Sunday, May 27, 2012


APOLOGIES in advance... but today is going to be a repeat of yesterday really....

except for the grocery shopping.... we done that already.

We have NO plans at all.

Stew thinks we should go out for lunch 'somewhere'.

But I can't think of anywhere to go that we haven't already been. (around Auckland)

Cones:  Teddy has been in one for about 6 weeks, and I took it off yesterday as his rump was completely healed.  Yaaaa.   BUT last night he started having a go at his rump AGAIN, so back ON went the friggin cone.  Grrrrrr.   I wish I knew what made his skin flare up so often... it's driving him (and me) mental.
Coco is in a cone now too.  
I wish it was something as simple as fleas, I can get rid of fleas.  But it ain't.

  **ding ding**  it just occurred to me:  this happened to both dogs shortly after they were groomed!  I wonder if it's something like the shampoo the groomer's use??? hmmmm.

Right, back to where to go for lunch.... dumm dee doo....

ABOVE: Takapuna on the North Shore.  We are going over there right now to the Market.  It's something to do right?

ABOVE:  well the market at Takapuna was.... not as good as I remembered really.  Lots of bric a brack, food and fresh produce.  Also, lots of people... you could hardly move in same places. We had a fairly quick look around then left.  
I did manage to buy a little something for a dear friend of mine.

ABOVE: after the market we went down to Devonport and had a look around.  I bought these two cute felt brooches to wear... funky and cute.

By then it was after 1pm, so we drove to Sylvia Park and had lunch... and I got something I've been wanting FOREVER:

ABOVE: that's Stew carrying 'it'.  Can ya guess what it is???

The weather has packed it in, it's now very overcast with scattered showers. I actually felt COLD outdoors today! Was nice.  


  1. Anonymous7:30 AM

    I'm like you...I hate those cones! Hopefully it is something simple like the shampoo...that you can tell them not to use again on them!
    My daughter's bagel dog has allergies to everything, and the Vet told her to use Benedryl on the dog, and it works great! She only uses it when the dog is scatching and biting herself a lot. ♥♥♥

  2. Get the mussel fritters from the Taka markets - yummy!!!

    have a look at this site, is dog soap designed to soothe skin etc. There is a page showing where to buy in Auckland too. I haven't got dogs but a friend uses it on her dog and swears by it.

  4. Yeah - my doggie itches constantly, chews his own feet. We are in the process of trying stuff to stop it. Will have to give benedryl a go!

  5. Hi Chris
    It can also be something as simple as their food. You should read some of the horror stories about that. I always check ingredients and I bet 80% have corn listed as the main ingredient and that is not good for some of them.

    Boy What a Picture - Look at ALL of those People! LOL

  6. Have a wonderful day at the market...

  7. I bought a felt flower brooch like the in Melbourne once! it's so pretty.

    I bet you bought those hair straightener thingys!!!!

  8. Laura Breadon, UK9:16 PM

    I love flea markets. Strike up bargains anytime.

  9. People who do arty crafty things always anmaze me I can't even sew a button on without knotting the cotton!

  10. That picture from above is amazing! It really shows the whole area very well! Hope you enjoyed yourself. I love open markets!

    Sorry to see the kiddos in cones! We had a cone made for a hamster once! Paleeeze!! Our terrier mix kept getting ear infections. I changed the food and no more infections. Telling the groomer is a good idea!

    Have a great week!


  11. Anonymous3:34 AM

    Chris!!! why don't you take him to the vet?? He may just need allergy pills! We had a dog who was allergic to grass and with one tiny pill a day he never scratched again!! Give it a go. They can scrape the skin and stick it under a microscope and figure it out....debbie

  12. I thought you were going to say STEW was what you wanted, but I guess you have him already ;)


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