Monday, May 21, 2012


While I hate going up into the attic... the stairs freak me out... it was nice to find a few things.
One being the baby clothes I had saved over the years.
Sadly, I have very little from my girls baby days... just a couple of things.  I think I've given them a few bits 'n' bobs over the years, so maybe that's where it's all gone?
I do have a bit more of the boy's stuff... and the memories they brought back were lovely.

ABOVE: in this lot I've got a nightgown I made when I was pregnant with Amanda, two nightgowns Stew's Mum made for Steven, Russell's first cardigan, and lots more!

ABOVE:  and this! It was the main part of a Fish cot Mobile.... it still works!  Lost it's tail though... hmmmm, wonder where that went?  lol
It's 33 years old!  It's tail used to wiggle with the music, and it's eyes STILL go up and down.  I think I will keep this forever.

Monday.... today I will wash the floors and feel very virtuous... then perhaps read some blogs.
After our very busy weekend doing lots of housework, I don't feel like doing more.

I think I've got a headache!  lol

ABOVE:  Just liked this.
I love all my kids, don't see the need to say it all the time.  Actions speak louder than words.
So... I'm going to Hamilton on Wednesday (family matter) and I wonder who will bother to come and spend lunchtime with me?  



Above:  Waiting for it to dry now...

So... after doing everything BUT the blasted floors... I just did them.  But that was after I had done 3 hours of housework... 3 hours I so did not intend to spend DOING housework!
But... when it's staring you in the face... ya just gotta do it.  *sigh*
At least I have the satisfaction of enjoying my clean and tidy house for a while.   
Lacy is due home around lunchtime.... wonder how she's going to react to her new 'sleeping' arrangements?   ha ha ha.

Lacy arrived home and.... thought the bedroom was just fine!  Awesome eh?

I must have been tired!  I lay down on the couch for a few minutes... and woke up QUITE a long time later!  I felt like shit too... really befuddled... sleep during the day is not that good me thinks.

End of Day:  having real issues with Blogger tonight!  I have had to revert to the old interface to get to the bottom of my post to actually type this!
Stupid blogger!
ON TRACK: yes.
nite nite.


  1. I love going through old things- finding them in moving boxes that never get unpacked

  2. Like you I have saved some of my girls things from when they were babies.....I even have a few things of mine that my mum had saved. Sentimental is me lol :) I stll have the girls pull thing similar to that one of yours. It played the Brahms Lullabye and it still owrks too lol
    Great that you got you got the housework done.....just finished mine too :)
    Enjoy the rest of your day and try and rest up now :)

  3. I'm sure Lacy will have plenty to say, some of which you;ll be abke to repeat!

  4. Hi Chris. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I wonder why frogs change colour? I did notice that ours did within the first hour.

    I suspect it has to do with temperature. Anyway, hopefully they'll survive!

    Good that Lacy liked the room - that's a huge help. I hope it all works out!


  5. It's nice to know someone else loves the baby things and the memories . LOL

    Your house work certainly shows the love you put into it for the family that you love. I think it is beautiful.

  6. Fingers crossed lacy stays liking the sleeping arrangement - still she can always find her own place if she doesn't.

    I love how your house is always so clean & tidy, mine resembles a bomb site on an almost permanant basis. I have great intentions of sorting everything out but it just doesn't get done.

  7. I have kept alot of Samuels baby things, and love looking at them..... wow those floors are shiny as, wish mine were.

  8. Same problem with blogger here. I solved it by going into "Edit html" mode and I'm able to edit from there. But this mode has limitations.

  9. Chris, so sad just looking over the pics and passport of your brother. I'm glad you kept all the stuff tho'.

    Lacy/Griffin's room is amazing. You found a way to make it work and I'm thinking you are one clever lady. :)

  10. I love going through my old babies sure can stir up some memories....makes me so sad it has flown by so fast.......when in the world did I get this old this fast hahaa.....
    Naps in the day ALWAYS leave me feeling crappy too.....
    Love your floors!!!


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