Saturday, May 19, 2012


I can't believe it took me hours to applique this cute little rhino yesterday!
I still need to make some sort of border and quilt her... but she's so cute!

ABOVE:  cute or what!  Lacy thinks she looks like she's on drugs!  lol

MARIA:  Lacy tidied her room last night, cos you told her to!  I will take a photo of her tidy room later on today!

I am also going to drag Stew out to look at bunks... cos that might just solve me 'wardrobe' problem!

TEDDY:  remember how he was so miserable the other day?  Well all that fuss was over the jumper he had on!  He didn't like it.  So it's off now.  So now he's a bit cold.  Two nights we let the dogs stay inside on Steve's bed overnight, which they loved.  Us?   Not so much ... cos they have a nasty habit of bed hopping and waking everyone up, so last night I put them back in the laundry on their sheepskin.

And Teddy whined and scratched on the bloody door ALL NIGHT LONG!  I am fit to kill him now.
I'm in such a foul mood ... he better not do the same thing tonight or he's gunna find out just how cold the garage is!


We looked at some bunks this morning.  I'm not that sure I want to spend money we can ill afford on something we might not need for long?
So, Stew suggested we put two single beds in Griffin's room and he can share with Lacy.  I think that's what we will do .... and see how it goes.
I am totally opposed to Brylee and Griffin sharing a room.
Just because.

NOW.. just because I can:

ABOVE:  NOW I feel better.


I feel so very lucky that I have such a large and loving family, and in no time at all I will have even more darling Grandbabies to smother with love.
Of course, there are UNDERCURRENTS... but I have decided NO MORE Mrs Nice Person.

We will be fine without people who are full of bullshit.

Lacy has gone out for the day... and overnight.  So it's just Stew, the kids and me for a change.

We are going to go hard and get this house sorted once and for all.
I'm over having a kid in the bloody wardrobe.  It's just so... WRONG!  *smiles*

End of Day:  Stew and I are shagged.  We've moved things around... and Griffin is now back in his bedroom... well 1/2 of his bedroom!  He is sharing with Lacy.  ha ha ha
I know it's early, but I am going to drown me sorrows... so ain't gunna update again!  
nite nite.


  1. Maria9:23 AM

    Glad my grump yesterday had a positive result! re dogs what about fabric dog house. They could cuddle up together and with a roof over them their heat would keep them toasty

  2. Ohhhh poor Teddy, we are naughty and let Chico sleep on our bed, and Biscuit sleeps with Steph..... Chico is getting a hair cut today so she will be chilly as well, we have a coat for her but she does not like it at all lol.

  3. luvin the rhino very cute...and bunks are a great idea...poor teddy lil bugga lol. Have a great weekend

  4. Dogs are as bad as babies! Mine sleeps with me, TG he doesn't move around too much!

  5. Anonymous12:31 PM

    The Rhino is just adorable!!! ...debbie

  6. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Beggars can't be choosers! Especially when you're living in someone else's house! :D
    Cranky xx

  7. Hi Chris,

    I'm guessing that having G in the wardrobe isn't fantastic for you and Stew in terms of making noise in the night / talking etc. I just wrote that and realised what could be inferred from that - and every way I try to rephrase it sounds just as dodgy, so I'll give up now ;-)

    I also am with you on every problem leading to spending money - if you have to, you have to, but it's not always necessary or desirable to throw money at a problem. Bunk beds might have worked, and they would at least be able to be resold, but if you can avoid it, good for you.

    I hope Griffin isn't feeling too superfluous by the moving! I love the fact that you asserted yourself as his Mum yesterday. You have played the role that really matters.

    Good luck!

    Penny xo

  8. what about cheap bunks on Trademe? There are always good bargins on there. Or a trundler bed under lacys? that way its easy to move around during the day but can be pulled out at night time when its needed?
    Space is such an issue!!! good luck finding a solution that works for everyone.

  9. Photos of miss Chico chops on blog :)

  10. It is awful bed hopping and moving I know,BUT I always told a friend of mine IF you do something for ONE child you then have to be consistent to everyone else NOW how is that going to work If Steve and Bex and baby stay, could you and Stew move out !!! No joking but seriously what about a carport in front of garage to park cars under close in garage with ranchslider and FULLY line and carpet and voila A LARGE sized room with extras (sewing and exercise area a couch TV and you have space and extra room....

  11. I actually think the rhino looks like it's just off drugs.

  12. :D 'Give a shit' made me smile. 'Moved on' almost made me giggle snort. Keep on keeping on.

  13. Hun I will check with hubby tomorrow but I think we have a spare bed here if you need it.

  14. I like comparing your animals to the actual specimens. I just saw the rare red flower bellied rhino on the Nature Channel, and it was leaping after butterflies, just like yours!

  15. That little rhino is adorable! You're so talented, my friend!


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