Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Sooo... today Lacy sees the Midwife, ALL. GOING. WELL.
I am sure she will get a clean bill of health, and all will be well with little Miss Muppet.  I think today we book her into the hospital/birth centre too.

I got a few blogs read yesterday, and will try to do more today.  I hope I haven't missed anyone out!

After the midwife appointment the day is all mine, and I intend to sew.  I have quite a few unfinished projects that I really do want to get done before I continue with my giraffes.... which will either be wall hangings OR a quilt... not sure yet.

WARNING:  rant ahead....

We were watching TV last night when an advert came on that I had not seen before and I was DISGUSTED!  

ABOVE:  since WHEN did we girls need 'special' cleaners for down there?  I am like, super offended .... if you have a shower every day using 'regular' soap you sure in hell do NOT need friggin 'Vagisil'.... and who the hell came up with THAT name?  "Stop odour" how offensive!
Stew was thrilled to see that advert I can tell ya!
Where is the special 'boy' cleaner product then?  Perhaps we can call it 'Penis-il'!  OR are we supposed to believe guys never get 'smelly'???

I truly believe manufacturers will come up with almost ANYTHING to make a buck... all in the guise of helping us with their amazing product.

How many girls out there are going to get all paranoid over perhaps having an 'odour' problem and they go and buy something totally unnecessary?

Grrrrr.  And there end-ith me rant.


It pissed down with rain all night, so loudly it woke me up a few times.  Now... it's still pissing down, and I am COLD!  Yep, first time this year I have really felt cold.
Don't know if I like it. 

All is well with Lacy and Miss Muppet.... and we see the midwife again in two weeks.
After seeing her we went to the Warehouse and bought a couple of winter clothes items... then we came home and I cooked us all toasted sandwiches for lunch.
Was yummy.

Now... watching last night's Home and Away... like I do most days while I have me lunch... then I will go downstairs and see what I feel like sewing.

JO:  yes to your question.  Ewwww, how could anyone do that?  

I went down to the garage with every intention  of making a start on quilting Emily's single bed quilt.  But OMG my back started to kill me bending down getting the layers sandwiched and pinned (my back being the main reason why it's not ALREADY finished)... when Bex came up with a FANTASTIC SUGGESTION.
More on that..... tomorrow.   *smiles*

JACKIE: Lacy is due in just over 7 weeks... all going well.

End of Day:  so-so day... happy with how well Lacy is doing.
ON TRACK: yes....even though I really felt like ice cream tonight.  Stew wouldn't go and get me any.... then he proceeded to eat a big chunk of cheese and a banana in front of me.  The shit.
nite nite.


  1. I would have thought a smell is a sign of being in need of a shower like you say or something more sinister that needs investigating

  2. LOL i saw that add last night for the first time and trust me I know of a person who could use this lol.....

  3. Enjoy the day sewing - with all this rain there ain't much else to be doing! - I too saw the add last night! - Can't believe the name! - Ridiculous!

  4. ....In defense of a truely beautiful friend I have who I recently (7 months ago while she was in hospital) discovered uses it, who showers morning and nite, she swears by it, and her confidence and self esteemed has soared from it ( she was not able to mask it with perfume)when you are told there is nothing you can do for a heavy dis. situation, then they bring this to the market, to my friend, thats a "godsend"

  5. Those stupid products have been around forever (very popular in America I believe) and you are right... they are just unnessesary junk to make women feel bad about themselves and give the manufacturers more money! So. Frustrating.

  6. Just talking about it at work and someone said that there is a skit in the movie Me Myself and Irene where he takes the piss out of a lady who has this in her trolley. So I think it has been in America for a while.
    Bummer about the cold - thank goodness I am in temperature controlled offices.

  7. I haven't seen that commercial, but I would have reacted about like you....how stupid that they try to convince us that we aren't "clean enough" without their product.

  8. We have those commercials here too ..."Hail to the V" ...the first time I saw one I couldn't stop laughing.
    Hope all went well with the midwife!

  9. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Made me feel a bit itchy just reading about it!

    So I did a google search for a review on the product Extract:

    "It is not good news to see that Vagisil contains such toxic and harmful products as steroids, parabens and mineral oils."

    Mary H

  10. In my dating life, there were lots and lots who thought you couldn't use regular soap "down there". I think there's always been special soap....

  11. According to my gynae (who's a guy), he says you never have to use soap "down there". In fact you shouldn't as soap or any kind of product as these interfere with the natural ph balance. It's more important to wear clean cotton undies and not wear tight fitting pants too long. Oh, eating yoghurt is good too.

  12. We have had torrential rain here too, but it is getting colder by the minute too I even have a cardigan on... most unusual for me happy ssewing......

  13. Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday, it was good to "see" you there.

    On that other subject, some women are sensitive to soap in "that" area, and cant' use it. That's why they need other products. And some people have a natural discharge that is, well, not terrible nice smelling. BUT, I don't want to see telly ads for these products either. Not sure how else they could get their message to consumers, though... strange...

    Anyway, glad all was good with Miss Muppet. Whew. Counting down now.

    Have a great day xxx

  14. Vaginas are self cleaning. Vagisil is the absolute worst thing you can use down there! Excellent way to get a nice itchy infection!

  15. Hey Chris - is this the Hospice yuo used to work at in Palmerston North? http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/6924002/Charity-staff-sick-of-nasty-surprises

  16. Enjoy your sewing this afternoon.

    I am glad the midwife visit went well.

  17. Totally agree... Regarding your rant....What most women don't know is those odor masking soaps, or whatever you want to call them, can cause UTI's. Our vaginas don't need perfume. And on the TV... Good gracious... I'm on a rant now too. :). But you're right on.

  18. When is Lacy due.... And hope you had a nice afternoon sewing :)

  19. I hope your back feels better soon......

    HOW WAS YOUR GET A WAY???? I hope it was everything you needed....
    I am amazed at ALL you do........I wish you weren't clear across the world from me.....I think we could have lots of fun!!!!
    Excited to see this new baby.....I hope everything goes well with Lacy and the little new one....

  20. OMG! TMI on the vagina stuff! People can stick whatever they want up their hooha! Ain't no business but their own! Geez Chris - you will need one of those 18+ ratings soon!

  21. i guess vagisil is new to your part of the world... we have those commercials here in the states CONSTANTLY for that crap...

  22. Anonymous5:59 AM

    Chris, I agree with you 110%!! We should all get together and write those ninnies a letter telling them just what we think!!! Might have to google it and see if I can find an address..debbie

  23. They have had stuff like that for ages. I get pissed when they show it on commercials during the day. There was a commercial the other day with stuff bouncing off the walls while there were people laying in bed (like it was the neighbors). Just what I want my kid seeing.


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