Wednesday, May 09, 2012


I love making pies.
Last night's was really, really yummy:

 ABOVE:  it's supposed to say 'OH YAA PIE' ....   but it's a bit hard to tell.
Was bloody nice though.  I think a good stew always tastes better the next day... and even better in a pie!

ABOVE: re-jigged craft/sewing area.  I wonder if I will ever stop moving stuff around?  *sigh*

Painted concrete floors... OMG slippery!  Going to price some sort of 'astro turf?' or garage carpet for the floor under me car.  The last thing I want is for anyone to arse over onto concrete!

TODAY:  off to the Hospice Shop... and NO Mrs Smelly Pants!  How freakin awesome.  Lacy is coming down to Manurewa this morning too... I think she wants to have a look at nappy prices bla bla bla.

(sorry, didn't get around to Blog reading/commenting yesterday, was just too tired, hopefully will this afternoon)

OH... I mentioned a Rhino didn't I?  Well.. I did this cutie late last night:

ABOVE:  Meet 'Cindy'.... I named her.  She's so cute... I LOVE RHINOS.  


I totally loved Hospice today!  I got a few treasures, found some for Amanda, put some aside for next week... and we were busy... which I love.  

ABOVE:  a cute wee clock for me sewing area... I kinda broke the one down there yesterday... Ooops.  And a darling wee silver jewellery box.

ABOVE:  and some awesome Tupperware ($4 the lot)... cos a girl can NEVER have too much Tupperware!  

PINKY: no it didn't, but that's cool as I use that size container for mayonnaise.... or leftovers in the fridge.  It's a really versatile size.


  1. Chris , I have to call you super Chris . I don't know how you do it all .
    Enjoy that well deserved break .
    Love to you both from England

  2. Luvin Cindy she is awesome....enjoy your weekend away you sure deserve it :)

  3. Cindy is cool! - Love her!

  4. I think that pie looks awesome and I can totally tell what it says.

  5. I love your sewing area. :D I looove the Rhino! So cute.

  6. O Chris- that is the absolute Cutes rhino I have ever seen! Great job so far. Can't wait to see her when it is finished.

  7. Finally you can breath (yes, pun intended) a sigh of relieve with Ms. Smelly Pants gone.

    I see you are at it again...making awesome stuff that is. You are incredible!

  8. I wrote "Pie" on a pie I made once after seeing it on your blog and my sister-in-laws thought it was hilarious! Thanks for the inspiration. Penny xo

  9. Chris is adorable:)

  10. Great score on the tupperware!
    Did the beetroot holder have it inside thingy???

  11. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Lol You are so funny! Your dinner pie looks nice!! How clever to put writing on the crust!! The Rhino is sooo cute!! How do you do that so fast?? ...debbie

  12. Excellent bargin anyways aye for the tupperware and like you said great size - all of them are!
    Forgot to say - love the Pie!

  13. I remember years ago my husband made a bacon & egg pie with "I love you" on it. Those were the days :-)

  14. Ahhhhhhhh tupperware! I am addicted! I sell it now to try and cut down my addiction, but its just worse!

  15. Pie looks fab we had chicken wibbly wobbly pie tonight, but the picture of the day has to be the Rhino she is delightful.........

  16. Yum for pie! What a cute hippo!

  17. Score on the Tupperware!!

    Love the rhino and the pie :)


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