Saturday, May 12, 2012


On our way up here yesterday we stopped in at Warkworth, where I managed to find a few bits 'n' bobs....

ABOVE: two silicone baking dishes, HALF PRICE... and some lovely serviettes and a gorgeous tea towel ... the tea towel will be for me Mum... she likes chooks.

Today:  Matakana Market... we want some fresh fruit to nibble on... can't live on crackers and cheese!  OR CHOCOLATE... sadly.  *sigh*

Also, we will go to Omaha Beach for a walk along the beach... BLISS.   It's supposed to be a nice sunny day.... the weather is being kind to us.

Owww... and the other thing on today's agenda:  visit Morris & James Pottery.  It's just up the road from here... and I've never visited the actual Pottery before.  I used to be a potter... so it will be fun seeing their pottery.   I know it's expensive as hell... so probably won't be buying any... but ya never know!   ha ha.


I'm in shock!  NO COMMENTS AT ALL... ALL DAY! OMG, that has never happened before.

OH well...  better just say:
We've had a wonderful day... we did exactly what we wanted, when we wanted... went here, there and everywhere .... had a blast.

ABOVE: first thing... we went to the Matakana Markets... what fun!

ABOVE:  I have to add each photo separately or my computer crashes... so this one is of a vege stall...OMG the produce looked so good!  I was so tempted to buy some beetroot... but didn't want to mess me new shopping bag!

ABOVE:  there were wandering minstrels... they were really good too...  smiley old geezers too... 

ABOVE:  I think ? this was Snell's Beach... we drove around and visited quite a few!  It was so nice, just puttering around, going where we wanted.  NOT having to stop and wait while kids had a play in was a novel day!

ABOVE:  another really pretty view.. no idea where!  Somewhere between Matakana and Martin's Bay!  lol

ABOVE:  just before you enter Omaha Beach, there's this really neat little wayside shop that sells lots of nice 'stuff'..... and Stew bought me this really amazingly soft cuddly throw!  For Mother's Day I presume!  *smiles*
He also bought me something I found at the market at Matakana, something I've wanted for EVER.... 

I'll show you tomorrow!  ha ha ha...

End of Day:  it's been a fab day!  and now.... I'm gunna go 'annoy' my hubby... *big smile*
ON TRACK:   hell no again!
nite nite


  1. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Havn a great day!

  2. I'm sure I left a comment this morning or did I ? I do like those baskets of pansies though!!

  3. Buys morning here for us parents carting kids around! (hehehe) Glad you are having a great time away
    Relax enjoy!

  4. Glad to hear you're having a lovely time :)

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day...enjoy and relax !

  6. I'm such a bad blogger that I am always surprised when I dooooooo get a comment!

  7. Hi Chris, thank you for joining my blog, Cottonreel has told me all about you, I love all the photo's it looks absolutely beautiful, I love markets and that looks a good one. Enjoy everything.


  8. You're supposed to be paying attention to Stew not the computer. Time enough to catch us up when you get home. Now go pester that man!!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous12:22 AM

    It will be wonderful to get away!! All the little shops look like a lot of fun!! Enjoy your holiday!!...debbie

  10. Looks like a great market and beaches!


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