Monday, May 14, 2012


Ok, lots to do today.
First... get housework up to date.
Second... take Lacy to her midwife appointment.
Third... buy more bran flakes for the mealworms.
Fourth... sit down and read blogs... cos I have been the worst blog friend lately!

Much apologies.

Once I am caught up on that, I will do some sewing...

Lacy and Bex are both home ... so they can amuse each other!

ABOVE:  a craft/art Gallery near Omaha yesterday.... I loved this fish... till I saw the price!  OMG like, hundreds of dollars for a paper mache' fish!  Needless to say, it stayed right where it was.

ABOVE:  moments after arriving home, my new blankie is stolen... Bex and Teddy liked it... but I  got it back!

ABOVE:  HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY to my Great Niece Skye!  Isn't she gorgeous! 

AND.... HAPPY 75th BIRTHDAY to my Mum... Skye's Great Grandmother!


ADDED a bit to yesterday's update.

No midwife today afterall... strangely, she's delivering a baby !  lol
So, Lacy will see her tomorrow instead.
Think I will go grocery shopping....

Yaaaa, shopping is done.  We also visited the Baby Factory:

ABOVE:  covering the bases with the bibs... and a baby wedge that can be passed on to the next baby.... and the next.... bla bla bla.

MARIA:  I'm of the opinion that an infant is safest on it's side... with a wedge to stop it rolling onto it's front OR back.
Sleeping infants exclusively on their backs (as MODERN 'experts' recommend) can and does cause a lot of babies to have 'flat heads', which require correction later on with the use of a helmet that is strapped on their heads for 24 hrs a day.  NO THANKS .... my grandbabies will sleep on their sides and never have a flat head.... unless the parent WANTS to sleep their baby on it's back that is.... which is their prerogative of course.

Yaaa.... groceries done, Bugs sorted, Frogs sorted, House jobs done.... dinner on... finally time to read some blogs!!!

End of Day:  well it's been a fairly busy one... dinner was very yum.... we had dessert too ... just what Stew and I didn't have on our mini break.
ON TRACK:  wish I could say yes, but probably tomorrow will be better.
nite nite.


  1. Glad you had a great time away and that you planning another one, then maybe you and Stew could get to Aussie :)

  2. Back into the swing of things I see! Enjoy your day

  3. O My Chris,
    That little Skye looks like she just popped in from a fairy tale. She is precious.

    Nice to see that Bex is alive and well & she & Teddy approved of your blanket. But, you cannot blame them -they made a wise choice. LOL

    Boy- I agree with you about the fish-! Sheezzzzzzzzzzzz

    Happy Mother's day to you Chris!

  4. Maria1:41 PM

    I'm surprised these wedges are being sold. Plunket recommend that babies sleep on their backs. Last I heard anyway....

  5. What a gorgeous photo of Skye (I typed Skype 1st time) It has an old creamy colourthat would look nice in an old frame.

  6. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Your niece is adorable!
    I'm always trying to keep up with blog friends! It is a full time job! LOL But worth it~ Hope you got your to do list done~ ♥♥♥

  7. I used a wedge for my two babies - felt safer with them on there sides with it not letting them roll either way
    And they have perfect heads - which was helped with being c section babies as well

  8. Just for the record my babies always slept on their sides too.

    I know they recommend new mums to put baby to sleep on their backs but I would worry about them having spills and regurgitating and the same on their tummies where they could also smother themselves. To me sleeping on their sides seemed by far the better option.

  9. I used a wedge for Rachel too :) One of the best things I bought I feel!
    Hope you and Stew are able to get another weekend away real soon! With Lacy's baby due shortly, you are gonna need the special time for just the two of you!

  10. Here in Singapore, most babies sleep on their sides. Some parents still use a traditional way of putting babies to sleep - in a fabric sarong sling. That means sleeping on its back. As it's a sling, it's hard for the baby to turn so it's really dangerous. My son has some flat head. He was really stubborn when born. He kept sleeping on one side and wouldn't adjust to the other side no matter what. Then it was too late. For my girl, I got smarter and learnt how to get her to switch sides. Her head is perfect.

  11. It scares me putting babies on their backs to sleep. 38yrs ago my 1st child had rolled onto his back and I walked into his bedroom to see him choking as he had been sick. I still shudder to think what may have happened had I not walked into his room at that moment. Those wedge thingy look fantastic.

  12. Oh that niece of yours is Capital C cute, My mum pinned me on my side and other side and back even BUT everytime in the night/or morning waking I was on my tummy in the recovery position I still sleep like that. Samuel on the otherhand was a side sleeper and roller and upsidedown sleeper he never stayed put no matter how I wrapped tied(as in cloth swaddling), he was a wriggler and still is!!!!

  13. Anonymous12:08 AM

    SIDS always recommend sleeping on backs to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. That is an old wives tale that babies will get flat heads!

  14. Woodjie preferred to sleep on his back and his head is flat in the back now at 5 1/2. I think you're right about the wedge; though Rose also preferred sleeping on her back and is fine it's just best to keep them on their sides if you can. :)

  15. I agree with you. Dobby slept on her side with a wedge, and because she had reflux we had to elevate the top half of her cot as well. I felt much safer in this position. Much.

  16. The picture of Skye is very cute. What is the Sleep EZ in your picture? A sleeping aid?

  17. Anonymous3:33 AM

    Enjoyed all your photos! I thought the fish was metal! Might be worth the price if it were! ...debbie

  18. Don't worry about being the worst blog friend in the world because I haven't been so great myself lately. I've been busy putting together my photo lineup for my show at our Arts Festival in a week. Your great niece is so adorable! You certainly have your hands full with such a large family!

  19. YOU my friend are a GREAT blog friend.....I LOVE on the other hand barely pulls off my post everynight....once I get on top of all these health issues I hope to be better.......
    what a gorgeous new blanket...I love it! Can't blame Bex for stealing it hahahaha

  20. That baby is gorgeous!

  21. Happy birthday to your niece!


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