Thursday, May 10, 2012


Yesterday afternoon I was petting Coco, and like usual,  I give her a rub around her ears... which had a few knots, so I got out the grooming combs to give her ears a groom... which I do most Friday nights.

Well... it wasn't until I picked her up I realised we had a very BIG problem.

She was COVERED in knots!   All over her entire body, legs and tail!  OMG, I felt so bad.
How in the hell did that happen so quick?

I quickly checked Teddy... and thank god, he was nowhere near as bad, but did have some knots on his lower back too... which he has been gnawing on. So now he's back in a cone... cos he will just chew and chew on himself until he's a complete mess.

I am so upset.   I rang the professional groomers IMMEDIATELY... and they have agreed to take both dogs TODAY... even though they are fully booked.

I'm so thankful... my poor dogs.   I think the recent wet weather has caused this problem, plus the fact that I simply had not noticed they were getting knots.

I feel sick, I'm usually so on top of things with my dogs.  

ABOVE:  So lucky ... Lacy has huge patience and spent over 3 hours with Coco last night getting 90% of the knots out, so the groomers won't have to spend quite so much time getting her sorted today.

TODAY:  drop the dogs off at the groomers at 11 am.... then come home and read blogs.  That is all.

OH and hope like hell the dogs don't come back BALD.  They are going to be at the groomers ALL DAY.... 


CINDY: if they come back looking like poodles I will personally THROTTLE the groomer!   

We have a fog this morning... it's just trying to lift now (9am)... it's caused delays to flights in/out of Auckland airport.  Griffin finds fogs fascinating, he wanted to walk to school today 'in the fog!'.... funny boy.

I forgot:  today I take Griffin to his Speld lesson... so won't be blog reading till this afternoon... so... keep an 'eye' out, I will probably be visiting your blog later ... I hope!

It's been one of those days... on the go... non stop till now (3.45pm) and I'm as crabby as hell.
It is so hard getting both dogs in the car, on their leads, while they are both going HYPER and straining on their leads.... I got so mad!
And when it came to getting them out of the car at the groomers... OMG... I had to scream at them to stop jumping all over the place, I couldn't get them out of the car cos they got all tangled up with my arm and handbag,  and I ended up with more bloody bruises. 

So. Frustrating.  

The groomer had to shave Coco very close due to some of the knots that Lacy didn't get out.  So, I had to buy her a jumper so she wouldn't freeze.

ABOVE:  Teddy, in a cone till his rump heals AGAIN.

ABOVE:  Coco in submissive pose... I yelled at her.  She just won't stop being hyper.  Short coat... but doesn't look like a poodle, thank god.

ABOVE:  Coco in her new winter coat... cos she is going to feel the cold with no hair! 

ABOVE:  Today's bruises.  From getting the dogs leads caught around my arm.  *sigh*... I look like a damn druggie!  

Now.  I'm gunna just chill for a little while cos right now... I'm so tired and crabby I feel like screaming.... and if Lacy does not SHUT THE FUCK UP right now I'm gunna bitch slap her.  I'm done.

End of Day:  glad it's over.  Stew and I went out to drop off more of Lacy's gear at her storage facility, grabbed a few groceries for the household while we are away, had dinner at Carl's Junior (OMG YUM) and now... home ... time to pack!
nite nite.


  1. Hey Chris, In case I don't get online tomorrow morning, I wanted to wish you and Stew a lovely weekend away :-)

    My hubby and I make sure we have one weekend away from the kids every year - at least 2 or 3 nights. It gives us something to look forward to from the day to day grind of parenting!

  2. Awwww I love that Coco is so cuddly over Lacy it's almost like "What are you doing look?" We are trying to dry out down here as we have had 3 days of rain rain rain.

  3. They might come back looking like poodles with bald bodies and pompom legs .

  4. Wishing you & Stew a great weekend. :) I know what you mean re the dogs....Tarsha could go from being fine to having heaps of knots in 24hours so don't think it is any fault of yours. I agree the weather does play a part.
    Pea soup fog here too. Am hoping it lifts before we go to Wellington.

  5. LOL - You silly goose - what do you think you are - HUMAN -or something???? LOL

    What lovely bruises- and you still have those lovely greens and yellows to show off Yet. LOL

    But , hey- I do know Exacty how you felt about KNOTS- when did that happen????? O yes - they can really sneak up on you. I always tell my pekingese that they wiggle their ears too much because that is the first place for knots. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just tell them to :" Go comb your hair and take a bath!" Hum? Maybe in our dreams.

    Coco's new sweater is really

    I think that is really NEAT how Griffin is enticed by the fog! He is such a neat character . It would be nice if he might be a weatherman in his future???? We can always hope.

    Well, I have bugged you enough - You are great ! Tomorrow is another day. :-)

  6. I bet I am grumpier than you..... Have a great weekend away :)

  7. One more sleep until your weekend away Chris! Sounds like you desperately need it.

    Take care, Penny xo

  8. Anonymous9:12 PM

    Hope you have a lovely weekend away, chill out and relax.

    Joan UK.

  9. Focus on your weekend away. No kids, no dogs, no dramas.

  10. I have days where all I seem to do is run around after everyone else. Just focus on your weekend away - no kids, no dogs, no dramas.

  11. Anonymous12:29 AM

    Dont you have 2 little dog crates. I'm sure that'd be a whole lot easier than hauling them out all tangled in the car! My vision of the situation made me chuckle, although I know you weren't a happy mom!! ...debbie

  12. LOL on the STFU, I feel like that with my oldest sometimes!! (a lot!)


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