kilo!  That would be nice.

WOMBAT: I'm gunna pretend you didn't say that... I ain't got any muscles.. it's all fat !

End of Day:  what a busy day I've had!  Massive moving around... Steve is back in the 'spare' bedroom, Lacy is in Griffin's room, my car is finally back in the garage, and Griffin?  
He's sleeping in my walk in wardrobe for now!
ON TRACK: too right!
nite nite.


  1. She is very the blonde locks :)

  2. What a gorgeous wee girl :) Yep having 2 teddies is ideal, can relate to that :)
    I hear you on the "shifting stuff around". I was always doing that around the whole house but now it's just the bedrooms that have me changing things......actually I am on a mission at the moment but can't see it happening until I do some more clearing out!! lol
    Have fun....if you can call it that :) xx

  3. darling wee ones you have. Your so spoiled grandma! Take it easy Chris you have a bad back!!

  4. She is certainly a doll-baby and she looks like her parents. Have you considered Making her a teddy bear??? Remember when you made those CUTE ducks??? This would give you a chance to play with some new fabrics????

    Chris- you have the most beautiful house and a large reason for that is all the Hard work you put into it.

  5. Beautiful girl - makes me clucky...

    What a shame you aren't wearing your pedometer today, would be interesting to see the step numbers. Be careful!

    Penny xo

  6. You are such an inspiration to me girl!! You are like the Energizer Bunny!! I will be 57 in August and you run circles around me!! I of course have multiple health issues, but on I wish I had your energy!!
    That Sienna is just beautiful! She certainly belongs to you!! I so see the grandma in her!!
    I too, am a pain in the butt to my hubby about moving things around...LOL I should tell him about your blog as he thinks I am the only one I think..LOL.
    God Bless~

  7. Anonymous7:13 PM

    You might put on weight after all that lifting and moving because muscle weighs more than fat and you must have built up some muscle today! WOMBAT

  8. Anonymous7:18 PM

    LOL at you moving the furniture! Hope the bruises aren't too bad!!!!

  9. Your face looks so much slimmer Chris, you must be loosing weight.


  10. Sienna is the cutest little button, and grandma is too even if hot and sweaty, I do hope your shoulder/back or arms aren't too sore tomorrow maybe soaking all day in the spa with your favourite tipple eh!!

  11. The last time I moved furniture I hurt my back pretty bad so I don't do any heaving anymore. I don't like change much so it all works out.

  12. Anonymous10:40 PM

    You must have muscles to move that furniture! I move my furniture around and I weigh WAY more than you do! WOMBAT

  13. Sienna is a cutie!

    What a busy day you've had. I bet the guys will either be impressed or angry that you did it yourself! Good job though. I love your fringe cut like that.

  14. Boy, that is some head of hair on the little one! She's a doll!

  15. Don't hurt yourself moving the furniture Woman! Sweet little baby, Happy Birthday.

  16. Kerry from Star, Idaho7:56 AM

    Oh my gawd Chris.... nearly jumped outta my skin. Man that photo of you is scary.... getta a hairdo and spruce up with some makeup girl. We don't want any heart attacks round here, now do we!

  17. Maria8:45 AM

    Thinning scissors needed for that fringe!


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