Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Today I'm going out to get some 'stuff' for the basket of goodies I want to take with Stew and I when we go away for our weekend break.

I'm thinking.... nuts, fruit, bottle or two of wine, chocolates, cheese, crackers, pate' etc.

On Friday I will buy fresh fruit, bacon and eggs .... and so on.

I am looking forward to it so much.
Just to relax, no kids, no 'time' issues... just do what we want for two days and nights.  

(and NO, I ain't buying Chocolate 'Body Paint', so there!)

Not sure what else I will get up to today... but I do hope to dedicate a good chunk of time to catching up on some blog reading... I am so behind AGAIN.  *sigh*.... been a bit busy again.

And hopefully I don't find anything else to MOVE in this house for a long time... I think everyone (including me) is over it now!  lol


OMG I ache all over!  To be expected I suppose.... my shoulders and arms are the worst.... OUCHY.


  1. Nice though after you have shifted everything around and it looks clean and tidy. I bet you are excited with your weekend away, maybe next time you two can plan a trip to Aussie, cheap flights come up regularly.

  2. Well I'm all caught up reading I was way behind! You have been a busy little bee! Can't believe the babies are a year old already, time sure does fly.

    The giraffes are super cute and I bet you can't wait to go on your vacation with Stew, sounds lovely!

  3. So where is Griffin sleeping? Enjoy your weekend away and just what are you gonna do with that whipped cream lol

  4. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Were are Stews beers?

  5. my husband and I steel a weekend way just the two of us....does wonders! have fun and enjoy every minute! good for you!

  6. Anonymous5:41 PM

    You forgot the massage oil! Griffin must feel like Harry Potter, sleeping in a wardrobe/cupboard! WOMBAT

  7. Gosh you really have moved alot around and at least when you go away you will relax as you know things are right....


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