Saturday, May 05, 2012


I sometimes lie on the couch after lunch and have a 'nana nap'.... before the kids get home from school.
Yesterday I was doing just that, watching some mindless crap on the telly, when I spied something moving on the ceiling... and nearly shit myself !  
It was a ruddy great whitetail spider!

ABOVE:  clearly a whitetail... one of the few poisonous critters here in New Zealand.  They can cause a really nasty bite/infection.  

Anyway... I saw that bugger and leapt off the couch in search of flyspray quick smart.... and flitted him... he dropped like a stone. (well... AFTER I took a photo of him that is!)  lol
I'm still pissing myself hoping it's not coming to get me!

ABOVE:  I've copied some more giraffe pictures off the 'net... so I've got heaps to keep me happy!  

TODAY:  well much to Stew's disgust... I've got some housework jobs for everyone.... once they are done we might just go out for lunch ...


PINKY:  nope, my favourite animal is a Rhino!  They are awesome.  Maybe I will do some of them after the Giraffes.

Stew and I have been moving stuff around, putting the gym equipment here and there, with the hope that we will have Griffin back in his bedroom by the end of the weekend.

NOW:  we are going out for lunch...

Lunch was nice.  Love Sylvia Park... 
Bought Brylee school winter shoes, then came home and had a quiet afternoon.
Just made meatloaf for dinner tonight... and enough for another two nights next week too.

Gunna go down into the garage now and start on a Giraffe for Lacy, she has chosen the colours... will show ya later.

End of Day:  well... dinner was very nice.... I do make a mean meatloaf!
ON TRACK: yes... as long as ya don't count the piece of Feijoa Cake I had after dinner!
nite nite.


  1. Great that you spied that spider.....we know first hand what they can do......5days in hospital for Jim :(
    Bet you will be looking out everywhere now lol :)

  2. Frig! - he looks huge! -
    Just a quick question - are Giraffes ya favourite animal??? or ya just like making them? - THey are amazing by the way!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Menina tome cuidado aqui no Brasil temos aranhas venenosas e o que usamos é um pouco de cloro granulado de (piscina)em volta da casa.Quem tem crianças mistura com areia ou terra,e joga bem rente a parede ou calçada.Fica a dica.Um beijo.

  4. ewk! Lucky he didn't drift down onto you while you had a nana nap!

  5. Those whitetail spiders sure can move fast too when they trying to evade you!!! I squish them......

  6. I had to buy Siobhan school shoes too today - it really bugs me having to pay good money for ugly shoes, luckily No 1 Shoe Warehouse had buy 2 get the 3rd for free so my 2 pr boots meant I didn't have to pay for the ugly school shoes - a win-win I think. Enjoy the rest of your evening.

  7. Anonymous1:26 AM

    Hated the looks of your spider. Yuck. Not a fan of those nasty critters!! Glad to hear you had a good day and I really like the tracings of the giraffe!! Cute, cute!! Have a good weekend. We've been having rain, rain, rain...debbie

  8. That spider!!! talk about cast a dark shadow .
    Could you tell me by email where to fin the animal pic's . i'm looking or inspiration

  9. Yuck! I hate spiders, especially the ones you know can actually hurt you.

    Love your giraffes! :-)


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