Thursday, May 31, 2012


ABOVE:  can ya see it?  

ABOVE:  all our frogs spend all their time hiding from us... but this one?  Well clearly he doesn't know we can see him!  Silly frog... big fat bellied frog!

Today Lacy and I will go over to the house and drop off a few things.... before I have to take Griffin to his Speld Lesson at lunchtime.

I will be going to Pukekohe today too... to pick up some curtains.


Yaaa. We have a microwave for Lacy now.  There is one for sale at Steve's work that we can buy for about $36, so I'll pick that up this morning.

LYNDA:  I will try and pop over sometime next week for the vacuum (thanks Lynda, I will make sure I'm home Sunday morning at 11 am, will that suit you?), and

TRACY:  same ... for the steamer and fruit bowl.
can you send me an email with your phone number and address again?  I lost it.

Lacy and I have got quite a bit done today... net curtains up, the lounge blind and curtain up, bought more cheap net for the dining room, and I've picked up the curtains from Pukekohe.

As soon as Brylee gets home from school we will go out again and pick up the microwave and go the Lacy's house to do some more work on the windows.  

Oh and while I was in Pukekohe this afternoon I saw this car:

ABOVE:  see?  How cute is that?  The car has 'eyelashes' on it's headlights!  They are NOT painted on, they are just like eyelashes!  

End of Day:  totally knackered, been hanging curtain tracks and curtains most of the day.
ON TRACK:  sort of.  Food on the run is usually a bad choice.
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous8:19 AM

    How many frogs do you have now? He sure is cute, from what I can see of the little fella!! What fun! ...debbie

  2. I can drop it to you - just let me know when you are home after the long weekend.

  3. Wow he sure did get big!

  4. He is a big fat-bellied frog, but he sure is cute. He looks like he is showing off for you a bit.

  5. I love the frog photo! How cute! We have named one of ours Tub-O-Lard cause she's huge compared to the other two. She spends all her time in the waterfall! One hides in the greenery and the other up the top of where your fellow is hiding! They are cute, aren't they?

  6. Go for it Chris - Get some eyelashes - The boys will love ya for it (hehehe)

  7. Did you get my text? We are not here over the long weekend but I can drop to you tomorrow, just let me know.

  8. Great productive day you have had, WE have 2 minis down here with eyelashes and they are quite dinky......

  9. I've seen heaps of eyelashes around ... and there a quite a few listed on Trade Me ... ... They only look cute on some cars though. :)

  10. Anonymous3:28 AM

    The house should be up and running perfectly! LOL

    LOVE the frog~! He has NO IDEA!

    I NEED some of those eye lashes! ♥♥♥


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