Thursday, May 17, 2012


Lacy combed Teddy's rump last night, where he had some scabbing from his last flare up.
He didn't really like it:

ABOVE:  can you hear him?  Talk about a big sook!  She wasn't even hurting him.

Today:  well the only thing on my agenda today is to take Griffin to his Speld lesson, and drop off the Baby Quilt at the quilter's house across the road from the speld teacher's home.

I'm not sure, but hopefully I will go into Pukekohe for a look around if I get time while he's at his lesson too.  Today's lesson is going to be longer than usual to make up for him not going next week.  (he has a school trip).


We let the dogs sleep 'inside' last night.... usually they sleep in the laundry, because Teddy was acting kinda weird.  Shivering, whimpering, lifting his back leg like something was wrong with it?
I checked him all over for any injury, NOTHING.
I wiggled his leg, squished his paws, NOTHING.
So, I'm convinced he's just cold!  And a big whimp.

I hope that's all.  He's not limping this morning... but he's still acting weird.  It's going to worry me now.

Off to the mall shortly, now the weather has turned I realise I have very little winter clothes, so will pop down and see what's on offer for cuddly girls.

ABOVE: Yaaa, found plenty to wear over winter.  Now I have to hurry up and go pick up Griffin....
I'll be back.......LATER...

I have had the most lovely couple of hours!
I dropped Griffin off at his Speld Teacher's home, then drove around the corner to the Quilter's home. 
And Yvonne and her friend stood and yakked with me for over an hour!  It was lovely.
I am so glad I took the baby quilt there, cos I know Yvonne is going to do a lovely job of quilting it for me.

Now that I'm home... I've tried on all me purchases from this morning... and I'm thrilled with all of them.  They fit me ample bod... so that's good.

End of Day:  gotta make this quick, the internet has been on/off for the last two hours, I am expecting it to go off again any second.
Teddy seems a bit happier tonight, we took off his jumper!  He seems so much happier! 
weird dog.
ON TRACK:  yes.
nite nite.


  1. Hahahaha... what a crack up Teddy is! Too cute ;)

  2. I love the blue an black top, and the black grey one, I tried on the black red one here in Taupo BUT alas im too short!!! Freezing cold wind here today.

  3. Aww, dear little Teddy! What a sweet face.

  4. They look nice - dets please - which shops!
    Have a great day

  5. Hope Teddy is ok, Chico is doing so well she is so loved :) and love the tops :)

  6. O, I am excited about your pretty quilt getting quilted. Can't wait to see Pictures!

  7. Teddy is toooooo cute!!

    And love your new tops, espesially the blue & black one with the zip down the middle...

  8. Lol, he is a big sook.

    Lacy is very patient with him.

  9. Has Teddy been doing peepee? He might be having problems and a visit to the vet might help.

  10. Aw, poor Teddy! LOL! Believe me, Noah is just as much of a wimp as Teddy, and he's about three times his size! Great clothes you got for yourself...isn't it nice to shop for yourself once in a while? :o)



  11. So weird that we are on complete different seasons..we're heading into summer here..btw I did a couple of posts..I know..don't faint! LOL

  12. Anonymous11:35 PM

    they have medicated shampoos for Teddy's problems. Might drop by the vets and pick up a bottle. It will help clear up his scabs and keep the itching at bay....debbie

  13. Your winter is coming, because ours is going.
    Yes, your dogs are playing your sympathy

  14. teddy sounds almost human. soooo cute.

  15. No sleeves on your winter wear! That wouldn't work here. So much going on with you right now. Enjoy it.

  16. Dang it - I was hoping to see your SOOK!


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