Friday, May 18, 2012


I'm getting a bit tired of having Griffin sleeping in my wardrobe.
Yes, I am.  
It is supposed to be a temporary place for him to sleep, but I wonder.... What if Lacy is still here in 6 months?

I was walking down the hallway this morning.... and glanced in the laundry. Hmmmmm,  it's just the right space for an airbed.  The ONLY problem is the dog door!  Bit... draughty?
Maybe I need to scrap that idea eh?

Pitch a tent?
Nah... bit too cold.  And we get lots of wind and rain in winter.

I keep wracking my brains on where I can put him.  
And I simply CANNOT find an alternative to MY wardrobe.   Grrrrrr.

Today:  sewing!  And now that I have the Baby Quilt off my conscience I can relax and do some wall hangings !  Yaaaa.


I dropped Steve off at work this morning, and then popped into the Hospice Shop to drop off some choco's I was given by my Quilter lady.... and let me Boss know I would be away next Wednesday.
Going to Hamilton ... but can't say why right now... tis still 'SECRET'.  lol

And, before anyone asks me 'what is a choko?'....

ABOVE:  choko's.  You can get prickly ones, smooth ones and creamy coloured ones too.  They grow on a creeping vine like a pumpkin.  They taste like?  I dunno!  Never tried one.  I think people use them to make chutney, relish etc. 

ABOVE: Lacy's room (until she leaves).... no room for Griffin.  Hell, I'm not even sure there is room for the bassinet!  Griffin can't share the bed either, cos he tosses and turns all night and would drive Lacy MENTAL.

ABOVE: Brylee's room.  It's a single, so no room for Griffin in here either.  And there is also the problem of them not going to sleep at night due to talking, arguing, moaning and groaning about the other one making noise... bla bla bla.
Hell, they bitch about each other at night when they are not even sharing a room!  Shits.

The 'attic'... is under the roof.... a concrete tile roof, no insulation... only good for storage.  
Griffin would FREEZE up there!

Steve's room:  well same problem here too.  Griffin COULD share the bed with Steve.... but then where would be put BEX when she's here? I seriously doubt she wants to sleep in my wardrobe!!!  

The lounge and family room:  hmmmm... had thought of it... but as we use both rooms until WE go to bed at 11pm... Griffin would be awake until 11pm every night.  NOT a good idea.

OH and I even thought of the back of my car (in the garage).... but that sounds even WORSE than sleeping in the wardrobe!

So, we are back to the wardrobe.  It's the ONLY place that is not freezing, not getting in anyone's face and he can get to sleep at the right time for him .... *sigh*

Shit I hope he hasn't gone and told his teacher's at school that he's sleeping in the wardrobe!!!  It sounds even worse that sleeping in the garage!   shit shit shit.

Who suggested bunks?   I'm now thinking... a bunk set in Brylee's room... double bed on the bottom, single bed on the top could work!  AND give us more options when say... Kelly and Rena visit?  
Kelly and Rena share the double, Brylee on the top bunk! 
Cos usually when they visit Brylee is in the wardrobe!  Hee hee....

I'm sewing!....

Well, I have done most of the stitching of the Hippo... now I have to make a border and then quilt it!

Re: Steve.  I am sure he will move on and live with Bex before the end of the year.  I do not WANT him here necessarily, he just is here!

Re: Lacy.  I hope she is out by the end of the year too... And YES Maria, I think she should keep the room tidy too.  Must talk to her about that.... and's DONE.
She is right NOW getting plastic bags to put all her stuff in and then she will put them under the bed.

End of Day:  tis been a long day. Cold.  I'm gunna have sore shoulders tomorrow from sewing for so long too.
Michelle:  Lacy is not Griffin's Mum, I am.
ON TRACK:  not really.
nite nite


  1. What about a Hammock , I think you will have to do some brainstorming amongst the family .
    Perhaps you will have to purchase a summer house and put it right outside the door. Your hubby is handy could he make a bunk bed with folding legs so the whole caboodle could be put out of the way during the day .
    Tell me to mind my own business ,I don't take offence easily . xx

  2. Anonymous8:54 AM

    How many bedrooms do you have and who is in each bedroom? Mybe we can help you figure it out. Which bedrooms are the biggest?

  3. Anonymous8:59 AM

    How big is the attic?
    Or put screens up in Brylees room to divide the room
    Mary H

  4. choko's are nice in cheese sauce ...tho havent had them for years. I was going to say can he share brylees room too ?
    Have a great day

  5. How about Brylee and Lacy temporarily sharing a room?

  6. Maria9:38 AM

    yeah maybe Brylee & Griffin should share for a while. They could take week about changing clothes in the bathroom etc

  7. Boy! I feel your aggravation. I Hate it when I just cannot come up with the perfect solution!

  8. Maybe bunks some where??? - change Lacy and Brylee?
    Must admit Glad its not me - must be a nightmare!
    Hey with Griffin in the wardrobe - tell them its the kiwi version of Harry Potter!
    Good luck Chris!

  9. The sleeping problem seems like a hard one to solve. Is it possible to put bunk beds in any of the rooms....or would that even help? I just hope he doesn't end up sleeping in the car.

  10. Anonymous11:27 AM

    How about Lacy and Brylee share a room but put them both in single beds. Then they may fit in the room that Lacy is in alone.

  11. Belinda11:39 AM

    What about putting 2 single beds in Lacys room so he can move in there with her until she moves out. A little unfair on him tho i guess when miss muppet is born as he will get woken up. How about Brylee and Griffen share a room for a awhile? If they have the same bed time maybe send on to bed 10 mins later on different nights so the first one to bed gets time to settle in etc and fall asleep so there is no talking / fighting etc.

  12. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Another option put Lacy in B room (3/4 bed perhaps), & B & G in Lacy room 2 single beds or bunks

  13. Is there room on your property to put one of those wee outhouse type rooms? Like a mini Granny flat but really on bedroom sized - or a caravan for either Lacy or Steve?

  14. Can you fit one of those rentable cabins outside on your property?
    Put Steve in there and Griffin in Steve's room?


  15. You need a bigger house:)

  16. How about just tell Steve and Lacy to get their shit together, move out and grow up?? Bry and Dude shouldn't have to move around. At least tell Steve to start arranging alternative accommodation. Surely Bex and him can save up bond etc in the next few months, so they can live together. It's bullshit! Sounds like another mother I know that is being taken advantage of there kids blushing off them for years. Thank fuck I'm not having any. I see your predicament, but how long do you keep putting yourself out?

  17. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Have Steve get an apt of his own and give Lacy his room and give Griffen his room back....debbie

  18. Yep, I was thinking bunks. You can get ones that have a tent over the top even. Privacy for whoever wants it up there.

    They'll get used to it and it probably won't be forever!

  19. Maria4:29 PM

    Yeah maybe it is time for Steve to get his own place.

  20. Maria4:32 PM

    And Lacey needs to get her shit together and keep her room tidy. Gee she's not a 2 year old. Seems like I've been taking the bitchy pills again but really I'm sure you wouldn't let Brylee keep her room like that. Lacey needs to respect your house, she is very lucky you have taken her in and could at least be tidy.

  21. I was thinking maybe Steve (and Bex) could move in together (elsewhere). I know you want to have him with you but sometimes they've got to move on.

  22. I can't comment we have 4 adults 5 cats a dog and 2 fish in a 3 bedroom 1 bithroom house!!!! we a bit crammed BUT nowhere bear as crammed as you a conservatory add on? or a little sleepout?

  23. Louise Masion, SE London, UK5:31 PM

    I agree with KiwiChris. Chuck Lacy and Steve out... they are grown up and don't need to sponge off you. Then give Griffin his room back. Poor love, I feel sorry for him. He shouldn't have to be shifted around like that. After all, you are looking after Lacy's kids. I think you have done your bit girl.

  24. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Hi Chris
    Its a very hard time for you all at the moment. I do feel very sorry for G. I think he has been through enough in his short life and now his Mum has turned everyone's life upside down again.Your an amazing lady and I wish you all the best trying to keep everyone happy :O)
    Michelle xox

  25. BEST B and B ever!!!!!!! I wanna move in! I'll live in the wardrobe!

  26. Good luck sorting out the sleeping arrangements. Have a good weekend.

  27. Bunk beds were my first thought.
    Giraffes are out, hippos are in?

  28. How 'bout squeeze LACY in the wardrobe instead? Would that work? Or Lacy share with Brylee?

  29. I wish my 14 yr old daughter kept her room as tidy as Miss Brylee does!

  30. You're such a good mom!! Kids are all lucky to have you.


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